Thursday, 8 January 2015

The New wars of Religion

Charlie Hebdo/Islam – Power without Responsibility?

Just a couple of thoughts on the horrendous killings of journalists and police in Paris yesterday;  is this total freedom of speech totalitarianism under another guise, and is the West finally going to sit up and realize how dangerous Islam really is?

The first point: should the media, and in particular extremist leftist media like Charlie Hebdo magazine, and even some elements at the BBC, be able to say whatever they wish, whenever they wish? Are they inflicting hurt and spreading hatred? -  Many Catholics believe they are. I decided to have a quick look at Charlie Hebdo cartoons, and I’m not easily shocked after over 11 years studying the media, but their homoerotic depiction of the Holy Trinity made me truly sick. This of course was a pro-Gay marriage cartoon. I will of course pray for them, and ask every reader of this blog to do the same. I simply cannot put a copy of this hideously blasphemous cartoon up – so as small reparation this post will contain no image at all, just a plea for prayers for the dead and especially for the policemen.

The second point: unlike Christians, Muslims will lash out at a decadent media – because they know that by intimidating they will get their way. Islam is very different from Christianity; we will not kill someone if they insult us, we will turn the other cheek. We in the West must understand that Islamist terrorists are simply following their religion. There are in fact 109 verses in the Quran that call Muslims to kill for their faith. Cutting off heads and other parts of the body, and killing infidels is prescribed in their holy book the Koran or Qur’an.   

Power without responsibility? – Absolutely

Neither the western media nor Islam has any understanding of the gentler way of life or being polite and exercising charity in the bearing; they are both extremists. And what happens when extremists meet, anarchy and the destruction of civilization?

The New wars of Religion

Are we entering into an era of the new wars of religion? Will the police be in the front line? Will it be the easy targets of Catholics who will ultimately be attacked by both secularist and Islamists?


  1. Problem is, Stefano, the secularists are more likely to use all of this trouble to make a case against all forms of religion, especially Catholicism. The Church should be distancing itself from Islam because by talking all the time of 'what we have in common' the danger is that secularists tar us all with the same brush.
    The reality is that there is little you can do to stop such attacks apart from expelling all of the Muslims from the West. This is a goldmine, however, for the high up people to further spy on everybody and infringe on our God Given Rights.

  2. Yes this is what will happen and you are right. I have already heard on the BBC someone praise the French revolution as being anti-clerical and another who doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish between Muslims and Catholics. Some of the Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons are just so awful and anti-Catholic they can’t be described but this is the problem with the left-liberal’s it’s ok to use hate speech and images against religion and in particularly Catholics but if similar language and cartoons is pointed at homosexuals, abortionists, libertines etc we would be immediately attacked as nutters and Nazis. Not that we have stooped so low though.

  3. Stefano. Here is one comment I read today, proves the above point rather well:

    Trevor Davies · University of Aberdeen
    All religions are based on myths and as long as we believe in ours they will believe in theirs. It won't end till all religions are discredited and shown to be what they are- fairy stories. We have modified our myth whilst they are still at the primitive stage of their development.

    1. If I hear one more media pundit say that ‘Islam is a peaceful religion’ or we in the West must protect our ‘values’ … all I can say is … what values? The values of the sewer ? As for Skeptic Tank, Trevor Davies he seems to have less philosophical nous than bacterium.

  4. Why were the huge protest against 'Gay' marriage ignored by the British media but the protests in favour of Charlie Hebdo give blanket coverage? Answer because the media is so pro anything homosexual

  5. The secularist west/media are also a religion also. Its a religion of paganism which is diametrically opposed to Christianity. Eg the humanists atheists have a ritual that parodies the mass. with readings and sermon etc. So when they attack religion. they are simply attacking the religion that is not to their liking. The religion that doesn't give them licence to indulge their carnal desires. They are pitiful in the extreme and we should pray for them, as regards the Islamists these to need prayers and while we disagree with them we shouldn't mock their beliefs. Its one thing to engage with someone and argue with someone to intellectually expose the errors of their belief and to expound the true faith through rational debate. Its quiet another thing to mock someone and their beliefs its clueless and is counter productive. With the secularist media its a sense of insecurity and as there 'values' are valueless they are seeking to protect their 'values' with their 'values' with is mockery and degrading others to bolster themselves.