Friday, 28 June 2013

The decline in TV licence fee payers

More than 400,000 households have turned their backs on the BBC

More and more people have decided they have had enough of the BBC and are no longer paying the licence fee. And what is more they are not breaking the law. They have simply disconnected themselves from receiving broadcast TV either by a traditional TV set or on-line. They just play DVDs or watch via catch-up devices or on You-Tube. The law states that if you do not use a computer to watch TV programmes as they are being live-streamed (transmitted) you do not need a licence.

Reasons for decline in licence fee payers
There are many reasons why people no longer wish to receive live TV and particularly programmes broadcast by the BBC. Perhaps the main reason why so many devout Catholic families do not have a TV is its championing of abortion and homosexuality. The BBC has continued its anti-Catholic bias; they will only report on Catholics if they can dish the dirt. Whilst ignoring problems in other sectors of society and especially their own. It is perhaps the BBC’s problems and scandals that have caused many to stop funding this ‘tsunami of filth’ as the Chairman of the BBC trust, Lord Patten, put it late last year.

BBC treats the licence fee as a free cash machine
Earlier this month the Daily Telegraph reported Lord Patten as saying that the BBC has treated the licence-fee payers’ money like a free cash machine, with 200 managers at the corporation having £100,000 pay-offs (the National Audit Office is so shocked by the scale of the pay-offs it is investigating). Other former high flyer pay-offs at the disgraced Corporation include George Entwistle, the former director-general, with £450,000 and the disgruntled former chief operating officer Caroline Thompson who was given £670,000. So disgruntled was Ms Thompson that after failing to get the director-general job she blew the lid on the sexual gymnastics going on at the Beeb as reported by the Telegraph – funny how the Guardian fails to pick up these stories? Dare we suggest vested interests? Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at the degenerate out-put by the BBC given those responsible for the input?

Give BBC licence fee payers a PIN number.
Why not do away with the BBC altogether? Let’s not beat about the bush: we do not want to fund this cesspool of bigotry and bias. Or perhaps those who still think the BBC is a pillar of society and wish to support it should pay for it alone. So let’s demand that these BBC supporters be given a PIN number when they pay the licence fee, like those who watch porn channels.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Common Purpose and the BBC




"Common Purpose (CP) is a Charity, based in Great Britain, which creates ‘Future Leaders’ of society. CP selects individuals and ‘trains’ them to learn how society works, who 'pulls the levers of power' and how CP ‘graduates’ can use this knowledge to lead 'Outside Authority’.
hildren, teenagers and adults have their prejudices removed. Graduates are ‘empowered’ to become ‘Leaders’ and work in ‘partnership’ with other CP graduates. CP claims to have trained some 30,000 adult graduates in UK and changed the lives of some 80,000 people, including schoolchildren and young people.
            But evidence shows that Common Purpose is rather more than a Charity ‘empowering' people and communities’. In fact, CP is an elitest pro-EU political organisation helping to replace democracy in the UK, and worldwide, with CP chosen ‘elite’ leaders. In truth, their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and are threatening ‘free will’ in adults, teenagers and children. Their work is funded by public money and big business, including international banks.
            By blurring the boundaries between people, professions, public and private sectors, responsibility and accountability, CP encourages graduates to believe that as new selected leaders, CP graduates can work together, outside of the established political and social structures, to achieve this paradigm shift or CHANGE. The so called "Leading Outside Authority". In doing so, the allegiance of the individual becomes 're-framed' on CP colleagues and their NETWORK.
            The term 'GRADUATE' is used deliberately so as to prevent disclosure of involvement with Common Purpose. As 'MEMBERS' of CP, which is more appropriate, individuals in the public sector would have to declare their interests. So strong is the Common Purpose bond, that some individuals will lie to hide information and documents considered 'dangerous' to the CP cause. People challenging CP colleagues have been victimised and forced out of their positions."
The above text is from the "CP Exposed" website run by the campaigner Brian Gerrish. It is extremely useful in the light
of the recent gay marriage votes and their media coverage, as well as the Leveson enquiry (which seeks to end the free press), 'Defamation Bill', 'Secret Courts,' and other undemocratic changes in Britain, to examine the role of this organization in our society.
            The first thing I will say, for those who may disbelieve or suspect that I am an extremist, is that the role of Common Purpose in the Leveson enquiry has been discussed in the mainstream media: both the Mail and the Telegraph have recently printed articles, as people begin to wake up and realize that there are forces at work behind the scenes which are driving these 'changes'.
            These articles highlight the fact that Julia Middleton (Common Purpose CEO) is behind the group 'Hacked off'
The articles exposing the involvement of CP in the Leveson enquiry pointed out that a clear conflict of interest existed in regard to evidence given by Sir David Bell, who was acting as an adviser to Leveson. Bell co founded Common Purpose with Julia Middleton, and has made statements defending CP from 'attacks' and 'conspiracy theories' on their website. CP have also created and circulated a 'blacklist' in breach of data protection laws, containing the personal details of people who requested information from public bodies regarding their dealings with CP under the Freedom of Information Act.
            Bell's advice could hardly have been regarded as independent when the organization he is an integral part of has made continual efforts to censor information, bully and gag those who have asked awkward questions about its role in society, and boasts a 'network of leaders'. It is no coincidence that under the proposed 'Royal Charter' for media regulation it has been suggested that people who publish things on the Internet (the source of much of the evidence against CP) should also be fined and subjected to expensive legal proceedings if they 'upset' people.
            There is nothing that Common Purpose would like to see more than for its critics to lose their voice, which points to a clear conflict of interest with anybody from this organization giving evidence to Lord Leveson. In the document library on the 'CP Exposed' website there are many items disclosed under the FOI Act which show Julia Middleton and others exerting pressure on various public figures to view lawful requests for information as 'vexatious' and to redact such information under dubious grounds when it is clearly in the public interest for this to be released. Indeed, the close ties between CP and the many 'leaders' it has trained has given it status and influence far above what it should have as a private contractor.
            The key point in all of this is that in a democratic society we expect transparency and accountability. Common Purpose have people in the police, judicial system, political parties etc as well as internationally. There is a huge potential for abuse if this network of people misuse their public offices. What has been taking place in the Leveson enquiry is an excellent example of this, but sadly it has been drastically under reported. I do not believe the BBC mentioned the story at the time when it was front page news in the press.
            This is a clear example of the BBC being in breach of its charter by not covering a news story that was clearly in the public interest. Top people in the BBC are CP graduates, so we can see that there is clear evidence about what happens when this organization gains influence in publicly funded institutions. The BBC gives plenty of coverage, however, to the issues of phone hacking, 'homophobic' hate crimes and the promotion of 'gay marriage'. We should suspect that the BBC and Common Purpose are working together to make a case for 'change'.
Whilst rational people understand that there are always winners and losers in any system of law, and the guiding principle has to be to protect our God Given rights and the common good, groups such as 'Hacked Off' and 'Stonewall' dwell on the victimhood of the minority (real or imagined) in order to propose a seismic shift in public opinion which leads to profoundly undemocratic 'reforms'. There are often sinister political agendas behind such groups which have very little to do with 'helping' anybody.
            The media, by giving a totally disproportionate amount of airtime to these subversive groups, is able to create the illusion that the divided populace are actually the minority and that 'they' are in fact the majority. They can undermine and discredit their opponents easily by twisting their words or handpicking 'rent a nuts'. Another favoured policy is to associate anybody with opposing views with the extreme right wing of politics such as the BNP. The BBC have done this job to excellent effect through many channels: News, soap operas, plays, debates, phone Ins, even comedy.
            Being united in a common purpose is the key to the success of today's political elite. In the recent Lords vote on the wholly abhorrent and unnatural policy of 'gay marriage' it was significant that although a 'free vote' was supposedly allowed nearly the entirety of the Labour and Liberal peers block voted in favour. It is very obvious that there is a lot more going on to persuade people to vote a certain way than persuasive and coherent argument.
            We should be clear that the Common Purpose organization and the wider 'common purpose' in politics are not necessarily the same thing. Common Purpose the creature is the incarnation of the spirit that opposes the common good. It is no coincidence that an anti democratic, subversive, pro EU superstate, bullying and deceitful organization has sprung up from the fertile ground that nourishes it. We have in place now an almost unholy trinity of the 'spirit' (federal Europe, multiculturalism, big money, socialism, anti Christian, amoral), the organization which gets things done via its secret network (CP), and 'The Man': David Cameron.
But why? The answer is that the plans these people have for Britain can never be achieved lawfully via the democratic process under the watchful eye of a free press. They cannot abolish British sovereignty and bring us into a federal Europe because too many people are patriotic and loyal to the crown. They cannot disestablish the Church of England because too many people are still nominally Christians (even if they stay in bed watching TV on Sunday morning). And the truth keeps coming out about what they are up to because of the 'whistleblowers'.
So what they are attempting to do, slowly but surely, is find a way around things by creating public demand for 'change' via the television media, then implementing laws that will prohibit freedom of speech. This brings us full circle to the points I mentioned at the beginning: Leveson, Secret Courts and the 'Defamation Bill'. Put these three things together and you have a whistleblower or journalist being accused of libel, tried in secret without press reports and either jailed or subjected to a huge fine. With such measures in place the work of Common Purpose becomes a whole lot easier, and their secret networks in the system will no doubt help to ensure that 'justice' is done.
            Over a good few years now we have been noticing a rise in criminality among people in power. Common Purpose training gives dangerous people the tools to implement dangerous policies. Leadership is a skill that can be learned in one sense. In another it is a charismatic gift. These 'trained leaders' feel threatened by anybody who represents genuine God given authority. This is why we have seen the 'takedowns' of so many good people in leadership on rather spurious grounds to be replaced by somebody who is willing to 'do what they are told'.
We have to wake up collectively to the fact that there is a highly organized attack taking place on the traditional structure of society by a hidden elite via secret networks. These people are not up front and transparent about who they are and what they stand for, but patterns of behaviour are emerging that points to the use of clever manipulation:

1) They introduce an idea which sounds radical and causes a huge amount of public anger. Over time they manage this reaction by continually discussing the issue and making it a part of 'everyday life'. By the time it comes to a vote in parliament all but the most radical campaigners have given up fighting. They bring up 'side issues' which distract attention and under report key stories.

2) They hold controlled debates in public forums and manage the outcomes. They 'plant people' in the audience, select the panels carefully and censor those who speak out of turn.

3) They discredit their opponents. The classic method is to associate a view with the 'right wing', which is deeply unpopular with the brainwashed masses and the young who associate this term with Nazism. Another method is character assassination.

4)They intimidate and threaten people. The most vulnerable are 'good' public servants who will stand a higher risk of losing their job for speaking out as opposed to those in the private sector.

5) They implement their policies one step at a time and use the tool of compromise in order to gain ground from their opponents which will never be rescinded. A great example is 'civil partnerships' for gay people, which some politicians have now publicly admitted was always meant as a stepping stone to their true aim of legalizing 'gay marriage'.

6)They subvert the democratic process by 'whipping' MP's either officially or secretly, then hold up the results of the votes and claim that they are legitimately won.

7)They are going after the young people through the education system and in TV programs aimed at teenagers such as 'Glee'. They are conditioning them to believe that the State is the highest authority and singling out those who are bright to be 'future leaders' with schemes such as youth police commissioners, school councils and European projects.

8) They come across as well spoken, caring, humorous, polite. They use all of the 'key phrases' and vocabulary which hits  the right buttons that have been pre-progammed into people's minds by the media. They outwardly abide by all of their 'articles of faith' but inwardly often hold people in contempt.

9) They are paid disproportionately high salaries. Council Chief Executives are earning over £200,000 per annum. Julia Middleton earns £80,000 for running Common Purpose which is a 'charity'.

10) They tell lies unashamedly and are evasive when confronted with key questions.

11) They seduce impressionable people and provide them with a platform to speak in favour of their agenda. "Useful Idiots".

12) They work outside of the boundaries of institutions through undeclared networks and are able to use their connections destructively against opponents. The issue of 'conflict of interest' inevitably arises: there are good reasons why the public and private sector are meant to be separate, and why different departments of government are isolated from one another.

13) They break the rules themselves as a matter of course but hold their opponents to account for any breach of their PC code. They are hypocrites.

14) If they do lose their jobs they invariably receive huge payoffs and copper bottomed, gold plated pension deals in return for their unending loyalty.

We need to realize that the political system has become a belief system akin to religion. These 'leaders' are almost like the pharisees and high priests (although much more dangerous as there is nothing godly about them). We need to learn not to smile when smiled at by them, not to laugh when they crack a joke and not to give them a single inch more.

By Prayer Crusader, St Gerard

Monday, 17 June 2013

BBC Hypocrites

BBC Hypocrites

·         BBC screen yet another documentary on child abuse in the Catholic Church.
·         Silence in the House of God: Mea Maxima Culpa, (a comment from a prayer Crusader "you would think the BBC could find a similar subject nearer home, wouldn’t you?")

On Monday 10th June the BBC screened yet another documentary on child abuse in the Catholic Church.  Mea Maxima Culpa is described in glowing terms by the Guardian-on-line as a muck-raking documentary and essential viewing. Of course we are ashamed that there has been any abuse and cover up in the Church, and the Church must be careful who they allow into the priesthood.  One thing is clear: the vast majority of abuse in the Church has been perpetrated by homosexuals - 80%.  What the Guardian does not mention is that the abuse here was homosexual in nature; perhaps they should actually be making documentaries on homosexual child abuse. However, it is still only the Catholic Church that they are making these muck-raking documentaries about.  As our Prayer Crusader, St Gerard stated in his article for Clear Vision in May, there have been 37 historical cases of child abuse in the Catholic Church, roughly the same as in the Church of England, and far less proportionately to secular society; but it seems as if there has been a documentary made on each of these and hardly any on other sections of society.
            The BBC themselves have a serious problem with child abuse within its own ranks which make any problems in the Church pale in comparison. To continue to make documentaries on the Catholic Church whilst at the same time ordering their employees not to talk about the abuse problem at the BBC is the height of hypocrisy; should the BBC start to address the child abuse epidemic in their own house and in other sections of society as well as the Church? Perhaps a documentary or 20, on child abuse within the homosexual community, asking questions as to why children are so attractive to those with same-sex attraction?
            Catholics should understand that the Reformation is not over. We are still being victimised and abused and even beaten up in modern Britain for our faith. The secular media and in particular the BBC are using similar tactics to the dishonest propaganda of the so called Reformers.

Monday, 10 June 2013

New EWTN series on the history of the Catholic Church in Wales

Wales, The Golden Thread of Faith

A St Clare Media – EWTN – Latin Mass Society of England and Wales co-production

The Golden Thread of Faith is a documentary mini-series on the history of the Catholic Church in Wales. It tells a story hardly ever told: that for the majority of its existence Wales was Catholic, and happy to be so, - a fact ignored or downplayed by the media. But this could be any country that was once Catholic but had its faith taken from it by the so called Reformers.
This is one of the reasons that I approached EWTN with a concept for the documentary series. Besides the fact that the Catholic history of Wales is a story seldom told, it is such a fascinating story, full of the romance, wonder and spirituality of the Celtic world and yet it is a true story. Most surprising of all perhaps is that a major part of this story is Catholic. Another reason was that the Celtic Church of the sub-Roman era is today once again being portrayed as either schismatic or even, proto-protestant, - a trick one used by Protestants of the Reformation. Again, this is simply not true; the Welsh had a great loyalty to the successor of St Peter, the Pope. They used Latin for the Mass and when one looks at the inscriptions on the Celtic Crosses they are in Latin, as are the magnificent Celtic Gospel books like the book of Chad or the Book of Kells.
            I wanted in this documentary to explore the sheer richness of Catholicism in the history of Wales. EWTN were very interested and could see the potential. However, it was clear that it would need a partner or two as the series would be made away from EWTN’s USA base.  The partners would provide some of the finance and technical skills. The series was quite ambitious and would include location shots, interviews, graphics, maps, illustrations and several docu-drama sequences. EWTN already have an excellent marketing and promotional organisation in Britain called St Clare Media who would act as the senior partner. And as I am a member of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales (LMS) it was natural for me to approach the Society and ask them would they like to be co-producers. This meant putting up half of the finance but had the advantages of publicity for the LMS and the Traditional Latin Mass, which they agreed to. The technical side of the project would be provided by Lux Communications and Lux TV of Bratislava, Slovakia. Lux TV was set up by the Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia after the fall of Communism. In the nineties some members of TV Lux were sent to the USA to train in TV production.

However, we had limited resources, - how we would have loved the budget secular

Map graphic - from episode one
documentaries have! - so we had to double up on our production disciplines. I would provide the screenplay, graphics, illustrations etc and be the producer/presenter and also the van driver - really a general dogsbody, but it was fun. Marek Polacek of Lux Communications was the director, and doubled as sound man, assistant editor and translator. Michal Benko of Lux Communications was the cameraman/editor and also produced a limited amount of animation for some of the graphics and maps. Michal is also an excellent cook which kept some semblance of civilisation during our mad dash around Wales filming in a campervan.

Although I am not Welsh I have lived in Wales for many years and became aware of its rich Catholic history. I was born in Cornwall (known as Kernow in Cornish) which was also once known as West Wales and is situated in the far south west of England. The Cornish and the Welsh originated from the same Romano-British Christian peoples who were left after the Roman legions were recalled to Rome in AD410. Therefore, I was keen to weave in some events from Cornish Catholic history, such as the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549. The Cornish rebelled against their Protestant overlords due to the banning of the Latin Missal and the imposition of the English Book of Common Prayer. Subsequently, they were brutally suppressed and many of their priests were hanged, fully vested, from their steeples.
            The first episode of the series starts as we finish the final episode with the annual LMS pilgrimage to St Winefride’s Holy Well in North Wales. It was providential that this year the LMS had

Romans (still from episode one)
secured Bishop Rifan of Campos as the celebrant so we had a Traditional bishop and a Pontifical High Mass to film. We then cut-back to Roman times and the invasion of Britain. An important factor is that the Romans removed the druids who were the pagan priestly cast of the Celts. The druids had galvanised the resistance to the Romans and had a strong hold over the people with their superstitious practices and most importantly human sacrifice. To tell this story we were lucky to secure the services of a Roman re-enactment group called the Roman Military Research Society. We also managed to film at a reconstructed Roman fort called The Lunt near Coventry in the English midlands. There we filmed a reconstructing of the martyrdom of Ss Julius and Aaron, the proto-martyrs of Wales, and a limited reconstruction of the Boudiccan revolt. Toward the end of the first episode were able to discuss the coming of the Anglo-Saxons and who King Arthur really was - if he existed - and the Age of the Celtic Saints. An important point I wanted to make was that the Celtic Church was in fact Catholic. They used Latin for the Mass and liturgy and were very loyal to the Pope in Rome. This tends to be glossed over these days almost as if the Celtic Church was proto-protestant or schismatic. However, when one sees the Latin inscriptions carved into Celtic crosses and the beautifully illuminated Celtic Bibles all written in Latin, it makes you understand the strength of the loyalty Celtic Catholics had for Rome.

St Gildas (Still from series)
EWTN is the biggest religious broadcasting channel in the world; it has an audience of 150 million. I urge Catholics to get involved and support this channel. The world is full of secular channels which unashamedly push and promote their nefarious agendas; we must pray for them, and at the same time support our own. I would never encourage anyone to get a TV live just to watch EWTN because you would need to pay a licence fee which will fund the very channels that are doing so much damage.
            The first episode of Wales the Golden Thread of Faith goes out on EWTN tonight the 11th June at 9pm in the UK. This chronicles from Roman time to the age of Saints. The second episode will be broadcast on 12th June and covers the thousand year span from the Age of Saints to the Reformation.  The final episode, from the Reformation to the present day, will be on Thursday 13th, all at 9pm. EWTN goes out on Sky channel 589 & 0147 or you can watch it by live streaming at  Apologies yesterday I got the dates wrong.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Evolution of Morality

The Evolution of Morality versus the Gospel

Anglican bishop of Salisbury
Rt Rev Nicholas Holtam
photo copyright The Telegraph
It is difficult these days to speak out for the truth on homosexual acts; the media and the extremely active homosexual lobby have conditioned the majority of people into accepting what is ultimately a very dangerous life-style. Even to the point that to challenge the homosexual life-style is deemed to be very wrong, hurtful and homophobic. But we must never lose sight of the fact that homosexual acts are against natural law and are expressly forbidden by the Church and the Bible; and as we pointed out in last week’s blog very dangerous to those who indulge in these acts.

It is strange therefore that many Protestant sects and even those who are considered part of the mainstream Established Churches are now making provisions for practising homosexuals. It is so difficult to put this Genie back in the bottle, with the Church of Scotland allowing Gay ministers and also many in the Church of England wanting Gay marriages to take place in Churches. The recent statements from the Anglican bishop of Salisbury compared the opponents of  Gay Marriage to slave owners; how he worked that one out is a bit peculiar to say the least. Here is a quote from the Telegraph with a link to his letter:

“This week the Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury, wrote a letter that was published in this newspaper [The Telegraph] why  gay marriage is a good and Christian thing. His argument is that theology evolves along with society, that “sometimes Christians have … to rethink the priorities of the Gospel in the light of experience.” As proof of the evolution of morality he cites the example of slavery: “before Wilberforce, Christians saw slavery as Biblical and part of the God-given ordering of creation”. As pointed out by Tim Stanley in his Telegraph blog of June 6th, this is an error of historical understanding, - slavery was condemned by at least four Popes, long before Wilberforce’s day.

It seems very odd indeed that many Protestant sects which proclaim their authority comes directly from the Bible seem to be ignoring many of its teachings. Perhaps one day they will cease to have their beliefs based on anything scriptural at all, and may become different religions entirely. The reasons why this is happening is, of course, (firstly) the media and especially secular TV with its constant depiction of the human state as nothing more than multi-sexual orientated; and (secondly) that these sects have cut themselves off from the one true Church. Even here we are not completely immune from the ravages of the pro-Gay secular media; - the so called Soho Masses are an example of this. We therefore urge all Catholics, especially the hierarchy, to keep their eyes on the Gospel and not on the TV.

Is there something in the water at the BBC?
There are now more that 152 allegations of child abuse made against 81 BBC employees at the BBC. Half of these still work there. And the BBC has ordered their employees not to talk to the media. Does this smack of a cover-up on a monumental scale? This is the organisation that brings in members of Stonewall as moral pundits for their radio phone-ins.  Some of Stonewall’s members are campaigning to have the age of consent lowered especially for homosexual acts. This is the organisation that has a partnership with the IPPF. This is the organisation that gets its money for free!