Friday, 28 April 2017

A Poem by John Medlin - Sorrowful tramp of boots on sanded streets


“That England that was wont to conquer others
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.”
(Richard II, 2:1, ll. 65-6)

Sorrowful tramp of boots on sanded streets:
In winter’s grey, sad companies of men
Manhandle Churchill’s coffin with dull beats
Of drum and growling brass. Grown men and children
Sag heads and make their peace, and St Pauls greets
The last of England, mourned in fen and glen:
The state he served, those thin wan faces tell,
Has hollowed like the booming, death-march bell.

Mere thirty years from Pericles’ repose
Refulgent Athens died in Sparta’s fist.
In Ludgate Hill foxish lawyers at their windows
Watched Churchill pass and since have ticked their list
Of state-upturning statutes which in prose
Have sundered epic: mealy “one-world” grist
Which Albion’s beaches ramped with unjust laws
Bringing the millioned umma to these shores.

That stocky soldiery, those weeping folk,
That stark January day, in thirty years
Fast shrivelled to an untamed tribe bespoke
On sink estates of pierced lips and ears,
Their pride as great-strength oxen at the yoke
Neutered by those lawyers’ brats whose fears
Of nation-love have brewed with other spawn
A curdled rainbow in a sullen dawn.

On Sundays Finsbury Park is loud with trade,
Hijab and djellaba command the scene,
A church where once the liturgy was prayed
Disgorges carpets of a Turkish sheen,
The mosques are brimming, that which kept the shade
Tide-like swamps suburbs with the muezzin’s keen;
Soon, time-old villages, deep-valleyed towns,
Will startle as that cold wave slaps and drowns.

The crop-rich fields and gorse-bedazzled moors
Enfold two thousand years of Christ-mens’ cells,
Those chapels, caves, where what’s eternal pours
Through being, fruitful as baptismal shells:
All lost; a rotted people slamming doors
Against its past must pander to the yells
Of ghazis who in church and manor halls
Gouge mihrabs in those age-encrusted walls.

April 2014

Umma – the worldwide Muslim “community.”
Ghazi – a Muslim warrior particularly one who fights against non-Muslims.
Mihrab – prayer niche showing the direction of Mecca.


© April 2014

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Lord is Risen

Happy Easter 

It is  difficult for many to hang on to the true meaning of Christianity. Today we have news that Tesco's extremely poor understanding of Christianity and natural moral values have surfaced again with their advert "Great offers on beer and cider. Good Friday just got better". What a pathetic and misguided slogan. They wouldn't dare use an Islamic slogan, their ad men would do their homework, but once again as far as Christianity goes - anything goes!

BBC pay rise
The BBC have increased the licence fee to £147 from £145 - the Devil looks after his own! They continue their cover up of Islamic terror, they soon dropped the Egypt Coptic massacres  from their news (they were obviously not secular people getting killed as happens in the West). Did you know that on average a Christian is killed in Egypt every 11 days? And yet the BBC appoints another Muslim as head of Religious broadcasting. Of course Islam is a "peaceful religion" isn't it - well no it's not and never has been. The peace that Muslims talk about is the peace that will cover the world once its all Islamic, however since there has been infighting between Shia and Sunni from it's very beginning, heaven forbid that this Islamic "world peace" will every happen.  You may wish to sign this petition from citizanGo

Some general news:

Ireland and the TV licence.
I'm told by one of our long time members from Ireland,  our Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Andrew, "Our problems here with RTE bias are at least as big as yours with the BBC. To make matters worse, new legislation is coming out that will mandate the payment of the TV licence - even if one doesn't have a TV - once one has a computer and internet connection in the house."

The continued sexualisation of young Children
Mail on-line Police investigate children as young as SEVEN for sending x-rated pictures on their phones as sexting epidemic sweeps across Britain.

Read more:

Nevertheless Christ arose from the dead - the victory of life over death - peace over war - and love over hate. 

Please keep up your prayers for our latest Prayer Crusade to stop the Islamification of the BBC.