Thursday, 25 July 2013


Huge pay-offs for bosses are wrecking confidence in the BBC, says Cameron
  • Annual accounts released yesterday reveal the corporation handed its top directors £4.1million in 12 months
  • Cost of the executive board rose by 63 per cent, boosted by golden goodbyes of nearly £1.5million
By Alasdair Glennie and Paul Bentley
PUBLISHED: 02:06, 17 July 2013 | UPDATED: 08:35, 17 July 2013

Huge pay-offs to senior bosses have jeopardised public support for the BBC, David Cameron warned last night.
Annual accounts released yesterday reveal the corporation handed its top directors £4.1million in 12 months. The cost of the executive board rose by 63 per cent, boosted by golden goodbyes of nearly £1.5million.

CUT – Are we missing something here? Shouldn’t the pay-outs be going to the children damaged and abused by BBC employees instead lacklustre but well paid managers and others at the BBC who failed to put into operation an effective Safeguarding structure for children who were on BBC premises? One good thing about the pay-offs though, this money is not being used to make dreadful pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and anti-Catholic programmes.

BBC ‘put public trust at risk’ with size of redundancy payouts to top execs
Gavriel Hollandar Press Gazette 01/07/2013
The BBC's redundancy payouts have been called "deeply worrying" after a Government watchdog found it spent £25 million on handouts to senior managers over the last three years.
CUT – It’s the sheer scale of the money being paid out to the top BBC executives that is exasperating. That these people who have managed the de-Christianization of Britain along with the promotion of every vice under the sun should get such enormous amounts of money is truly galling. So we suppose they will take their money bags and go and sit by their pools; at least they can’t do any further damage there. But don’t expect the new crop of managers at the BBC to be any better.

 Savile fallout has damaged trust in BBC, Patten admits

Ben Webster Media Editor

Published at 12:01AM, July 17 2013
Public confidence in the quality and independence of BBC journalism has fallen to its lowest level for seven years after the Jimmy Savile scandal, according to a BBC Trust surveyRead more:
CUT – The Savile case has just confirmed for many Catholics the corrupt state of the BBC. The size of the pay-offs to the managers is just another manifestation of this appalling situation.

The pay-offs must end

The Daily Telegraph 3 April 2013

The BBC should not dole out large sums that apparently reward both success and failure. Lord Hall of Birkenhead has made a good start in his new role as director-general of the BBC by criticising the culture of pay-offs. The generosity that the BBC shows with licence fee payers’ money is astonishing. Lord Hall’s predecessor, George Entwistle, walked away with £450,000 after just 54 days on the job, and Caroline Thomson, the former chief operating officer, received £670,000 when she stepped down in 2012. Incredibly, there has been speculation that Mrs Thomson’s sum was “compensation” for failing to get a promotion Read more


CUT – Does anyone know when Caroline Thomson got her £670,000 pay-off? Was it before she blew the lid off the sexual gymnastics going on at the Beeb or was it after?

The BBC is not alone in losing public trust
Peter Kellner The Guardian  13 November 2013
While the BBC's reputation has tumbled after recent scandals, the problem of trust in our institutions extends far wider. On public trust, the BBC still beats ITV and journalists on upmarket papers narrowly – and party politicians and officials in Whitehall by a mile. Read more

CUT – This was published soon after the Jimmy Savile and other scandals were discovered.... well, the Guardian does get a lot of its revenue from the BBC. They are right, though; we would add the Guardian to the list of media outlets with poor public trust. However, perhaps the Guardian is right and the whole of secular broadcast TV is rotten to the core, - see below:

Why Channel 4's plan to air the daily Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan is a divisive and cynical stunt
By A. N. Wilson
PUBLISHED: 23:19, 2 July 2013 | UPDATED: 11:50, 3 July 2013
Channel 4 is well known for gimmickry. Its latest trick is to have a month-long daily broadcast of the Muslim call to prayer. 

Does this cheer you up? Does it make you think what a happy, tolerant, multi-cultural society Britain has become? Or does Channel 4’s move nauseate you, as it does me? Does it make you think thatnew depths of bad taste have been plumbed? Read more

Channel 4 to 'provoke' viewers who associate Islam with terrorism with live call to prayer during Ramadan
The broadcaster will provide extensive coverage of the Muslim period of prayer to challenge those who associate the religion with extremism and terror. Channel 4 has said it will broadcast the Muslim call to prayer live every morning during Ramadan as a deliberate act of “provocation” aimed at viewers who associate Islam with terrorism and extremism. Read more

CUT - Channel 4 being provocative and using religion to do so, is simply wrong. Channel 4 are a sub-set of the BBC mentality, at one moment using porn to gain publicity, the next bashing Catholics, then broadcasting the Muslim call to prayer.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The BBC don't let the truth get in the way of a good story

The media’s use of expertise
The editor of “The Psychologist” (journal of the British Psychological Society) recently reviewed two BBC 1 programmes. One of the programmes concerned memory, while the other was about people who hoard things compulsively. “The Psychologist” is written for, and read by, professional psychologists. The review appears in the June edition of the journal.
BBC One logo - from Wikipedia
The reviewer notes that a number of eminent psychologists, experts in their own field, had been invited to contribute to each of the programmes, and had in fact done so, although in many cases their contributions were not used in the completed programmes. He notes further that “there was enough material to make a really decent standalone documentary about memory” but that nearly all of it had been discarded in favour of the programme makers’ preference for “a good story”. The reviewer asks: “Are psychologists aboard for the ride, or simply being taken for one?” One of the psychologists involved is quoted as saying: “You don’t know what you’re getting into. They’re just making a television programme, it’s just whatever fits”.    
A letter in the July edition of “The Psychologist” responds to this review. The writer explains that he has made several radio and TV appearances, and warns that “the media always have an agenda! Whether dealing with a director, producer or journalist, they will have already decided what direction they want the programme to go in, what they want from you, and how they want to present you, the contributor... As the producers of the programme have the editorial control, their agenda will always take prominence”.
To be fair, the letter-writer goes on to say that programme makers are usually prepared to disclose and even discuss their agenda, if asked; and suggests that any expert psychologist invited to appear on television should make a point of doing just that, and refuse involvement if it seems that his or her contribution is going to be distorted or discarded, or indeed if the programme itself is likely to involve unethical activity of any sort.
The message to be extracted from all this by viewers and listeners is: suspect bias in all documentaries. You are not seeing what the experts, enthusiastic about their own subject, would like to pass on to you; you are seeing a patchwork of pictures and comments, each taken out of the context in which it belongs, and designed to make you feel complacent, or comfortably superior, or self-righteously indignant, or simply amused, - anything just so long as you will switch on again for the next documentary programme and boost the viewing figures.    
By prayer crusader under the patronage of St. Teresa of Avila.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

14th Prayer Crusade against abortion in Ireland

Irish Government voting on Abortion

14th Prayer Crusade that they will vote against this evil

The Irish coat of arms - a symbol
life and peace has been subverted
by the BBC and RTE
Please see below a plea from the co-founder of CUT. It is likely that the Irish government will vote in favour of abortion, don’t be fooled by the technicalities of the argument, there is only one thing those in favour of this bill want which is total and full abortion like we have in the UK. We are calling Prayer Crusade No 14 for the unborn of Ireland and that the pro-abortionists will be defeated , please remember the Dail during your prayers. Ireland has held out so long against the evil of abortion which has been relentlessly promoted by the media especially the broadcast pollution which has spilled out from the BBC into Ireland. RTE, many of its employees have been educated at the protestant/secular (same thing) Trinity College Dublin have been tacit in their promotion of abortion please pray for these people as well. Here is what our Irish Prayer Crusader co-founder has to say:

Greetings, This evening the Irish govt is voting on the abortion bill. It seems set to go through barring a miracle. I believe in miracles. could you please keep this urgent situation in your prayers. Could you ask others to do the same. You may be able to follow proceedings on oireachtas TV. many of us did a vigil outside the Dail last night 350 approx. there were TV cameras there. Aljazeera were doing interviews you might see it on their station. Doing a protest tonight as the voting go on.

God bless

Prayer Crusader, St Rita

Thursday, 4 July 2013


The Götterdämmerung of our society
Stupidity the companion of evil so deftly promoted by the media will ultimately lead to the destruction of Western Society

Many times have I wrestled with the thought that evil is accompanied or a close companion of stupidity. If one for instance take the tactics and policies of the so-called liberal elite that have controlled the affairs of this country for half a century they show a marked stupidity. They have endeavoured by every foul means to undermine those things that keep society together and make for people to have more harmonious lives.

Brünnhilde throws herself on the flames
by Athur Rackhm – Wikipedia.

Göttedämmerung (The Twilight of the Gods)
 by Richard Wagner observes that if the gods
 do not live by their own standards they
will die
 Firstly the traditional marriage and family has been under continued attack ranging from ridiculously lax divorce laws to using the media to show that people could dispense with marriage and live together. The final blow has come to marriage with the promotion of same sex marriage. Then creating education factories teaching “progressive” subjects that corrupt all moral values that parents tried to implant in their children. The media via the Tabloids, TV and film continued to show that moral values whether sexual or otherwise were totally obsolete in a modern society. The progressives fought hard against any censorship in terms of allowing every sexual perversion and violent actions to be shown on film or TV. They have also been proud of their successful attack on religion namely the Christian one. Their first action were to gradually remove Christian teaching from schools and the broadcasting media. Then they made it a target for continued ridicule. Finally they now portray all serious Christians either as people with mental health issues or paedophiles or both. A few liberal clergy are allowed voice as long as they tow the party line that means they support all types of sexual behaviour and no longer need to adhere to biblical teaching. Then we have had the latest weapon in the hands of the liberal elite, political correctness and equality. These two elements now established in the law of the land have been made to exclusively silence any opposition to the policies of this liberal elite. Anyone even criticising their concepts becomes automatically an enemy of the people. Stalin would have been proud of their silencing job.

However going back to the beginning of this article we come back to stupidity. Don’t this ruling elite realise their policy will lead to two possible conclusions. One that society turns into chaos and total anarchy prevails, or some extremists possible non Christian religious fundamentalist takes over. In any event the so-called liberal elite will lose control and in turn be destroyed. There will be no time for equality in a barbarous society. Nor will either eventuality tolerate their progressive ideas . Medieval standards of behaviour will prevail without the compensation of the then Christian church that through it’s compassion ameliorated some of the nastiness of those times in monasteries who provided hospitals and care for the dispossessed. [Yes many believe it was the Church led by the monasteries that civilised society and led to the great cultural and scientific advancements of Western Society... Ed.]

I wonder whether our rulers have such a degree of self-hatred that subconsciously they want to be destroyed and take every one else with them. Or perhaps like Hitler in his bunker when they realise their dreams of a utopia have failed they will blame the masses and in turn will be happy at the destruction of society even if it means their own destruction.

It won’t be long before we see the Gotterdammerung of our society burning on the pyre of progressive believes. Will we hear the cries of anguish from our rulers or instead perhaps more appropriate an ecstatic almost sexual expression on their faces as they are engulfed in the death throes of Western civilisation of which they have contributed so much to. Satan will have the last laugh with the lost souls those leaders of modern Britain.