Saturday, 31 January 2015

Firm stand for marriageand family by the nation of Slovakia

Please support Slovakia and her people in their stand for Marriage and the family

The Western secular media’s hatred of central Europe’s stand on traditional family values holds no bounds but faithful Catholics throughout the world are cheering them on, here is a petition of support generated by CitizanGo:

A country is taking a firm stand for marriage and family.It's the nation of Slovakia, located in central Europe. They've raised the banner for family on the European continent and we must stand alongside them in firm support!

Next week, on February 7, voters in Slovakia will have the opportunity to support marriage and the natural family in a nationwide referendum. This is a great opportunity for democratic participation and for the defense and promotion of our values, which are under attack around the world.

A 'YES' vote for family and marriage would send a loud message in favor of traditional values and against cultural imperialism. And, eric, your petition signature could give Slovak voters the courage they need to vote YES!

Of course, the Slovak referendum is under attack from an aggressive foreign media campaign against the initiative. We cannot leave Slovak citizens alone in the face of these international pressures against marriage and the family!We must show them that they have the support of those who share their values from all around the world! And that we will stand with them in support of marriage and family!

By signing this petition, you will show your solidarity and support for marriage and family. Your signature will encourage Slovakia to vote in favor of these important values.

The signatures gathered by CitizenGO worldwide will be delivered to the promoters of the referendum in Bratislava before the vote. Will you sign the petition and give the voters of Slovakia the courage to vote YES in favor of our shared values?

Thank you for being a part of CitizenGO, eric. Without you, we could not have achieved the gains we have made worldwide in favor of life, family, and liberty.

Yours in the fight for truth and justice,

This text is from  CitizenGO

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Fallen Man and a Fallen Agenda

Fallen Nature or Fallen Nurture?

With the main stream media labelling everyone who dares to speak out against homosexual acts as homophobic we ask the question: what’s wrong with same-sex attraction? Why are we so concerned about it? Surely it’s all natural and if it’s natural it’s good and comes from God; it’s the way He created us, isn’t it? Well no, it’s not, this is one of the biggest misconceptions and problems facing society and especially Christians today. The Bible is very explicit in both the Old and New Testament: homosexual acts are forbidden. There ‘s nothing new here; homosexuality is not some modern invention like electricity or antibiotics. It happened in ancient times and in every age and was always condemned as being against God’s will - yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is our duty as an act of charity as Christians to respond with God’s truth to anyone who promotes ‘lifestyles’ that are contrary to Christianity. The media, of course, does this all the time, particularly regarding the Culture of Death – abortion, contraception, euthanasia etc. The greatest fashion of  today is being pro-‘Gay’. Virtually everyone is, they have been brainwashed by the media. You cannot encounter any form of media without getting pro-homosexuality news, drama and everything thrown in your face. Like its bedfellow porn, homosexuality is everywhere and there’s no avoiding it, and it’s affecting everything, even Catholics, despite the fact that we are told that sodomy is a sin crying out to heaven for vengeance.
                The big debate in the Catholic Church regarding homosexuality is, is it congenital - are some people born that way? Or is homosexuality something that happens to a person because of their upbringing and the environment they live in? Or perhaps both are true. The point here is that if both are true this does not escape the fact that humanity has a fallen nature. Therefore, it does not matter whether it is a fallen nature or a fallen nurture: both are fallen, it is our duty for the salvation of our everlasting souls to overcome the environment we live in and to overcome any sinful urges and desires we may have no matter what they are.
                The latest lever being used to further the Homosexual agenda is ‘Gay’ pet stories. This has come about after the story of a ‘Gay’ bull being saved from the slaughter house because of a campaign led by Sam Simon the creator of The Simpsons. Following up on this in a recent BBC radio breakfast show the presenters asked people to send in their ‘Gay’ pet stories. Of which there were quite a few. This of course legitimises homosexual acts, doesn’t it? Well again no, absolutely not, for if you keep animals in any unnatural environment in zoos, farms where males are packed in together and domestic situations, unnatural things will happen. This is the result of man imposing on animals an unnatural environment. Farming of course is fine provided animals are kept in as near natural state as possible.

Why - we ask the question - is paying the TV licence fee a sin?
When it comes to creating an unnatural environment there is no better proponent than the TV. And within this form of the media no one does it better than the BBC, they create lots of media environments that manipulate people’s views and beliefs. If they manage to cause people to change their beliefs away from believing in God’s natural law to other invented unnatural laws then the consequences will be reaped both in this life and in the hereafter. For example the latest news on HIV infection is that it is now at a record of 100,000 people suffering from this condition. One in 20 ‘Gay’ men have HIV; this rises to one in 12 in London. But the nonsense about condoms being a protection against HIV persist. Condoms only afford safer sex, eventually HIV is still likely to occur even if a condom is always used. The media will disparage this even as they report on the record high levels of HIV.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Young women reject western values and become Muslims

Why are conversions to Islam increasing in the West – especially after Muslim atrocities?

It is generally well known that conversions to Islam in the West are increasing; this is alarming the West’s ultra liberal media. There is an enormous growth of conversions to Islam especially among women. There are now about 100,000 Britons who have now become Muslim and the average convert is, according to the Daily Mail, a 27 year old white woman.

I was very surprised to hear on the BBC Radio 5 three Muslims being interviewed their reasons why so many westerners are converting to Islam. Again the BBC journalist was very charitable towards them, typical BBC I thought , - if they were Catholics the interview would be in a completely different tone. The conversation got on to the recent attacks and the depictions of Muhammad. At this point one of the three British Muslims being interviewed smugly pointed out that since the Charlie Hebdo attacks inquires to Mosques have increased. He claimed they were from intelligent well educated English people. In fact he went on to say that there have always been enormous increases in conversions to Islam in the West after each terrorist attack. He went on to list 9/11, the other bombings and attacks in Western Europe over the last few years.

So what’s going on? Catholics and the Christian ecclesial communities in Britain do their best to accommodate media-influenced secular values, and people leave their Churches in droves. Catholics had the Soho ‘Gay’ Mass and other nods to secularism, and people leave. Anglicans accept birth control, abortion, women vicars, and now women bishops, and people - especially the young - leave, but they still search for something to give a meaning to their lives. Many are turning to Islam because it rejects the decadence of the West. Is Catholicism missing the boat here? Surly it is to us these desperate refugees from decadence should be turning?

 Could it be that despite the atrocities, Islam is attracting Westerners especially the young because they are faithful to the teachings of their religion?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

The New wars of Religion

Charlie Hebdo/Islam – Power without Responsibility?

Just a couple of thoughts on the horrendous killings of journalists and police in Paris yesterday;  is this total freedom of speech totalitarianism under another guise, and is the West finally going to sit up and realize how dangerous Islam really is?

The first point: should the media, and in particular extremist leftist media like Charlie Hebdo magazine, and even some elements at the BBC, be able to say whatever they wish, whenever they wish? Are they inflicting hurt and spreading hatred? -  Many Catholics believe they are. I decided to have a quick look at Charlie Hebdo cartoons, and I’m not easily shocked after over 11 years studying the media, but their homoerotic depiction of the Holy Trinity made me truly sick. This of course was a pro-Gay marriage cartoon. I will of course pray for them, and ask every reader of this blog to do the same. I simply cannot put a copy of this hideously blasphemous cartoon up – so as small reparation this post will contain no image at all, just a plea for prayers for the dead and especially for the policemen.

The second point: unlike Christians, Muslims will lash out at a decadent media – because they know that by intimidating they will get their way. Islam is very different from Christianity; we will not kill someone if they insult us, we will turn the other cheek. We in the West must understand that Islamist terrorists are simply following their religion. There are in fact 109 verses in the Quran that call Muslims to kill for their faith. Cutting off heads and other parts of the body, and killing infidels is prescribed in their holy book the Koran or Qur’an.   

Power without responsibility? – Absolutely

Neither the western media nor Islam has any understanding of the gentler way of life or being polite and exercising charity in the bearing; they are both extremists. And what happens when extremists meet, anarchy and the destruction of civilization?

The New wars of Religion

Are we entering into an era of the new wars of religion? Will the police be in the front line? Will it be the easy targets of Catholics who will ultimately be attacked by both secularist and Islamists?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmastide Bureaucrats

12 Days of Christmas - image Wikipedia

Today, 4th January, is within the 12 Days of Christmas, Christmas Day being the first and today is the eleventh. Therefore, they are the days from Christmas to Epiphany, in some traditions the 1st day of Christmas is the twenty-sixth of December and the twelfth lands on the Epiphany the 6th January. The famous Christmas song The Twelve Days of Christmas is sometime misread as referring to the 12 days before Christmas. Although most of the secular media like to start the Christmas season before even Advent has begun, Classic FM starts playing Christmas carols on the first of December. Some have argued that The Twelve Days of Christmas was really a coded message to teach young Catholics their faith during the time when practising the Catholic faith was a criminal offence, which lasted from 1558 to 1828. Although most of the 12 days in the song could apply to any Christian so perhaps there was a secondary Catholic message which ran alongside the general understanding, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Today being the eleventh day is describe in the song as eleven pipers piping. This is given to refer to the eleven faithful apostles.

Therefore, still being within the Christmas season we thought we would have a light hearted little post and dedicate it to bureaucrats and more precisely the Roman bureaucrats at the time of the birth of Christ. Here we have Rigby’s cheery conjecture on why Caesar Augustus and his bureaucrats decided to instigate the first century poll tax in the first place.

Don’t forget Bureaucrats during Christmastide

We all know the Christmas story, the Inn, the Shepherds and the wise men. But we forget the key men in this story the bureaucrats.

Imagine old Caesar Augustus is a bit short of the “readies “especially when you got a few wars on your hands and you’ve got to keep all the plebs happy with bread and circuses. So he goes to his chief civil servant a chap called let’s say Polonius whose reached the top through a bit of nefarious activities. The Emperor tells him the coffers are empty and they are all a bit skint. So Old Polonius has one of his brain waves what about Poll tax. “What’s that sunshine” the Emperor retorts. “What you do is you tax everyone who lives in your empire’ “First you do what you call a census to find out all them bods who live in different provinces then you can tax them”

“You’re a genius Polonius we have to give you some sort of honour” “Sire I could do with the readies more than an honour my old woman giving me ear ache about moving to a better address and getting a holiday home in Capri. “We will see what we can do” said the Emperor

Plotinus walks back to his office with a spring in his step, not only can he see a few bob in this poll tax for him but a bit of promotion with luck he can get in the Senate which means he can be on to a lot of good little earners. Also he can send a lot of his co-workers away to organise this new tax, especially that rat bag Maximus whose always been after his job and he can replace them all with thick yes men who won’t interfere with his little earners. The sun is shining and he decides to make the day by seeing that creep Maximus.

“Maximus I have a great little job for you” says Polonius “I want you to catch the next galley to Palestine and organise a new tax I have invented called Poll tax.

I don’t want to go to Palestine it’s horrible all them Jews hate us and cause a lot of aggro,” says Maximus .

“You’ve got the dates and camels all that sort of thing Maximus you might like it”

“I don’t like dates they give me a guts ache and those camels pong awful”

“Anyway you’re going the Emperor especially asked for you to go and so off go on your chariot and I will see you in a few years if them Jew haven’t knocked you off

So we see how the Holy family ended up in Bethlehem!

By Rigby