Friday, 26 March 2021

German church gangsters to try and change Church teaching


Same-Sex Unions endgame is now upon

the Church

A Same-Sex Image from Limburg diocese, Germany, Website

We are now in a desperate situation, bishops and priests throughout the world and especially in Germany and Austria are dissenting from Church teachings on homosexuality in a big way. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has responded to a question "Does the Church have the power to give a blessing to unions of persons of the same sex?". It replied in the Negative. The CDF noted that marriage between a man and a woman is a sacrament and therefore blessings cannot be extended to same-sex couples. "For this reason, it is not licit to impart a blessing on relationships, or partnerships, even stable, that involve sexual activity outside of marriage (i.e., outside the indissoluble union of a man and a woman open in itself to the transmission of life), as is the case of the unions between persons of the same sex,"

            Now it is only true and right for the Church to say this, and why it needed to state this again after all the documents released on this subject, along with the Church’s long history of teachings and Sacred Scripture itself shows us that the nefarious left/liberals are on the rise. Therefore enormous pressure is being put on the Church to change her teachings, even more now after the CDF response than before; it is almost as if it has become a catalyst for the same-sex unions endgame and the Church may lose her way here if she's not careful.

            Bishops and hundreds of noisy priests are expressing their anger at the Vatican and are saying they will do the blessings anyway. Will they be censured for their dissent? - no, I very much doubt it! They will get away with it even more because the secular media will back them up and people will be influenced to express their dissent as well. Celebrities like Elton John (the anti-saints of our day) have joined in this demonic cacophony of hate towards truth and decency and the Church will not know what to do.

            The German bishops are once again leading the way of dissent and have made it clear that they will do what they want, using the so called "Synodal Way" in a fraudulent fashion to do this. Over a third of German Catholics say they will leave the Church - not because of their Church not being liberal enough but because of the clerical child abuse. And as we know over 80% of child abuse by clergy is of a homosexual nature. It is exasperating that the very group, community, or whatever you want to call them, Gay, Homosexual, LGBT, carry out most of the abuse and yet these are the people the Church is trying to appease - and it's all because they have the secular media in their pocket.

Evil advances when good men do nothing. So what can be done?  We must do what we can and hope that others do the same.


            We therefore call a prayer Crusade to help protect Holy Mother Church from bad bishops, priests, and laity who want to change the Church's teaching on Same-Sex Unions and homosexuality.


Please write a letter to Pope Francis in support of the CDF statement on same-sex unions - copy in the CDF and the president of the German bishops’ conference, Limburg Bishop George Batzing. Be respectful but unwavering in your support of the Church and Bible teachings on homosexuality.  Addresses:

·         His Holiness Pope Francis, 001200 Vatican City

·         Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, Prefect of the Congregation for the doctrine of the Faith, Palace of the Holy Office, Rome, Italy.

·         Limburg Bishop George Batzing, RoƟmarkt 4, 65549 Limburg, Germany


Thursday, 25 March 2021

Vaccine passports


Say no to vaccine passports

If you are not in favour of Vaccine passports please sign the below petition.

“Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports”.

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Is she really 007 lol!

 Well done Meghan Markle!

She's got rid of Piers Morgan

How boring. I didn't really want to comment on this: Harry and Meghan on Oprah Winfrey show's diss the Royal Family. How could you just sit there Harry and listen to your family being called racist, -  man or mouse? Poor Harry as Trump implied when asked about Meghan. This hideous Oprah Winfrey show is a worth series of blog posts in its own right! Full of whining celebrities talking about how badly the world is treating them and at the same time doing their bit to destroy civilisation.

Unbelievably, more than all the troubles in the world, the story of this soap opera of the interview has dominated world news more than Biden re-invigorating the war in the Middle East or Covid itself!

However, perhaps something good did come from it. Piers Morgan (heretic Catholic and Good Morning Britain host) walked off his show after being cornered for supporting the Royal family against Meghan's assertions, by his weather man (you can't make this up).

So keep it up Meghan. Perhaps you are really the Queen's secret agent assigned to get rid of worthless Woke, left/liberal, politically correct civilisation destroyers, although I doubt it your probably one of them. But if you are then who do you turn your guns on next, Oprah Winfrey herself?  Except I doubt it, and Morgan will probably turn up somewhere where he can do even more harm.

by Prayer Crusader St Philomena

Friday, 12 March 2021

Woke media hates traditional black Catholics


The Wrong sort of Black People

Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas 

There is a new kind of white supremacists emerging, although they are not actually white. They are in fact black conservative Catholics. However, as far as the modern secular media (both main stream and social media) is concerned, they are not the right sort of black people. What a terrible dilemma for them, that one of America's Supreme Court judges is actually a black conservative Catholic who actually talks about his faith and up holds traditional Catholic moral values. In addition, the founder of one of the most feisty pro-life internet sites, Life Site News, is black. However, both Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas and Life Site founder John Henry Westen's programmes or documentaries have been victims of what has become known as Cancel Culture.

Life Site founder John Henry Westen

            Amazon Prime recently dropped the documentary on Judge Thomas, called Created Equal and You Tube keep censoring Life Site. Therefore, when it comes to real "diversity" these social media platforms have their prejudices. What they want and expect is that all black and colour people follow the left/liberal social justice "Woke" agenda, therefore being pro-LGBT, abortion, must only talk of the world in terms of black oppression and they must not believe in Christianity; or if they are Catholic must not profess the full Catholic faith (unlike Biden's crowd of post-Catholic gangsters).

             Will the Woke agenda soon be labelling these faithful black Catholics, as white supremacists?

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Homosexual eggs


Cadbury's Creme Eggs

And the scum of the Earth

Every Lent (or rather I should say spring) Cadbury's launch a Creme Egg campaign and up the production of these sickly sweet confectionery eggs. And children expect to be allowed extra treats as these early Easter eggs are everywhere.  Every Cadbury Creme Egg campaign includes TV commercials and this year is no exception ... except that Cadbury's and their advertisers have chosen to go down the homosexual route during this advert which goes out of its way to be inclusive which of course means that if you say anything about the homosexual element in the advert you are also a racist!

            The advert goes through various scenes of people of all races eating these eggs in an obsessive way and ends with two men swinging each other around in a garden only to finish with a creme egg between the mouths of the two men. If it isn’t bad enough that these eggs are mainly eaten by children, who will be one of the main demographics for this advert, this is a blatant example of homosexual grooming. However there have been over 70,000 complaints about the two men eating the Cadbury's Creme Egg. Of course the so called LGBT community love it.


Haters: that word again, used to shut anyone up who tries to protect children from the influence of the homosexual lobby.  MSM news has this to say about people who have protested - "despite the advert attracting a slew of haters, most were delighted to see Cadbury cast two men in the commercial."

            Yes, I do hate this sin; I do not mind who reads this blog, but I love the sinner so in order to love and save the sinner no matter what they hurl at you, you must hold firm.

            The so call "star" of the Apprentice, Ryan-Mark Parsons, says of those who complained that we are the "Scum of the earth" - scum of the earth! If this is not hate speech then I don't know what is - oh I see, it’s ok when you say it Ryan!

Let's boycott Cadbury's this Easter, also because of their support of halal slaughter of animals.

To sign the petition against this advert click here (the petition is now at 70,000).

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Defund Amazon

 Amazon's great gift to China


Amazon, the e-shopping giant, has been a great boon to the Chinese; no worries about sweat-shops, child labour and China's human rights issues here. For as President Biden has recently said when questioned about the concentration camps and the crack downs on Christian minorities and others "It's all down to cultural differences". Well that's alright then! The imprisonment and murder of dissidents is just a cultural thing and we shouldn’t really be worried about it. So it’s ok to go on buying everything from China, no matter their human rights issues and extremely bad treatment of animals and the environment. Not surprising that this worldwide pandemic Coronavirus, or Chinese flu as some people call it, started in China.

            Amazon, although it has been a favourite for the Chinese to sell their goods to the rest of the world, are unable to sell in China itself. The Chinese prefer their own e-commerce companies - expect them to start selling in the West soon too?

            Amazon who recently deplatformed Parler (the free speech micro-blogger) because those with conservative moral views etc., were fleeing to it in the wake of so many being deplatformed by twitter, and twitter and the other Big tech companies do not want conservative alternatives, therefore under the guise of stopping hate speech they got rid of Trump and others who then went to Parler and hundreds of thousands followed him.

            Amazon are the sellers of Chinese goods. You can't find much, particularly in the electronic field, that's not been made in China; no wonder President Trump tried so hard to restrict China. Biden and his son Hunter have received billions from China for easing their way into the USA markets over the years. We know in this time of the Corona virus people are staying at home and shopping on the internet more, however perhaps people should give e-bay a go, you can find plenty of British, European and American manufactured goods at very reasonable prices there.

Friday, 19 February 2021

OAPs refuse TV licence fee


Almost a Million Old Age Pensioners refuse to pay the TV Licence.

It has sometimes been said that during any contemporary argument about politics or cultural issues the dispute descends downwards in ever decreasing circles until one side calls the other a bunch of Nazis. The tactic of the Main Stream Media has been to do this and if they can't win an argument on these social issues label every conservative and anyone who does not accept the modern liberal narrative a Fascist or even worse a Nazi.  However, the people who have lived through the Nazi era know what real Nazis are like, and are starting to rebel against this narrative. So when they start seeing people called such for having conservative or traditional values they turn off - literally.

            The government last summer decided that old age pensioners need to pay the TV licence fee again. However, there is a major rebellion going on with a million OAPs refusing to pay.  This will cost the BBC £118 million this year. And they are refusing to pay on principle. One OAP, Keith Abendroth, 78, told The Sunday Mirror

" You’ve got two weeks in prison’ I could quite easily go to jail and watch TV for nothing. That’s the ludicrous thing – and I’d get three meals a day. It’s a ridiculous payment. The BBC should find another way of raising funds, as ITV and every other channel do. It was introduced as a benefit for OAPs, and we don’t get many these days. It’s time somebody stood up to the BBC."

 We say well done Mr Abendroth and others who refuse to pay, and while we do not encourage anyone to break the law, at CUT we say this is perfectly understandable. Of course we believe that the TV itself is biased, at best a waste of time, and at worst an occasion of sin. We say to all old age pensioners, life starts when you give up the TV. Don't watch this biased rubbish anyway; then there is no need to go to prison for failure to pay this very wrong tax.

Prayer Crusader St Philomena