Monday, 25 February 2013

The Joy of Spiritual Combat and the victory of the Gospel

It is sometimes difficult to be joyful with all the bad news about concerning the Church. However, I am sure that the vast majority of it is false news, the anti-Gospel of the secular world. It is because of the modern media’s penchant for making bad news the main news, and of course if they can spread this anti-Gospel in the direction of the Church, so much the better as far as they are concerned. And don’t people love bad news? But what they fail to realise is that the victory of the Gospel has already been won. For when Jesus arose from the dead he proclaimed the victory of the cross; all we need to do is follow Him. It is not always easy but prayer and the sacraments are the weapons of Spiritual Combat. These are not weapons in the usual sense of the word – they are much more powerful. Didn’t Christ and His followers conquer the Roman Empire without an army? And now the Catholic Church is the largest religious organisation in the world with 1.3 billion members. Our rules are strict and some say difficult and unrealistic to follow. However, this is not true; all you need to do is follow Christ’s example. When Jesus made Peter the leader of the apostles and gave him the authority to ‘bind and to loose’ he set in motion a blue print of the Church that will last for all time.
            It is clear that the Church faces many challenges, not least because of the over sexed world we live in. The media has been at the forefront of this ultra-sexualisation and the Catholic Church has been trying to hold back this polluted tide. This is the main reason why we are so attacked. One of the biggest problems in the modern world is homosexuality – no, I am not a homophobe; I just tell the truth based on Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church. A true homophobe is someone who is so browbeaten by the vicious homosexual lobby and their media cohorts that they will give in to anything 'Gay' activists want; hence the preposterous Gay marriage proposal which has passed its first stage in Parliament by 400-175 votes - absolutely ridiculous.
            On the day that Cardinal O’Brien has resigned over 'inappropriate behaviour' allegations with priests we need to pray harder than ever. However, it all sounds very fishy, - that a Catholic Cardinal who has been the most vocal against Gay marriage and has even condemned homosexuality as harmful saying that it is “harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of those involved.” It would be unlikely that he would be guilty of such behaviour. And we need to remember that he denies these allegations. Why have these only come out now? Why not when he was condemning ‘Gay’ marriage?  It’s all to do with the media, it's hate of the Catholic Church, and the all positive publicity over the next conclave. As someone commented on the last blog on Spiritual Combat I am sure that a little background research will reveal some uncanny links to 'liberal Catholicism.' Will the general public care though as the mass media enjoys its very own 'Dreyfus affair'.” We must pray for them and for Cardinal O’Brien and all involved. But most of all we must pray for Holy Mother Church.

At least as I do not watch the TV I will not have to watch the BBC news tonight as it gloats. Please would all Prayer Crusaders and anyone who wishes to join us in prayer say a Rosary and the Prayer to St Michal the Archangel tonight in Spiritual Combat. There is a real joy in prayer especially when in Spiritual Combat.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spiritual Combat

(on colluding with Satanic forces unawares)
          There is an awareness among Christian folk that over a period of time the balance on earth between good and evil has shifted. Those who spend their time in literary pursuits notice the progressive change in nature within the tone and content of what circulated in past generations when compared with that which roams the page today. Those who navigate the waves of the air and who are experts in cinematographic techniques will not be ignorant of the gradual and total change that has taken place. Those who study the language of Beauty are aware of the way in which the perception of the same has over a period of time, in recent history, been radically altered. Those engaged in the study of the media of communication will not be ignorant of the profound way in which the acceptable and the correct have changed not only in nature but also in affirmation of control.
          Is this, we ask, progressive and gradual evolution within patterns of life or is there more going on before our eyes than our eyes alone perceive? To answer this question, we do well to take note of one or two observations made by souls engaged in the ministry of hand to hand combat with the enemy of mankind in the realm of exorcism. There is converging evidence that what we are witnessing in our day is not attributable to mere human or demographic factors. There is, it would seem, an unleashing of infernal activity and interference, in every sector of life on our planet, that can be said to be of cosmic dimensions.
          Exorcists have become aware that souls at large no longer have an immune system. The result is that there is an infestation of every level of society through the easy access that Satanic forces have to souls everywhere on earth. How has this situation come about?
          In the first instance, there is the power of angelic Intellect, unchanged even after the original fall, possessed by the once all-bright Lucifer, now an angel of essential Envy and Hatred, bent on revenge. Like Hitler, Satan is reduced to going down, but in that case of bringing down all with him, since he cannot win. But win he will, in negative. Such is his mind-set. Hence it is that he is using an intelligence far superior to that of Man to draw more souls into the kingdom of fallen angels. And some fallen souls actually end up precisely in that form – human demons, appearing in exorcisms where they are obliged to disclose their names. Thus it is that we have come to know of the demonic activity in recent years of human demons, Cain, Judas, Nero and Hitler, as well as that of many obscure colluders with the powers of that Hell that sucked them to its bowels. (In this context I would invite you to read the
Letter from Hell which I translated and which can be downloaded from the Miscellaneous section of the Media page of my website – preferably just before going to bed... The reason is that the soul in question has likewise appeared in recent exorcism as a human demon.)
          In the second instance, there is the profound, essential Hatred that emanates from the bowels of that same Hell towards all that regards or touches the means of keeping humans from its depths. This has been witnessed in successive generations. The withdrawal of sacramental Grace from the British Isles in the 1500's is not just the product of political intrigue. But what we are witnessing in our day is of a different order of magnitude and subtlety. It has been picked up in recent exorcism that much of what we are currently witnessing within the life of the Sacrament of Salvation of the Human Race, the one true Church founded by its Saviour, is the product of a hugely and perfectly orchestrated plan from below. Being angelic Intelligence, Satan knows better than any Jesuit where to strike so as to have the greatest possible effect. Hence it is that he too aims at those who have influence. It has been noticed in exorcism that Satanic presences have been obliged to admit that the greatest friends of the same at this period are – yes – priests. Does that explain to some extent the success that certain types of clergy seem to have in diffusing their influence and message? Is it just a question of style that the priest that has air-time has to be of a certain correctness?  Is it just coincidence that certain ways of thinking and preaching are matter for ostracism?
          In one exorcism, the demon being interrogated had to give his name. It was Beelzebul. Asked why there, he gave to understand that it was by order of his supreme commander. Pushed further, he was obliged to explain that there was a perfect order in the demonic ranks. We have therefore in exact reverse what we have in the angelic choirs. Now do we so how it is in the interest of that infernal realm to cloud the radar of our own systems with vagueness of incredulity? It has been picked up that the infernal battalions, and hence their human minions, are infinitely better organized than their laid back adversaries. Hence it is that the latter are generally found off their guard.
          In a strange Near Death Experience given to a young Korean artist, the exact way in which the specific torments of Hell corresponded to specific sins was clearly shown. This privileged soul was shown such detail in order that she might use her skill to put on canvas each scene, comprehensible to any chance viewer from any country or culture. Her pictorial testimony may be seen on You Tube ("
A young Korean artist is shown Hell"). It is not without interest to note that she was shown that from the screen of a television transmitting certain things demons actually came into the soul. She was also shown other ways in which demons enter. You would be surprised to hear some. Indeed the very closeness of demonic activity to our daily existence would surprise.
          A soul no longer in a state of grace is easy prey for such demonic interaction. But even a pious soul may be more at risk than might be thought. At present the very fact of being exposed to live radio or television is a potential collusion with the infernal enemies of the soul. The senses are the portholes of the soul, and it is through them that demonic activity begins. Unprotected soul-pores are the points where Satanic impulses enter.
          Internet, a precious tool, is also a very precious tool in the hands of Satan. Is it just coincidence that the most visited sites, according to the experts, are the pornographic corridors of the cybersphere? And is it just by chance that every time one opens the computer one's attention is very quickly solicited by the modern equivalent of a very well trained harlot?
          Where do we go from here? To one place, I would suggest. Awareness. To live there is to live armed. And the soul unarmed is quickly shot down. Armour is made of a shielding not penetrable by the sharp and piercing bullets of Hell. Pixels can be coated in demons, ready to explode once safely lodged in the dormant soul. Electromagnetic waves can be emitted from headquarters in the Nethersphere. Friends in grave sin can be conditioners of lazy souls, who do not realize that to be close to fumes is to breathe them in. Colours on a wall can be the painters of the backdrop of the undying memory and as such follow us into the jaws of that same Hell that inspired them. Once seen, seen for evermore, and the Demon knows it – always has known it – well.
          The battle is on, dear friends, the battle is on. And we have time for just a little venial sin, only a little one, only a little passing touch with the clutch that is not in a hurry to let go.
It once hit me that the sound over a grave is like that of a big big pendulum. Pausing at the graveside and opening the lid, what do we hear? Just a long empty silence, interspersed with the ticking of this old old old pendulum:
          "Tick...tock...tick...tock...tick...tock...for ever...for ever...for ever...for ever...never...never...never...never...ever and ever...ever and ever...and ever...and ever...."
          One modern Irish poet sitting in a grave yard put it thus:
          A story with a middle only."

          For my part, hearing the old old pendulum, I put it thus:



There is a place beyond geography
Where pain is heard no more, where pain is all
That can be heard for evermore to be
The echo of the last unvoicèd call
No larynx made, where fade the very sounds
That matter for a while, for matter there
Is none, and where these lie 'yond Sleep's sweet bounds
There is a rest that is best taken ne'er.
O little field of stones, each silently
Awake upon strange rest, a story vast
Hangs on your chiselled words, and quietly
A pendulum rocks onwards at the last:
Amen. For aye. Amen. So shall it be.
Amen. For aye. Amen. It shall not be.

By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St John Roberts

Fr David Jones

To see this talk on You Tube please click here

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Way to Go

BBC Channel Three’s new six-episode assisted suicide sitcom

The first episode of this series opened with a diarrhoeal dog, and the excremental theme was maintained throughout. Later we were treated to a vomiting cat, and to a scene which took place in two adjacent toilet cubicles. The protagonists swore constantly at one another, and at their life circumstances in general.
However, my reason for watching “Way to Go” was not in order to comment on whether or not it is in good taste, nor even on whether or not it is funny. My concern is with its use of the theme of suicide; in particular assisted suicide; in particular, with the following questions:
1.      Is it likely to encourage suicides among those watching it?
2.      Does it promote a view of assisted suicide as being acceptable and perhaps even desirable?
As to the first question: the protagonists being in their twenties, I would guess that the series is aimed at, and will probably be watched by, roughly the same age group. While I have not been able to find statistics for this age-group in particular (but only for the 15 – 45 age group), teenagers may be particularly vulnerable to suggestion. An article in the Observer (Sunday 1st March 2009) explored issues arising from the cluster of teenage suicides occurring in south Wales during 2008, and reported that “Professor Keith Hawton, head of the Oxford Centre for Suicide Research, the leading UK institution and probably the world's greatest authority on suicide and the media, describes the evidence for a link between the two as "overwhelming". Research has repeatedly shown that reporting by media may facilitate suicidal acts among vulnerable individuals. And that the most vulnerable are the young”.
It would therefore seem, at the very least, irresponsible of the BBC to air a series on the theme of suicide, a series likely to be watched by a group recognised as being vulnerable.   
As for the second question – whether “Way to Go” promotes a positive view of assisted suicide as something which society should tolerate and even encourage – the answer to this question has far-reaching implications, since the BBC’s charter requires it to be impartial. The BBC itself commissioned a report (which came out in 2007), on “Safeguarding impartiality in the twenty-first century”, which draws the conclusion that “Impartiality is most obviously at risk in areas of sharp public controversy. But there is a less visible risk, demanding particular vigilance, when programmes purport to reflect a consensus for ‘the common good’ or become involved in controversies”. 
 In the UK at the present time, it is against the law to help someone else to commit suicide. However, there have been a number of cases in recent years where people have been helped to travel from the UK to the “Dignitas” clinic in Switzerland for an assisted suicide, where this fact has been publicised, and where no prosecutions have taken place.  There have also been several formal attempts to change existing law; these have all been defeated in parliament.  The BBC has already aired more than one “serious” programme in which the desirability of legalising assisted suicide has been considered, and in which impartiality did not seem to be observed.
 In “Way to Go” we are introduced to Paddy, next-door neighbour to one of the protagonists, a cheerful and likeable character suffering from a progressive and terminal illness. He wants to achieve his own death rather than wait until the illness claims him, and to this end asks his neighbour to kill him. Although Paddy is supposed to be ill, we see him active and independent, and I am mystified as to why he thinks he needs someone else to kill him rather than do the deed for himself in any one of a number of ways which I have no intention of spelling out. However, suspending disbelief I continue to watch, and after a time Paddy states his reasons for wanting to die. These are:
“I’ve lived the life I want to live, I want to go the way I want to go”
“This way, I dictate what happens to my life.”
These comments stand out from the rest of the obscenity-filled dialogue, little nuggets of “philosophy”, like small but powerful pharmaceutical doses buried in a great deal of comedic sugar-coating. They echo a statement made by one of the would-be suicides in the BBC’s “Choosing to die” programme (BBC 2, June 2011) “I should like to have a death which is comfortable, painless, - and why shouldn’t I?” (that person, it was later reported, had indeed died in the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland, - but his death was long-drawn-out and very uncomfortable since his body fought the poison for well over half an hour. The BBC did not show this death nor provide any information about it; it was reported subsequently in some British newspapers). Ludwig Minelli, director of the clinic, echoed his client’s “Why shouldn’t I”, going on to talk grandly about human rights. There are a number of very good reasons why a right to be killed should not be recognised and used as a basis for legislation, mainly relating to the likely effects of such legislation on society as a whole.  
Indeed, the “I’m gonna do what I want to do” philosophy crept into sub-plots in “Way to Go”, in ways which demonstrate just what a devastating effect it can have in other areas than suicide, though I don’t imagine the programme makers recognised the connection. In the middle of a (decidedly joyless) sexual act, the girlfriend of one of the protagonists informs him that she has found “someone else” and will therefore be leaving him. He is distraught; but she is, after all, only doing what she wants to do.  Another of the protagonists is similarly distraught when he becomes convinced that his girlfriend is seeking to switch partners (which in fact, she is not); again, the “I’ll do what I want to do” philosophy is shown up as a cause of extreme emotional distress within a relationship which is necessarily unstable if either of the partners feels they are free to end it just because they “want to”.  Suicide also can have devastating negative effects on others.
Paddy having been euthanased (quickly, neatly and comfortably – why can’t Dignitas do it like that?), a further candidate for the suicide machine is mentioned at the end of the episode, - someone with terminal cancer. A brief scene in a care home for the elderly (a scene which did nothing at all for the dignity of the said elderly people, who are shown pathetically trying to keep up with an exercise demonstration) leads me to suspect that this will be another source of at least one would-be suicide. The series will probably select candidates who have no friends or family (at least, none who will seriously grieve for them), who are not vulnerable to being pressurised into seeking a premature death, and who can look back on a good few decades of satisfactory life, so that the tragedy of a young life being terminated will not arise. Or possibly there will be one younger person, seeking death as a flight from unhappy life circumstances, and the protagonists (good people at heart) will successfully persuade that one person to give life another chance.
The actual facts about those seriously seeking to end their lives (according to the World Health Organisation) are that more than 90% of them have associated mental health disorders, particularly depression and substance abuse; and that “triggers” for suicide tend to occur “during periods of socioeconomic, family and individual crisis (e.g. loss of a loved one, unemployment, sexual orientation, difficulties with developing one's identity, disassociation from one's community or other social/belief group, and honour)” – see befrienders
In other words, most of them are not like Paddy.
In fairness to the programme makers, I must admit to having laughed twice (yes, only twice), - once in response to some rapid repartee:
“Let me have 8 grand – I really need 8 grand – go on, I’m your brother”
“All right, 4 grand”
The other laugh was when the suicide machine, cobbled together from a redundant drinks dispenser and some medical equipment, produces a mysterious green fluid, explained by: “It’s residue. It was St. Patrick’s day last week”.
I also winced once, - when one of the protagonists had his finger broken by a debt collector. 
By the Prayer Crusader with: St Theresa of Avila

BBC 3 remit is to bring to younger audiences high quality public service broadcasting. The Channel's traget audience is 16-34 four year olds - there has been a high level of suicides in this age group in recent years!

Monday, 11 February 2013

The Dictatorship of Relativism and the resignation of the Pope

Utterly devastated by the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI
I must admit to being utterly devastated by the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. A Pope that I had a deep love and respect for having supported him as Cardinal Ratzinger when head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith long before he became Pope. And at the last Conclave I didn’t dare hope he would become successor of St Peter and was over joyed when he was announced. Here we had a Pope who was not afraid to stand up to the dictators of secularism. It was obvious that he was well liked by the ordinary Catholics with chants of his name ringing out from young people wherever he went. No one will ever forget his wonderful visit to Britain in 2010 for despite all the anti-Catholic bigotry of the previous six months Catholics turned up in their hundreds of thousands.
                I am also very angry that more Catholics could not have supported him better. Why could more Catholics have not seen through the utter and complete anti-Catholic bias of the BBC and their like, I’ll never know? If they did, they’re wish to be entertained was stronger than their faith, those who used the excuse about being informed when there was just so much media must mean they were a state of denial.
                The BBC in particular have been out to undermine him and Catholic teachings, perhaps one of their most shameful tactics was to use the victims of the child abuse crisis in the Catholic Church as a battering ram on him and Catholic moral teaching. At the same time under playing the similar child abuse crisis in the Anglican Church – The Reformation is not over! However, one of the biggest child abuse centres was actually at the BBC. And what is more telling was this was the biggest cover up of all with many BBC managers and colleagues knowing about Jimmy Savile’s sexual exploits with young girls and boys. They even pulled a programme on it – but even this is being down played now. And there were many more child abusing celebrities.

Gay marriage and the Pope’s abdication
                Sadly the sheer weight of secularism and the hate generating media seems to have got the better of him. With country after country ignoring the Pope pleas against so called Gay marriage he must have felt that this is the job for a younger man. Many Catholic countries have gone the Gay marriage route ignoring the teachings of the Church and following the homosexual supporting media. And yet the greatest child abusers of all are homosexuals.

Wake-up call
If this resignation is not a wake-up call then the Catholic Church is in serious trouble. We know from Sacred Scripture that the Gates of Hell can never prevail against Peter so the Church can never die. But how many souls will be lost if the Church’s teachings become sidelined or worse changed to suit the modern world.

Gloating populations
News has reached me of Catholics in the work place keeping quiet as their anti-Catholic work-mates exult over them as they see as a vindication of their views that the Pope was bad. Of course these view as all their views have been generated by an anti-Catholic media brainwashing them as the mere media fodder that they are.


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Allowing Conscientious Objections is the Hallmark of a
Civilised Society

Even in the darkest days of World War 2 Conscientious Objectors  were exempt from military service. However, today people are not allowed to have a conscience especially where issues of abortion homosexuality and loyalty to their faith are concerned.

A hallmark of a civilised society is to protect at all times objections by individuals to carrying out actions on the grounds of conscience.  One example of this was during the darkest days of World War 2. Conscientious Objectors were exempted from military service.  We also have the Nuremburg war trial that confirmed this. Yet this freedom has now gone, this important element of a free and democratic nation has been removed in a twinkling of eye.

(Image Wikipedia)
Midwife and nurses who through their religious believes get the sack for not wanting to participate in abortions. Other Christians lose their jobs again through their religious beliefs for not agreeing to officiate over same sex partnerships. Others are not allowed to wear symbols of their Christian believes at work. Teachers are reprimanded with the possibility of losing their job because they don’t want to teach what is fundamentally against their Christian faith. Moslems and Christian parents are threatened when they object to school curriculum that attacks their religion. The list is endless and the numbers who are also rendered afraid of exercising their conscience becomes greater everyday. The great lie is we live in a free society. We don’t, we live in a society that permits freedom to only those who agree with the current stand made by the politicians and media.

This is where the so-called Orwellian ‘Nu –Speak comes in.  We have for instance a Court of European Rights. It is of course totally the opposite for anyone exercising his or her conscience, what that court does is quickly to stamp on anyone who does not conform to the current social agenda dictated by the politicians. The same also goes from the British judiciary. We once prided ourselves on an independent judiciary protecting those of us who acting on our ethical or religious conscience, from observing recent court cases that has been swept away. The other great illusion fostered by the media is how we live in a “tolerant society”. Tolerant for those who doggedly follow the line of the media giants or the political classes , but ruthlessly intolerant for those whose opinions differ from them.

The future at least in Europe is bleak for those wishing to exercise their conscience. Soon children will report to the schools the views of their parents and grand parents and whether they conform to present social legislation. Foster parents will not be allowed to have a religion. Schoolteachers will be very carefully monitored to ensure they show not even the slightest element of religious belief. In places of work human resource teams will weed out those who express any religious conviction for either therapy or dismissal. Nurses and doctors will certainly not be allowed any form of conscientious objections to procedures demanded of them.

European Court of Human Rights
(photo from Wikipeda)

To ensure that the system is enforced against conscientious objectors there will be an enormous pyramid of power. At the top will be the Court of Human Rights then the local judiciary, the lower echelons will consist of the Police and social workers. Local authorities and a myriad of government and non-government officials will provide an efficient administration and co-ordination service. This will be the main priority in terms of their workload. These will be re-enforced by the powerful media of TV, computers and newspapers.  Most of this scenario is already in place. It will shortly be completed.

As Roman Catholics it is our duty to fight this coming horror not only for ourselves but the nation as a whole. We owe it to past and future generations. We must also encompass other Christians and other religions to ensure that there is freedom and respect for people’ conscientious objections. Do not let apathy and complacency cause you to lose your freedom. The clock is ticking on what little is left of your freedom and your ability to carry out what your conscience dictates without serious persecution.

By Rigby

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

For Gay weddings but a Tory Funeral?

The vote in the Commons in favour of redefining marriage to allow same-sex couples to have that title is a backward step for civilisation. The vote went in favour of redefining marriage under the banner of ‘equality’ and human rights of course, but there can be no equality for same-sex couples they can’t have children it is simply impossible (at the moment). There has been so much nonsense in the media leading up to the vote especially the specious argument that some normal marriages don’t have children.  They forget the fact that the vast majority of marriages do have children and indeed it is how God created humans - to procreate. However the vote proved that there is much dissent in the Tory ranks with the majority of Tory MPs voting against. Does this make Cameron’s position untenable as Tory leader?
                MPs in Parliament voted 400 to 175 in favour of allowing the Bill to go to Committee stage in the Commons. It will then need to go to the Lords, the battle for sanity is not yet over. One Catholic Tory MP, Edward Leigh of Gainsborough has been speaking strongly against this Bill you may like to pray for him and even consider writing a letter of support and thanks. To have strong Catholic voices in Parliament is so very important it also means that our hierarchy are not speaking out alone.
                Having said that it is impossible for a Gay couple to have children there is the possibility that Lesbians may. For some mad scientists are perfecting a technique whereby Lesbians may be able to have children without any male material, using genetic material taken from two women. This of course will justify ‘Gay’ marriage in the eyes of the media but what about men? Two men cannot have a child with material taken from two men they don’t have a womb! Not yet anyway.
                To conclude this little post you will excuse me for saying that society has been brainwashed into accepting something so unnatural that it is dangerous.  Brainwashed by the media and especially by film and television by he sheer weight of positive homosexual story lines that has been pumped into people’s homes via the TV over the last 40 – 50 years has been the key factor in this vote. People can no longer see or think straight. Only those with a strong religious faith can see above the pro-Gay propaganda. But be very sure if they get Gay marriage this is not the end, in the future they will demand marriage in any Church, Peter Tatchall of Stonewall is already campaigning for the reduction of the age of consent for boys to 14, and others want the age of consent abolished completely.