Saturday, 16 March 2013

The BBC and No Popery in a digital age

Pope Francis - image Wikipeadia


Is the BBC’s depiction of Catholics and the Vatican similar to the treatment racists give ethnic minorities?


We all know that the BBC has not given the Catholic Church a fair hearing for many years now. Many Catholics believe several of the BBC’s main presenters are only interested in reporting on the Church if they can mention child abuse in the same sentence. Thus they create an association in the minds of the viewers or listeners; that words like Catholic, Vatican, hierarchy = dissidents or abuse and cover up. This has worked, as we know because it is getting thrown up in the everyday lives of many ordinary Catholics.
As Pastor Iuventus in the Catholic Herald put it “Lest their [the BBC] audience fail to make this connection they even assert the self-fulfilling prediction that these events will cause people to ask themselves whether there remains a culture of abuse and cover-up at the highest level in the Vatican. It’s the digital age’s equivalent of the most reactionary No Popery, based on innuendo and fear. For comment on such matters the BBC wheels out a succession of people who openly dissent from Catholic teaching particularly on sexuality, to give the “Catholic” reaction to the events unfolding. It’s most depressing” (Catholic Herald 1-3-2013).
It is also very frustrating that many famous media Catholics who tend to attack the Church and her teachings often appear in Catholic publications. It is these people, those who take the Pill (excuse my pun), who get wheeled out by the BBC when Catholicism is in the news, as during the recent Conclave. Each has a shopping list of changes they want to the Church’s teachings that usually agree not with the Christian standpoint but with the modern secular media. Is this another symptom of the institutional anti-Catholic bigotry that lies at the heart of the BBC? For by using many dissident pundits they are attempting to pressure the Church into accepting their own particular perversion of the human condition.

Un-dead Media Catholics and the Culture of Death

In particular media Catholics are very useful in pushing the various canons of the Culture of Death. These un-dead media-cultivated Catholics do after all speak for the ordinary un-dead Catholic who slouches in front of Satan’s Tabernacle - the TV. The un-dead Catholics have their views, knowledge and beliefs digitally transfused into their conscience by the media. The Un-dead Vampire Catholic mines the Catholic world for fame and profit, and makes a good living out of attacking the Church in the name of Luv. But didn’t Judas betray the Lord with a Kiss? Those of you who would like to do further reading on a Professional Media Catholic might like to visit the excellent blog post on Peter Stanford by Dr. Joseph Shaw, chairman of the Latin Mass Society.

Pope Francis SJ and the Counter Reformation against the secular media

The Jesuits -from Wikipeadia
There has been a media Reformation of social attitudes which began in the sixties. Homosexuality, abortion, contraceptions, ‘Gay’ adoption seem to be the post modern media-promoted norm, and traditional family values are dead even in most ordinary families. During the Reformation of the sixteenth century many countries turned away from the Catholic Church. This was not because the people of those countries wanted to stop being Catholic but because their leaders found Catholic teachings inconvenient. Hence they found it useful to support dissident Catholics. It is also noted that in those countries affected by the so-called Reformation which allowed the Catholic Church to state her case in a free and open way, the majority of the people returned to the Catholic faith. Only those countries that applied severe oppression and violence towards Catholics and their priests stopped this return to the one true faith.  The most successful priests of the Counter Reformation were the Jesuits, of course. Perhaps now that we have a Jesuit pope he will re-kindle that old Jesuit enthusiasm for Catholic teachings, and the Jesuit Order will once again regain its past glories, and we will have a Counter Reformation of the Secular Media.


  1. The 8 million Roman Catholics in the UK must be harnessed to question everything anti- Catholic in the BBC output. The word must go round every church every religious organisation and social club

  2. BBC loses no time

    I listened to the Radio 4 programme "Sunday" this morning - at least, some of it. The BBC has already managed to find some Argentinians critical of the new Pope, - apparently on the grounds that he "didn't do enough" during Argentina's "dirty war" to oppose the government. It seems there's going to be more of this in a programme on Tuesday, Radio 4 FM, at 9.00 a.m.

    Prayer Crusader with St Theresa of Avila

  3. Stefano: Under the Freedom of Information Act it ought to be possible to obtain data from the BBC regarding their coverage of the abuse problems in the Church. I presume all program content is now logged electronically, so it should be possible for them to trawl through and provide a figure.
    I also have noticed how they mention abuse every time they discuss any issue related to Catholicism, so these incidents should also be included. This data can then be compared to the amount of coverage given to abuse in other organizations such as Schools,the NHS,and Children's Homes. It is about time the BBC was tackled for breaching its charter with all of this biased reporting which is leading to ordinary lay Catholics being victimized and discriminated against.
    Please let me know what you think. Gerard

  4. Stefano: just did a search on the BBC news website. Typed in the words 'Catholic Sex Abuse'. A total of 40 references appeared dated between the 11th feb and the 18th march of this year. A further 42 references were made over the previous year. Bear in mind that this 'news' would have been broadcast over the many radio stations and tv channels operated by the BBC. There have been many others prior to this, but they have obviously used the papal election as a means of further pressing home their hate propaganda and prevent us from drawing a line underneath events of the past.
    The next searches I did were for 'care home sex abuse' and 'social services sex abuse'. This yielded virtually no specific results indicating that virtually no coverage of such has taken place. However, even when these searches were made articles appeared on screen which related to the Catholic church.
    A third search in which I simply typed 'sex abuse' and looked at the first 100 results yielded, revealed that 45% of these related to the Catholic Church.
    What further evidence do we need that the BBC is indulging in a hate campaign against us?
    I now intend to complain to the BBC and point out this research. Gerard

    1. Well done, do you know that there is just as much child abuse in the C of E as the Catholic Church. However even here the BBC do not report it in the same way even when it involved an Anglican bishop and his aide - both we abusing children and yet very little was said in the news. Yes the BBC is conducting a hate campaign against the Catholic Church and has been for over a decade now.
      Let’s encourage all members to email a complaint about this. Here is the address

  5. I have just submitted the following complaint to the BBC via E mail:
    I have been concerned for some time now that the BBC seems to be waging some kind of war against the Catholic Church. This is no more evident than in your continuous coverage of child sex abuse scandals, and references to such scandals in other news reports which concern the Church, such as the recent Papal election. I recently undertook a search on your news website using the phrase 'sex abuse'. Of the first 100 results 45 of these related to the Catholic Church. When I typed in the words 'catholic sex abuse' I found that there are some 40 articles dated between the 11th Feb and 18th March of this year which mention the scandal. When I made other searches regarding Social Services and Care homes virtually no specific results were returned, although pictures of the Pope frequently appeared. I am sure the BBC is aware that such unbalanced reporting can lead to hate crime. Indeed, I have been a victim of such. I have been verbally abused on a number of occasions at work and many people who were close friends no longer wish to associate with me. If these people were acting this way because of my sexuality, gender or colour I am sure that somebody would care. However, a hierarchy of victim exists where somehow I must 'deserve' such abuse for remaining loyal to my faith. Such reporting has created the 'urban myth' that all priests are paedophiles and not to be trusted. It may surprise you to know that only 37 priests in the UK have actually been convicted of such crimes. Gerard

    1. Gerard you are one of an increasing number of Catholics who are contacting CUT over being verbally abused in public after a BBC programme. I have on a number of times complained to the BBC over this but they deny there is a problem the only way is to have a concerted campaign regards this form of hate inspiring broadcasting.

  6. The problem here with most of the contributors and Roman Catholics in general is they don't want to face up to reality! The BBC is a Satanic organisation with it's fanatical adherence to the culture of death. It therefore wants to ultimately destroy the Roman Catholic church in Britain , because the Roman Catholic church is probably the only organisation of any size opposing the BBC death propaganda .
    We should also realise if we read the gospels that we are going to get persecuted and I don't mean just verbal abuse , but serious physical attacks on ourselves and property. We must keep united and prepare for the worst. Britain isn't always going be the pleasant cosy place of yesteryear. On the other hand eventually our church will become stronger but there are difficult times ahead. Writing to the BBC is really like writing a letter to the Devil not a lot of use!


    1. You are absolutely right Rigby the BBC is a Satanic organisation. Anyone who has watched its support of abortion and homosexuality over the years and studied its brain washing techniques can see why the population in general is in favour of ‘Gay’ marriage and abortion. The so called Reformation shows us that anti-Catholic propaganda and the abuse that it inspires will be followed up by violence. We must brace ourselves and pray all the more. Some un-dead media Catholics will make a living out of attacking the Church and will be rewarded both on earth and in eternity. But what sort of eternity will they experience? We cannot say, and we must hope that they repent of their ways before they meet Our Lord soon after death.