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St Peter Damian and the Book of Gomorrah

St Peter Damian: a saint for our times.

St Peter Damian from Santa Maria degli Angeli,
Florence – Wikipedia
God in his infinite wisdom and mercy will always provide us with a saint for our times. Whenever the one true and Holy Catholic faith is under pressure and facing overwhelming odds, a saint comes forth to proclaim the Gospel boldly and without compromise. And with the prominence of powerful homosexuals in the media and their nefarious influence on the clerical, the media, and political systems of today we should pray for a brave saint such as St Peter Damian.
In the eleventh century this saint stepped forward to fight pernicious homosexual corruption of society and in the clergy of the day.  He was born in Ravenna Italy in AD1007 into a large family. One of his older brothers was a priest in Ravenna and when Peter was a young boy recognised his pious nature and intellectual potential. Therefore, he provided his brother with an excellent education. As Peter grew older he quickly rose in the academic ranks and excelled in his studies, but he chose a religious life rather than an academic one. He joined a Benedictine hermitage of the Reform of St Romuald at Fonte-Avellena. He loved the rigorous penances and solitude as practiced by St Romuald.

The Book of Gomorrah
St Peter Damian wrote the Book of Gomorrah in AD1049 as a warning against clerical homosexuality and pederasty. It may be shocking to some modern readers with the language he uses. He says that ‘all homosexual acts are crimes against Nature and therefore crimes against God who is the author of Nature’.
Homosexuals in the Church have caused great hurt to their victims, to the Church and to ordinary Catholics. Most of the child abuse in the Catholic Church has been caused by homosexual clergy. But like St Peter Damian our first concern must always be for the salvation of souls, we do not speak or pray on this matter out of malice for that would be sinful in its own right. No, it is out of charity and an understanding of where homosexuality leads. St Peter Damian calls it the ‘Befouling cancer of sodomy.’ He likens homosexuals seeking holy orders to the people of Sodom who threatened ‘to use violence against the upright Lot’.

Homosexual hypocrites
Militant homosexuals such as those in Stonewall use the media to condemn Catholic teachings on homosexuality. At the same time they point the finger at child abuse in the Church, ignoring the fact that the vast majority of abusing clergy are homosexuals. In wider society too homosexuals make up a disproportionate number of child abusers. Is this not hypocrisy of the most despicable kind?

We are not homophobes
We who speak truthfully regarding homosexual acts are not homophobes! But we are if we fail to speak out – that is the only phobia we need to be concerned about, being afraid of militant homosexuals. With their child abuse, attacks on the Church, and their demands for ‘Gay’ marriage, homosexuality has become one of the most deadly evils facing society and the Catholic Church today. Please use all your spiritual combat skills to counter this wickedness.

St Peter Damian (far right) with saints Augustine,
Anne, and Elizabeth – Wikipedia

We are at War
At this very time we are at war and in the middle of a great battle, do not be silent or run away but step forward like St Peter Damian. The enemy are every active and they will use every trick in the book, their main weapon is the media.

The anti-Gospel of the media
Here in Shrewsbury we have a strong bishop who is speaking out for marriage and for families but he is being attacked and a few Catholics appear supporting the attackers. (Although I do not know who they are) For bishop Mark Davies continues to speak out against so called Gay marriage. But local groups are attacking him and demanding a meeting so that they can brow beat him and at the same time gain credibility and publicity. Even some of his own flock are not supporting him. They have been blinded by Lucifer’s noisy light box (the TV) that lives in every house hold like a little shrine to Satan. The people worship at this shrine every evening where they get their teachings on life, their views, and their beliefs.

Below is an example of the exchange of fire in the local press the Shrewsbury Cronicle:

First an attack on the bishop:

Enough of the excuses, it’s time to meet us
Open letter to the Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury, Rt Rev Mark Davies – (The Chronicle 04/04/2013)
MEMBERS of Shropshire Marriage 4 All were in attendance on Sunday at the door to the Cathedral in Shrewsbury. We spoke with many of your congregation and it became clear to us that a significant number do not share your opposition to marriage being available to same sex couples...

CUT - The letter goes on to express so-called hurt the bishops teaching are causing to ‘Gays’ and to demand a meeting with him, at CUT we hope the bishop will not give them the publicity of a meeting. This letter may be copyright so just a quote. Below is a letter I managed to get printed this week. They did edit it a little:

Catholic bishop acting in a fatherly way
Here is my response to the first letter which The Chronicle printed on the 11th April, you may like to write in support or against the other printed above:
With reference to Peter Roscoe’s letter printed in The Chronicle of 04/04/2013, and as a Catholic and a member of Bishop Mark’s flock in Shrewsbury I would also like to write an open letter to him.

Members of your flock in Shrewsbury would like to thank you for speaking out for marriage as being only between a man and a woman.  In this you are simply proclaiming a universal truth and a Christian teaching. It is clear that anything other than this is unworkable. Pope Francis puts it very succinctly when he says that ‘Gay’ marriage and ‘Gay’ adoption discriminates against children as it will legally deprive them of either a mother or a father.

Peter Roscoe’s letter to The Chronicle gives an anecdotal reference to a number of the Cathedral’s congregation who did not agree with your opposition to same-sex marriage. So I would like to assure you (and the readers of The Chronicle) that I have never met another member of your Shrewsbury flock who is in favour of ‘Gay’ marriage. I regularly attend Mass in Shrewsbury as well as meetings, talks and a prayer group. Although I have never met one there may be a few practising Catholics who support same-sex marriage, in doing this they go against the teachings of Sacred Scripture and the Church. It is a sad fact that even Jesus was betrayed by one of his own disciples. Edited out by the Chronicle

Mr Roscoe’s letter goes on to express the hurt being done by headlines. So the media needs to be faithful and not sensational in relaying the words of you our bishop. But perhaps Mr Roscoe should understand that as a Bishop you are acting in a fatherly way. And with a father’s love guide those in your care through the many temptations of this aggressively secular world.

In conclusion I’m sure that there are many priests in the diocese who could find time to explain Catholic teaching on marriage to Mr Roscoe and his group, they do not need to demand that you attend them. Edited out by the Chronicle. And with reference to Mr Roscoe’s emotive use of the word hurt I would also like to point out the hurt being done to Catholics by the media in all its various forms by its continued attacks on our Church. However, I agree with Mr Roscoe in this, the people of Shropshire believe in fair play and led by their main media outlet The Chronicle the wise teachings of our bishop and your fatherly love will be authentically represented. – With prayers Stefano Mazzeo

The Elves arrive at Helm's Deep - from The Lord of the Rings
Let your shield be the Gospel, your armour the teachings of the Catholic Church, your weapons prayer and the sacraments, your arrows letters and emails to the media - unleashed with prayer and love in defence of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.

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  1. It makes me wonder why this group of gays would want to meet the Bishop if they would be so 'hurt' by what he has to say. Very strange how these people keep talking about tolerance and equality, but will not tolerate an opposing view. They do not want to coexist in society: they want to dominate and have everything their own way, even making it a literal crime to disagree with them. What a sad state of affairs.

    1. The media mind police will make sure that everyone conforms to the politically correct agenda. They will criminalise anyone who objects by strict pro-Gay laws effectively gagging anyone who speaks out - this is why we must support Bishop Mark Davies, while we still are able.

  2. Social services are stealing children from ordinary people and giving them for Gay adoption and there is a media cover-up of this, and apart from the alternative media such as the UK Column and your good selves no one will talk about it. They will leave children in bad families to cause a media frenzy when things go wrong but take them from good families. What is more social services have power over the police who are doing their dirty work.

    1. It’s all part of conforming to the media lead left-liberal agenda. People can no longer think for themselves the media tells them what to think - and children will suffer because of this.

    2. I have read things in the UK Column, and it seems far fetched at first. However, having had dealings with social services in the past and done research I can say that the crime of forced adoption is very real and is one of the most heinous activities ever undertaken by a government. Anybody interested should check out FASSIT and Forced Adoption websites. Conveniently the secret courts and media gagging will make it even more difficult for parents fighting to keep their children and for campaigners such as Brian Gerrish to bring such matters to light.
      What will happen if children are abused by gay adopters? I will leave this to your imagination as to what action will be taken to deal with and publicize such cases by Social Services.

    3. We live in very strange times, when ordinary people will come to the aid and support of homosexuals and their lifestyle but not the teachings of Sacred Scripture and the Church. We must speak out now or it will be too late and we will lose the right to say anything about homosexual acts unless it is positive. The media and especially the TV have well and truly brainwashed most of the population.

  3. I have done some research: the suggestion already has been made that babies are being 'farmed' for the gay adoption industry. There have already been cases where sexual abuse has been reported by children in the care of gay adopters, but no action has been taken by social services to protect the children due to political correctness and the absolute fear that many such cases are already happening and waiting to be exposed. In fact one of the first gay foster care arrangements in the UK led to this (check out Faunch and Wathey), which I wrote to my MP about a few years ago.
    In terms of risk assessment, gay couples are a proportionately higher risk of abusing. Is this taken into account when placing children?
    Of course, with even the police reluctant to investigate such abuse due to equality directives, victims will only be left with the option of civil courts to seek redress. As those of us in the know are aware, however, nearly all legal aid has been abolished for such cases. The spectre of a regulated press could even lead to such stories never seeing the light of day.