Saturday 31 January 2015

Firm stand for marriageand family by the nation of Slovakia

Please support Slovakia and her people in their stand for Marriage and the family

The Western secular media’s hatred of central Europe’s stand on traditional family values holds no bounds but faithful Catholics throughout the world are cheering them on, here is a petition of support generated by CitizanGo:

A country is taking a firm stand for marriage and family.It's the nation of Slovakia, located in central Europe. They've raised the banner for family on the European continent and we must stand alongside them in firm support!

Next week, on February 7, voters in Slovakia will have the opportunity to support marriage and the natural family in a nationwide referendum. This is a great opportunity for democratic participation and for the defense and promotion of our values, which are under attack around the world.

A 'YES' vote for family and marriage would send a loud message in favor of traditional values and against cultural imperialism. And, eric, your petition signature could give Slovak voters the courage they need to vote YES!

Of course, the Slovak referendum is under attack from an aggressive foreign media campaign against the initiative. We cannot leave Slovak citizens alone in the face of these international pressures against marriage and the family!We must show them that they have the support of those who share their values from all around the world! And that we will stand with them in support of marriage and family!

By signing this petition, you will show your solidarity and support for marriage and family. Your signature will encourage Slovakia to vote in favor of these important values.

The signatures gathered by CitizenGO worldwide will be delivered to the promoters of the referendum in Bratislava before the vote. Will you sign the petition and give the voters of Slovakia the courage to vote YES in favor of our shared values?

Thank you for being a part of CitizenGO, eric. Without you, we could not have achieved the gains we have made worldwide in favor of life, family, and liberty.

Yours in the fight for truth and justice,

This text is from  CitizenGO

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