Saturday, 27 April 2019

Why are some killings newsworthy and not others?

Friends in low places

The media will only show what looks "good" 
on the screen.

Foreigners kill themselves and each other in vast numbers all the time, dozens upon dozens of them every day. Nancy Mitford's character was perfectly right, abroad really is unutterably bloody and foreigners are genuinely fiends. Actually, to be completely honest, quite a lot of us are fiends too; one has only to look at the number of people knifed to death in the capital, which London Mayor Sadiq Khan aspires to see fall in a decade or so, for proof of that. Why, then, are some of these killings considered newsworthy and others not? Are not all lives equal? Not in the media, no they aren't. For media types people are worth only as much as they are worth to the media types themselves or as much as they think they are, or might be, worth to their audiences. Hence, those who are unknown to either the media or the audience are only newsworthy if they can be made known to them for some specific reason – is it someone related to somebody who is known, is it a sexy girl who has been photographed in little or nothing, is there a good picture that can illustrate a point the media wish to make?

            Readers will be aware that the death of one man has been used by the media to demand a change in the foreign policy of many nations.  Why? Simply because Jamal Khashoggi was one of their own and they feel it personally. Jimmy K, as he was widely known, was a friend of the vast number of foreign correspondents and Middle East specialists who are on the circuit together, meeting up and hanging out in wherever the action happens to be, filming their pieces to camera or writing their copy. The media have themselves been struck by his death, and they mean to move the earth in reply, to show their strength and take revenge. They mean to set an example and prove that be ye never so high, the media are above you.

             I do not mean to imply that I approve of Khashoggi's killing, or support the Saudi regime in any way; it is an appalling regime and there are any number of reasons to oppose it and bring it down, not least that it is essentially responsible for the development and propagation of Islamic extremism and is the single greatest obstacle to the restoration of an Islam grounded in our common Graeco-Roman inheritance. I merely point out that the media have no interest in such serious arguments, they are motivated solely by the superficialities of who knows whom and what looks good on screen.

By Prayer Crusader St Philip Howard.

Monday, 22 April 2019

MSM and Islam

Mainstream media always soft on Islam

MSM avoid mentioning Islamic links to most of the terror attacks in the world

BBC, and other Main Stream Media outlets fail to mention the Islamic problem in the destruction of churches in France and the killing of Christians in Sri Lanka. I've just heard Classic FM do the same, shame on you Aled Jones! Reporting it as just a terrorist group without saying it was an Islamic terrorist group.

In particular Catholics are the single most attacked religion in the world and yet the MSM will not mention this, why?

Also why do the MSM seem to reverse the image evening making Islam look like the victim? We found this interesting image on-line.

BBC unbalanced news

The BBC's continued support for assisted-suicide

The BBC are being accused of cheerleading for Assisted-suicide by The Conservative Woman's blog. Here is a list of programmes it cites that the BBC have made that support the crime of helping someone to kill themselves:

I’ll Die When I ChoosePanorama documentary fronted by Margo Macdonald MSP in the lead-up to introducing her ‘End of Life Assistance (Scotland) Bill’. Screened four times between 8 and 14 December 2008.
A Short Stay in Switzerland: 90-minute docu-drama covering the death of Anne Turner at the Dignitas facility in January 2006. Screened seven times between 25 January 2009 and 27 January 2010.
The 34th Richard Dimbleby Lecture, Shaking hands with death, featured Dignity in Dying patron Terry Pratchett making the case for assisted suicide for patients like himself with Alzheimer’s disease. Screened in February 2010.
BBC East Midlands Inside Out in 2010 featured a ‘confession’ by TV presenter Ray Gosling to smothering his former lover.
Choosing To Die, screened on 13 June 2011, featured Terry Pratchett and showed the death of a British man.
EastEnders: the assisted suicide of Ethel Skinner (2000) which was revisited in subsequent episodes.
EastEnders: the suicide of Peggy Mitchell (2016) who had cancer.
Way to Go: a six-part sitcom about assisted suicide shown on BBC3 in 2013.
Radio Four drama The Ferryhill Philosophers, February 2019.
How To Die, a BBC2 documentary which followed Simon Binner’s assisted suicide after motor neurone diagnosis February 2016.
Altered States, a documentary screened on 18 November 2018. Presented by Louis Theroux, it featured several people considering assisted suicide and focused on the final moments of a man called Gus.

CUT Comment: The big problem with the BBC is its consistently left focused core values, everything from homosexuality to abortion and euthanasia. There is a consistent lack of balance in its programming. It's simply cultural Marxism write large.

For the full article from The Conservative Woman blog please click here

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

It's all about Homosexuality

Pope Emeritus Benedict nails it.

It's all about Homosexuality

Pope Benedict has done more than any other churchman in any denomination to clear up the mess made by homosexuals in the Church, and yet he was vilified like no other. Why you may ask did this happen, why was he so hated, this gentle intellectual? Answer, because he laid the blame for most of the abuse in the Church where it should be laid among the homosexual "community". Homosexuals infiltrated the Church, found it a good hunting ground and an easy life if you didn't take Christianity seriously.

Pope Benedict has once again got up the noses of the secular media and the poor brainwash media fodder who follow their every word. So here it is the paragraph that's got them in a hissy fit, Benedict writes on the sex abuse crisis:

"In various seminaries homosexual cliques were established, which acted more or less openly and significantly changed the climate in the seminaries. … The Holy See knew of such problems, without being informed precisely. As a first step, an Apostolic Visitation was arranged of seminaries in the United States."

He goes on to cite the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s for the breakdown in morality and the Church's failure to address the ensuing problem. We miss you Benedict, please keep it up, don't let the modernists get away with it. Don't be afraid of the Nazi's wolves of today who attack the truth. The Politically Correct totalitarians who would try and shut us up, however in return for the attacks we must show them love and truth, to save their souls.

Prayer Crusader St Philomena

Sunday, 7 April 2019

A corrupt media and establishment zeroing in on faithful Catholics

The Media Crucifixion of Cardinal Pell.

It is clear from all the evidence that Cardinal Pell of Australia could not have committed the child molestation he has been imprisoned for. So why has he been convicted and put in prison? There are perhaps two reasons for this: one, he is the most prominent Catholic in an extremely anti-Catholic country; and two, he refused LGBT activists Holy Communion at the altar rail. From that moment onwards the Australian media went for him in a big way.

There was in place a witch hunt for evidence. Detective Chris Reed pursued Pell for years long before anyone accused the Cardinal of anything; he was accused of "zeroing in" on Pell, adverts were taken out in the press for people to come forward who had been molested by Pell. Some did come forward; however most were dismissed as not credible. However, two choir boys claimed that Pell molested them after Mass. The media and "celebrity" world went ballistic; journalists went on a feeding frenzy. They've always claimed that Catholic and biblical teaching are hateful; now they have a chance to discredit it all, and that's what it's all about, undermining Catholic moral teachings, nothing else. Of course ultra anti-Catholic bigot Tim Minchin, who could not write a song about Pope Benedict without adding more expletives than other lyrics - "Pope song" a hate inducing piece of anti-Catholic garbage if ever I heard one. Minchin wrote another song, a lullaby to Pell to get him imprisoned. Oh, Satan is very clever.

So let's look at what happened 2002. Cardinal Pell refused Holy Communion to "Gay and lesbian  Catholic" activists at the altar rail; the activists were making a point of protest during Mass by wearing the Rainbow Sash. Therefore they were  trying to force the Church to accept something that is wrong and against the teachings of Sacred Scripture and of the Church, and forcing the Church's hand. From then on of course the media, the LGBT brigade and their supporters were out to get him.

The accusations are that Cardinal Pell sexually abused two choir boys after Mass while he was fully vested, in a busy sacristy where people go in and out after Mass all the time,  the MC, the altar servers, the sacristan and other visitors who visit the sacristy after Mass etc. etc. The "molested" choir boys then returned to practise with the choir, through doors that were always kept locked. Not only that but one of the boys has since died but before he died he told his mother that he was not molested! So the Cardinal is being convicted on the evidence of one uncorroborated story. This is not justice as we know it.

This is also the second trial for the same offence; the first one, the jury came out in favour of Pell's innocence, 10 to 2. However, that was not good enough for the Australian media and vicious LGBT community and the Australian legal system. So a retrial was enacted and this time with a new jury they all got the verdict they wanted. Remember also that elements in the liberal Catholic hierarchy were happy too. Cardinal Pell was orthodox and they wanted him as much as the Australian media.

So what chance does a Catholic leader have these days if he preaches with true charity and love and tries to save the souls of the poor misguided LGBT sufferers?

And there you have it, the media is so powerful, so full of LGBT activists and their supporters they can subvert justice, the government, and brainwash the population. If you say anything on sexuality that is in step with Christianity, you've had it.