Saturday, 28 September 2013

Happy Birthday CUT

CUT’s tenth anniversary

CUT was formed ten years ago, in late September 2003. I can’t remember the actual date but it was after an Irish friend came to visit me when I was living in the uplands of mid Wales. We discussed the secular media as I had just a week or two earlier disconnected my TV and would only use it to watch inoffensive videos from then on. I had conducted a 9 month study whereby I would make a note of every time the Catholic Church was mentioned on any TV or Radio programme. I would make a quick reference to the Channel, the subject, and the nature of the programme, whether it was hostile, and fair or unfair. I found that the Catholic Church was only mentioned on the BBC and occasionally on Channel 4 but never in a positive light. I didn't recognise the Church they were protraying. Over the past 10 years things just got worse. I suspected all the mediated Catholic bashing had an ulterior motive - to change Catholic doctrines especially on morality.

CUT has supported other initiatives and sometimes gives links to other websites as long as they are in line with Catholic teaching. Though we usually receive support in return it surprises me that some simply do not return CUT the favour. Is the telly so strong?

Vatican II or the media
I firmly believe that the problems of the modern Church are not caused by Vatican II but by modern secular society, and by many in the laity and hierarchy who look to the modern world and not to the teachings of the Church but to the spirit of the age.  We find a left/liberal dictatorship prevalent in the modern media and in modern secular society. Its voice is amplified by the TV, where people - including Catholics - get their views, their knowledge, their values and their beliefs. Modernists have always been there, as St Pius X knew and wrote in Pascendi Dominici Gregis They didn’t just come into being after Vatican II. Some say Vatican II should have expressly forbidden much of modern secularism. The problem is, Satan is very innovative. But the Church already has in place all her teachings on morality and they are very much needed today. The hard teachings on sin, especially on sex, abortion, and homosexuality can never change, but change is often promoted by the secular media. This of course has an impact on the laity who on average spend four hours per day in front of the TV and yet only an hour in Church per week.

The TV agitprop
Let’s have a quick look at one of the TV innovators, just to give a snapshot of what’s happened. Sydney Newman, TV producer and the head of BBC drama from 1962 to 1970 knew that the television was the single most powerful tool for social change in the hands of those who know how to use it. Remember, by 1962 almost every household had a TV. Families would gather around the TV every evening and it is there they would receive the new anti-gospel. The new good news as Newman saw it was to liberate people’s minds and to make his audience take action. Some of the programmes Newman established were very innovative and popular such as Dr Who and the Avengers. He was also behind the enormously influential The Wednesday Play. For this he collected a core team of like-minded producers, writers and directors such as James MacTaggart, Tony Garnett and Ken Loach. This team was to produce special plays that would challenge the social norm, plays like Up the Junction whose central theme ranged around the new liberal attitude to sex among the ‘proletariat’ and the need to stop them breeding too much.  The most powerful scene was a backstreet abortion; some credit this with the change in the abortion law. Another was the Horror of Darkness which had an underlying homosexual element.  Many social scientists credit the above TV programmes as being interventionist in the political arena and that they helped, to a large extent, to change the law and people’s values on morality.

Sydney Newman’s maxim was agitational contemporaneity, his philosophy of socially engaged TV: television to change people.  This is virtually the same as the eastern block’s use of film to cement the Soviet version of socialism, known as agitprop, ‘agitational propaganda’, in the use of film to control people’s views and values.  It’s the same with modern TV.

Sometimes close to giving it all up
I have quite a few times said to my wife (to her delight): that’s it, I’ve had enough, this is just too hard, no one or at least very few are listening and it all takes up such a lot of time. But usually something happens; some piece of media nonsense or anti-Catholic trip particularly on the BBC, or a kind letter from a supporter helps me keep going, so I will not give up as long as we have a core group that supports our aims. We have in fact grown, if very slowly, over the years, and it’s getting to the point where it’s difficult to organise the blog, the website, the briefings and the newsletter on my own. I am very grateful to our proof reader and to everyone who writes for us, distributes the newsletters and makes donations to help fund us. 100% of every donation goes into CUT and all work is voluntary.  It has always surprised me how little support we get from other orthodox groups and traditional blogs and websites.  The liberals on the other hand just hate us full stop!

I will post in the next few weeks some of the early CUT articles from our newsletters.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pink Swastika

The Pink Swastika

You don’t need me to tell you that there have been some extraordinary developments in the last few years particularly in the area of so called ‘Gay’ rights. The pro-homosexual lobby in Britain and Europe has achieved victory after victory not only in the legislature but more importantly in the minds of ordinary people. Now that the Queen (our last hope) has given the Royal assent to “Gay” marriage, and the Archbishop of Canterbury has said that the Christian attitude to gay people is ‘wicked’ and that we should ‘repent’, their victory is almost absolute. Blimey, this is a complete reversal of the position of Christian leaders a few years ago. At CUT we believe there is one reason for this – the media is so pro-homosexual that they have brainwashed the majority into accepting what is an unnatural and dangerous form of sex.

It’s not only the decadent West that the media is now trying to influence but more Traditional family minded countries in Central and Eastern Europe and in particular Russia.

BBC gives pro-homosexuals a platform to attack Russian laws
It appears that Steven Fry and others have being given a platform by the BBC to campaign for a protest at the Winter Olympics against Russia. President Putin’s government recently put in place laws that stop the promotion of homosexuality in the media such as Gay and Lesbian kissing on television. With all the fuss some are making in western Europe you’d think they have actually banned homosexuality altogether; but no, homosexuals are as free to indulge themselves in their dangerous sexual practices in Russia as they are in Western Europe. Steven Fry’s recent open letter to David Cameron and the Olympic Committee is a case in point, using words like “barbaric” and claiming that Russia’s new laws are “making scapegoats of gay people, just as Hitler did Jews”. This type of language seems offensive to the memory of holocaust victims. Just because they can’t force ‘Gay’ kissing on prime time family viewing on the TV and in other forms of media they are labelling countries Nazi. Russia, you should understand, lost 25 million killed to the Nazis during WWII. It must be shocking for them to be labelled like this. Many Nazis were in fact homosexuals and in an act of self-hatred persucuted other homosexuals.

In Britain of course homosexual kissing and other pro-Gay storylines are common fare especially during primetime family viewing. For those at the BBC who use family viewing time to install pro-Gay storylines know exactly what they are doing. They want, as a prime objective, to install pro-homosexual values to their viewers and they will browbeat anyone who dares protest by labelling them homophobic or Gay bashers.

We are not homophobes – they are!
Don’t be afraid of being labelled homophobic when you are standing up for natural law and justice. The real homophobes are those who are so afraid of the pro-homosexual lobby that they will give in to any of their demands. David Cameron is homophobic and so is the Archbishop of Canterbury and anyone who has a fear of being labelled ‘homophobic’. But how long will it be before the time comes that even to write a blog or raise any objection to the homosexual lobby will mean being thrown into prison or a psychiatric ward? Remember: the use of the word phobia means that you have a problem, an unnatural fear, in this case of homosexuals. Therefore, you have a psychiatric problem for which you will need treatment.

The Sodom and Gomorra Broadcasting and Media Corporation
The secular media is bashing archbishop John Nienstedt for his Christian views on Gays.
The fanatically pro-homosexual Huff Post are at it again – whacking anything and anyone who will stand up and proclaim true Christian teachings on homosexuality. If these teachings are delivered in a clear and charitable way they will get even more indignant, see this page from the Huff Post they have even posted EWTN’s video of him giving the offending talk. Well done EWTN and Archbishop John Nienstedt; as I have always said, when the pro-homosexual lobby and its brainwashing media outlets start to praise the Church that’s when we need to worry. But like Lot during his visit to Sodom and Gomorra we need to pray for them even when they are in the streets and shouting in our faces.
They’ll keep the pink flag flying here
Is this getting pretty close to the real philosophy of the Nazis and other totalitarian philosophies:   that purging the views of any section of society which does not conform to the media-approved norm could soon be upon us? Some in the hotel industry already believe this, and can you get a job in many areas of the public sector if you believe in traditional family values? The Pink Swastika may be a provocative title for this post but when Western broadcasters such as Steven Fry and others like the Huff Post and the BBC start to try and ‘civilise’ other cultures into what they believe to be the norm, we are on a very ‘sticky wicket’.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Big Payoffs and ‘Killer Jesuits’ at the BBC

Big Payoffs at the BBC

It’s funny how the media works, at the moment some media outlets think that all the problems of the world can be laid at the feet of the Jesuits even the problems at the BBC. I have been tempted to leave the BBC stew in its own juices over the big payoffs row. Why bother to blog about something that every British newspaper is stating, that the huge payoffs BBC bosses are getting are a disgrace and it’s the poor license fee payer who is footing the bill. However, as we have always said if you pay the license fee to this corrupt Corporation what do you expect? Ex-Director general Mark Thompson we understand was given a severance payment of £1 million, it took 6,500 licence fees to pay this amount of money; according to the BBC friendly Guardian newspaper, Thompson claims that Lord Patten was ‘"fundamentally misleading" parliament over the extent of his knowledge of controversial six-figure payoffs to senior staff at the broadcaster.’ In fact according to the National Audit Office the BBC has paid out £25 million to 150 departing bosses between 2009 and 2012. Lord Patten is the chairman of the BBC Trust which replaced the BBC Board of Governors. The Trust was put in place to regulate BBC management and act as the representative of the Licence fee payer. This of course has never worked as some members of CUT have found out. The BBC Trust appears to act as a firewall for the BBC and treats complaints and appeals for balance and fair play as a virus that must be blocked. And it appears that the BBC Trust’s main aim regarding the Corporation’s bosses was to regulate how many millions they were to be paid when leaving.
            The fact that both Mark Thompson and Lord Patten are both Catholics should have been a great time of pride for us. That after centuries of oppression Catholics can now take their place among the opinion formers of the nation. This is of course a sad delusion, Thompson tenure as DG coincided with the longest period of Catholic bashing in the media since the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy. For as our Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Gerard pointed out in his Scapegoating of Catholicism, 45% of BBC reports on child abuse were directed at the Catholic clergy and yet only 0.1% were actually committed by Catholic clergy.
            Sadly Patten and Thompson at the BBC have done nothing for Catholics despite one media outlet referring to them as Killer Jesuits. Killer Jesuits! That these two free-lunch-aholics should be linked with the once great Jesuit order is funniest thing I’ve heard in ages, when they are more like Fatman and Bobbin the un-caped crusaders. But conspiracy theories abound and as we now have a Jesuit pope the civilized world had better watch out. Since Francis became Pope the level of silly Jesuit conspiracy theories have escalated beyond belief. Here are just a few that would make ‘great’ novels – perhaps they are novels! Here goes, the Jesuits were behind the assignation of President Kennedy, the Jesuits were behind the two world wars, the Jesuits were behind the holocaust, the Jesuits are in-league with the Jews to promote a socialist world, the Jesuits were part of a KGB plot to kill the Pope, the Jesuits were ordered by the Pope to undermine communism, the Jesuits run the Illuminati, the Jesuits are the Illuminati, Pope Frances and his Jesuit Order are behind the New World Order, and the Jesuits sunk the Titanic! Phew and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
There are even those who are intimating that the payoffs and pedophiles scandals at the BBC are the result a Jesuit plot to undermine the BBC. Usually to merit such attacks and conspiracy theories against any Catholic and in particularly the Jesuits would mean that they are being successful in converting this neo-Protestant/secular world. The sad thing is as far as their reputation for converting the world to Catholicism is concerned, they are living off the collective memory of the great Jesuit martyrs of the Reformation. The truth is that apart from a few notable exceptions the Jesuits of today are more like ageing toothless tigers; too ready to appease the secular fundamentalist and atheists of today than engage in any form of combat (spiritual or actual) for the sake of Jesus and His One true Church.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Star Trek and Dr Who - Science Fiction or Social Engineering?

Allegory in the Science Fiction series
as a social and cultural device

It is perhaps easy to see the single play as interventionist regarding the socio-political issues of the sixties and seventies. And even though the producers may not have stood up in parliament and argued for the legalisation of abortion and homosexual, the TV dramas they produced influenced not only the MP’s but many of their constituents. Who in turn wrote to their MP to change the law so that pressure was exerted from many angles. Likewise the Soap Operas may not have been so interventionist regarding legislation it did however engage in social engineering and through sympatric and innovative storylines made acceptable a whole range of contentious issues – juxtaposing abortion, homosexuality, feminism, against male chauvinism, domestic violence, ‘homophobia’ etc but how did the science fiction series as a social relevance of the day work? How could far-fetched tales of outer space involving Daleks and Klingons be part of the cultural (or sexual) revolution?

 Star Trek – Enterprise destroys the Berlin Wall

Image - Wikipeadia
            Recent work by social scientists have argued that although Star Trek storylines dealt with the futuristic and the fantastic they were in fact firmly rooted in the ideological concerns of the day.  Star Trek was more than just fantastic storylines in outer space it was really an outlet for contemporary issues and social comment. It was an innovative vehicle for exploring race and gender, nationhood and the international politics of the day. It was in fact closer to the single play or the soup opera than one might at first consider. There were perhaps some benign aspects to this form of mild social engineering it featured the first interracial kiss shown of American television – between Kirk and Uhura and the series has been much-vaunted for its multiculturalism lead of course by a white WASP, Captain Kirk. However, this type of social engineering in drama can also be taken further as per the homosexual kiss in today’s soap operas.  
            In Star Trek, like most innovative dramas there are many metaphors running parallel for example the Enterprise represents America, the enemy aliens her foes i.e. the Klingons represent the Russians, the unreadable oriental-looking Romulans the Chinese/Viet Kong. Some representations were multi-layered the Klingons were also dark skinned for Americans still did not know how to integrate the Afro-Americans into the American dream. It took many years to solve that problem. However, by the time Star Trek – The Next Generation when into hyperspace, the Klingons had joined the Federation which at the same time anticipated the end of the Cold War. By this time the script writers were getting all liberal and invented a new enemy, the Borg, a race of cyborgs who are virtually unstoppable and assimilating all other races into their collective – Globalisation and the assimilation of other cultures into the American dream.
            There are other spin-off series that have further explored gender and racial politics Deep Space Nine which had a black captain and Star Trek – Voyager a woman captain. Deep Space Nine with its mission to keep warring regional power blocks apart and at peace can also be seen as a metaphor for the peace-keeping missions of the United States and UN.
            Star Trek like most TV has many subliminal storylines is an allegorical cultural device. Assimilating TV, to go where no culture has gone before, into a liberal politically correct dream. I shall resist the temptation to discuss the Borg Broadcasting Corporation.

Dr Who – Intergalactic camp V’s the Nazis

Britain in the early nineteen-sixties was experiencing great cultural uncertainty. Her empire had all but crumbled. She had abandoned all attempts to stay in the space race and her days of superpower glory had long faded. Only the Americans and Russians got to send their pets into space. However, we could go one better, by the use of television we could lead the world. Our space craft was a 1926 police box (no need for
The Tardis Dr Who's and Britain's
answer to the space race..
image - Wikipeadia
special effects) which could travel through time as well as space. At crucial moments in the 1960s Cultural Revolution we could revisit the past and show how Britain saved the world. For example when the debates raged about the legalisation of abortion and homosexuality Dr Who in The Massacre (1966) visited Paris. Here we find that the Doctor was a survivor of St Bartholomew’s Eve Massacre. Of this Nicholas Cull writes ‘Historically, British-ness was always constructed in opposition to Roman Catholicism.’1 There would be no possibility of the Doctor being part of the Western Rising or the Pilgrimage of Grace which saw Britain’s Catholic populations rise up against Henry VIII only to be brutally massacred. When the scriptwriters redefined the Doctor as a dissident Time Lord we see the other Time Lords as a declining ancient race wearing skull caps and flowing robes like cosmic Cardinals.
The Doctor was always portrayed as an eccentric English gentleman, individualistic, self-reliant the opposite of the Catholic notion of obedience to authority and community. There are a number of key elements that run throughout the various series which would make any empathy with Catholicism impossible. It would draw on many facets of the British historical experience, like repelling invasions and spreading the Protestant Reformation, we find out that the Doctor had attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. The arch enemy of the Doctor, the Master, was also a Time Lord who looked like an amalgamation of a Jesuit and Spanish villain, with his dark eyes and pointed dark beard and was played initially by Roger Delgado who was indeed part Spanish. Dr Who’s greatest enemy was of course the Daleks, at first they represented Cold War fears of post nuclear war mutants. Soon they acquired the resonance of the Nazis and the second Daleks series The Dalek Invasion of Earth which saw them in London. Again British history is being played out with the Doctor as an intergalactic Churchill figure. The Daleks chant of ‘Exterminate’ the vocabulary of the holocaust reminded everyone of Britain’s finest hour and defeating the Nazis.
The camp facet is most surprising in Dr Who. Camp, from the French verb se camper means to posture or flaunt. Signs of deviance and the hidden meaning behind the mask are quite prevalent in Dr Who. Cull writes, ‘The shifting tone of Dr Who also tell a story as the programme drifted away from its part in the BBC mission to educate and became a mischievously subversive expression of camp in British popular culture.’2
At the start of the sixties Britain was about to embark on her own mission to lead the world through the final cultural frontier. Using the television to lead public opinion and in turn legislation British culture would be transformed. Dr Who, Britain’s own innovative science fiction series would not only reflect these changes it would indorse them. The problem is Dr Who like much of British television of the last forty years or more muddied the waters for Catholics. On one side we had the Doctor as Churchill, eccentric English gentleman, camp scientist, even a Christ like figure with his self-sacrifice and resurrection as a new Doctor; on the other side we have the Nazis, a whole host of weird monsters, a Spanish Jesuit and Catholicism in general.
Referances: 1 and 2, Cull, N. ‘Bigger on the inside’ The Historian, Television and Television history. Luton University. 2001.