Sunday, 25 January 2015

Fallen Man and a Fallen Agenda

Fallen Nature or Fallen Nurture?

With the main stream media labelling everyone who dares to speak out against homosexual acts as homophobic we ask the question: what’s wrong with same-sex attraction? Why are we so concerned about it? Surely it’s all natural and if it’s natural it’s good and comes from God; it’s the way He created us, isn’t it? Well no, it’s not, this is one of the biggest misconceptions and problems facing society and especially Christians today. The Bible is very explicit in both the Old and New Testament: homosexual acts are forbidden. There ‘s nothing new here; homosexuality is not some modern invention like electricity or antibiotics. It happened in ancient times and in every age and was always condemned as being against God’s will - yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is our duty as an act of charity as Christians to respond with God’s truth to anyone who promotes ‘lifestyles’ that are contrary to Christianity. The media, of course, does this all the time, particularly regarding the Culture of Death – abortion, contraception, euthanasia etc. The greatest fashion of  today is being pro-‘Gay’. Virtually everyone is, they have been brainwashed by the media. You cannot encounter any form of media without getting pro-homosexuality news, drama and everything thrown in your face. Like its bedfellow porn, homosexuality is everywhere and there’s no avoiding it, and it’s affecting everything, even Catholics, despite the fact that we are told that sodomy is a sin crying out to heaven for vengeance.
                The big debate in the Catholic Church regarding homosexuality is, is it congenital - are some people born that way? Or is homosexuality something that happens to a person because of their upbringing and the environment they live in? Or perhaps both are true. The point here is that if both are true this does not escape the fact that humanity has a fallen nature. Therefore, it does not matter whether it is a fallen nature or a fallen nurture: both are fallen, it is our duty for the salvation of our everlasting souls to overcome the environment we live in and to overcome any sinful urges and desires we may have no matter what they are.
                The latest lever being used to further the Homosexual agenda is ‘Gay’ pet stories. This has come about after the story of a ‘Gay’ bull being saved from the slaughter house because of a campaign led by Sam Simon the creator of The Simpsons. Following up on this in a recent BBC radio breakfast show the presenters asked people to send in their ‘Gay’ pet stories. Of which there were quite a few. This of course legitimises homosexual acts, doesn’t it? Well again no, absolutely not, for if you keep animals in any unnatural environment in zoos, farms where males are packed in together and domestic situations, unnatural things will happen. This is the result of man imposing on animals an unnatural environment. Farming of course is fine provided animals are kept in as near natural state as possible.

Why - we ask the question - is paying the TV licence fee a sin?
When it comes to creating an unnatural environment there is no better proponent than the TV. And within this form of the media no one does it better than the BBC, they create lots of media environments that manipulate people’s views and beliefs. If they manage to cause people to change their beliefs away from believing in God’s natural law to other invented unnatural laws then the consequences will be reaped both in this life and in the hereafter. For example the latest news on HIV infection is that it is now at a record of 100,000 people suffering from this condition. One in 20 ‘Gay’ men have HIV; this rises to one in 12 in London. But the nonsense about condoms being a protection against HIV persist. Condoms only afford safer sex, eventually HIV is still likely to occur even if a condom is always used. The media will disparage this even as they report on the record high levels of HIV.

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