Friday, 27 June 2014

Children and the porn disaster

Image from the BBC Bitesize: Sex website
The Children and the on-line porn disaster
There is an appalling disaster happening and it involves internet porn and children. It is seriously affecting how children grow up. Some are becoming addicted to porn at the age of about 10 and by the time they are in their late teens only counselling can wean them off it.
Of course the media will say we are just being prudish and what is needed is more and better sex education. This is of course rubbish the only thing sex education will do is to further the process of the sexualisation of children and make all forms of sex seem legitimate their eyes. The sex educators know this and this is why they will come out with all the clichés about freedom, and that we are sexually repressed, that they are simply making children aware so that they can avoid sexually transmitted diseases etc. This is nonsense and the soaring rates of sexuality transmitted diseases, pregnancies and abortions show us how wrong the sex-educators are.
The Lesbianisation of young girls
Recently I saw some school children waiting to be allowed into a ancient monument it was a school trip I was waiting as well when in front of me a couple of girls about 13 years of age started to hold each other in a bit too friendly way for just being friends. I was disturbed at this and looked away. I then thought to myself no you can’t be right these are children it’s just ordinary friendship between two girls. So I had another furtive glance just to prove myself wrong but they saw me started to giggled and seemed begin to neck. They appeared to making a show of it I immediately turned my back on them I was with utterly shocked.
Why are so many girls becoming Lesbians? There are several reasons for this according to Psychology Today (3 April 2010), sometimes it starts with girls kissing each other at parties because boys like to see it – they hoot and holler and the girls like to attract attention. But why do teenage boys like to see such a vile display – because they have seen it on porn web sites (and much more) girl on girl porn is a major part of porn output. Girls are also getting more interested in porn. According to the Psychology Today report when girls kiss each other they can change their sexuality, they can - in other words become corrupted. And porn and sex education is at the root of this problem.
Boys too can become homosexualised, the case of the 10 year old boy who raped a classmate  in the school toilets after watching homosexual porn shows us how the young mind can be totality affected by porn. And there are cases where boys have raped their younger sisters after watching on-line porn.
Porn is evil and it is everywhere
Porn in some form is everywhere from young women in alluring lingerie on public billboards, newspapers and magazines, to pre-watershed same-sex kissing in soaps on the main stream TV channels to the hard core porn of the internet and porn TV channels and last but not least sex education in schools. Anyone who suggests that non-parent sex education is preparing children for adolescent is talking rubbish and they are under the influence of evil.  Porn and the promotion of porn can be very subtle on the radio but no less effective, especially if it’s the BBC
BBC sex pundits give nefarious info of how to deal with the porn
Although porn is usually viewed via a computer, BBC pundits on the radio do almost as much harm by suggesting that children need sex education at an early age. People on phone-ins make suggestions that all forms of sex need to be covered but these are usually people with an agenda. Therefore, they are actually condoning porn by supporting sex education which is the first step to the sexualisation and homo-sexualisation of children. The Radio and TV will give messages about porn that make children inquisitive. I recently heard a radio pundit say ‘one persons idea of porn is different to another’s’ - this is of course nonsense, porn is porn. Listening to the Radio can be pornographic in its own right. Then they will promote sex-education coming out with mouldy old chestnuts like ‘if you don’t teach children sex-ed they will not be prepared for the porn saturated world this is the ostrich approach’ - we say don’t listen to this is agenda driven nonsense. The real ostriches here are parents who leave sex-education to others because they are denying that there is a problem with porn and sex-education.
Protect your children – if you can
Protect your children if you really love them. These days it better to home educate Children protect them from the TV and Radio keep the computer in a high traffic area and do not let them on it if you are not present, do not let them have in on if you are not in the room. Be ready to explain thing from a Christian point of view if they are accidently exposed to porn. Teach your  children yourself about sex when you think they are ready do not put them in the hands of others you simply do not know what will happen. I know what some will say you can’t keep them raped up in cotton wool etc etc. Up until that last couple of decades or so ago I would have agreed but things have just become so bad. Don’t worry about what the secular world says – they are wrong.
I’m sorry if this post disturbs readers but there is a porn disaster happening and children are the victims; the main stream media and our politicians are doing very little about it in fact by promoting sex-education as a solution they are making the situation worse. The BBC of course are in partnership with the world’s largest abortion provider the IPPF on there BBC World Service website they proudly proclaim this fact.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Stolen Childhood pt.1

The Stolen Childhood (part 1)

Today most children in western society have all their needs, in material terms, met; and there is no longer malnutrition as there was in the past. Wrong nutrition probably continues. However they are suffering a new kind of deprivation, one that is part spiritual, part emotional and worst of all they are being gradually deprived of an actual childhood.
               A generation or two ago most children grew up with  “stay at home” mums and often within an extended family, so they were among people with strong emotional ties. Also before the age of the screen there was considerable interaction between members of the family and children. There would be nursery rhymes; songs and other activities the children could participate in with adults. Another fact: there were more children around so not only had they siblings to play with, but their neighbours’ pals. I am not saying it was totally idyllic; poverty and deprivation were often rampant and children’s health often poor. But on the positive side they were with people and other children within a community and a family. They also importantly learnt how to interact with others and develop emotional responses. Most importantly they learnt how to communicate and the ability at a very young age to react to people of greatly varying ages. The electronic age has seriously jeopardised these communication skills.
               Another important factor we have lost in our society is discipline. This is enormously important to children because it gave them a strong sense of security. Nowadays with the child centred philosophy in education and in the home there has been a decline in discipline. We of course don’t want to return to the harsh draconian implementation of discipline via corporal punishment or other unpleasant methods, but we do want to sanction unacceptable behaviour, which unfortunately is rife at home and in schools today. The chaos we find nowadays especially in schools is not only damaging to the child’s academic progress but also, more important, a child’s emotional development. Childhood has become more insecure which in turn will create more insecure adults.
               Today we find ourselves in a society where children have become the victims of adults because those adults themselves never developed during their childhood. This manifests itself in their selfishness and the constant urge for self-gratification in today’s parents. They also treat children often very much as a child treats a doll; it becomes a possession, something that is an extension of their own vanity. Then through a sense of guilt they make every attempt to compensate the child with a myriad of material possessions. They again fail to understand the child’s real needs, so the cycle continues.
Many of these problems would be considerably helped if there was a return to religion, namely Christianity. However destructive modern life is to a child, Christianity provides a solution. It will also allow our children to join a community with values. It will also be the antidote for the pressure poured out by every section of the media for a hedonistic and totally selfish lifestyle, which destroys children and their childhood. Such hedonism stops parents enjoying the actual joy of bringing up children!
               As a final thought we should stop forever using the TV or computer as an electronic baby sitter; we are losing the joy of interaction with our child and the child is being deprived.


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Militant Secularism

Militant Secularism - induced by the Main stream Media
Militant Secularism is in the news at the moment with both Ann Widdecombe and Archbishop George Gänswine, the Prefect of the Papal Household, commenting on it. Archbishop Gänswine disclosed that there have been 414 recent registered attacks on Christians and Christian institutions in Germany. Ann Widdecombe claimed it’s easier to be a Nazi or a Communist in post-war Britain than a Christian. She went on to say that militant secularism is affecting Christians so much in this country that many are hiding their faith. I heard the interview with Miss Widdecombe on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Stephen Nolan’s show when she made these claims, and I can confirm that she is absolutely right having personally experienced many times attacks for being a Catholic let alone a Christian. I then heard an incredulous Nolan repeatedly interrupt her with the word ‘Militant’. ‘Militant’ - all I can say to this is Mr Nolan yes and you’ve just given an example of this militancy, for you and other BBC presenters are such a prime example of the militant secularists that you can’t see our own nose in front of your face even when you look in a mirror.

Ann Widdecombe, who became a Catholic in 1993, said: "Christians now have quite a lot of problems, whether it's that you can't display even very discreet small symbols of your faith at work, that you can't say 'God bless you', you can't offer to pray for somebody; if it's an even bigger stance on conscience that you're taking, some of the equality laws can actually bring you to the attention of the police themselves.’ She is absolutely right, but she didn’t say why Christians are finding it so difficult these days; perhaps she was just being polite, unlike Mr. Nolan. I doubt if I would have been so restrained. It is the BBC that has caused so many problems for Christians and especially Catholics. They are in a position to do so much good and yet fail every time. There’s no freedom of conscience any more.  Even in World War II one could be a conscientious objector, - see this article: Allowing Conscientious Objections is the Hallmark of a Civilised Society It’s such a shame that so many of our brave soldiers died for these rights in two world wars only now to find we live in a politically correct dictatorship.

Miss Widdecombe went on to say "So I think it is a very difficult country now, unlike when I was growing up, in which to be a Christian, an active Christian at any rate."

"In the 1950s when plenty of people had lost lives and limbs and loved ones to the Nazis, it was still possible to be a Nazi in this country.

"When we were engaged in the height of the Cold War, when there were all those weapons lined up on the borders of the Warsaw Pact countries pointing straight at us, you could still, in this country, proclaim yourself as a Communist, you could still stand for Parliament for that matter as a Communist.

"You wouldn't get in but you could stand. You could sell the Morning Star on street corners.

"We have always respected, no matter how strongly we felt as a nation at the time, we've always respected the right of people to their own views and I do feel nowadays as a combination of political correctness and equality law and all the rest of it, we've started suppressing the expression of conscience."

Misreporting of the babies graves’ in Ireland for Militant Secular ends

The MSM continue to make it difficult for Catholics especially with the misreporting of babies’ graves in Ireland without really bothering to really find out the facts (as indeed the Irish media are).

"The Week" quotes reports from the Independent and from the Daily Mail, both very negative towards the mother and baby home in question, and from the Irish Independent, particularly negative towards the Church. It also quotes from Tim Stanley's "Telegraph" blog, more measured, and pointing out that "The Sisters of Bon Secours worked on a tiny government budget", and "were prepared to do something that the rest of the community would not - care, no matter how poorly, for unwanted children".

Why are the Irish press and TV so anti-Catholic? The simple answer is the secular media in all its forms are intrinsically evil. They will not engage in genuine investigative journalism when it comes to the Catholic Church on this matter or any other, they will misreport what happened and use this as another stick to beat the Church. One wild report said that the nuns were murdering babies this is of course ridiculous. The truth is now coming out all the deaths were registered and they took place over a long period of time. A time of poverty in Ireland when the people were close to starvation and people could not withstand sickness so well, there were also problems in Britain and many other parts of Europe we people going hungry.
Misreporting of the Savitra Halappanavar for Militant Secular ends

Another widely misreported piece of "information" - the cause of death of Savitra Halappanavar in Ireland. Although the official inquiry into her death confirmed that she died of septicemia and that an abortion would not have saved her life, it has been very widely reported that she died because the staff of the hospital in Ireland wouldn't perform an abortion.

The hospital was indeed at fault, for failing to recognise that she had septicemia and consequently failing to treat her for it, but not for refusing to abort her. And largely on the basis of this case, the law in Ireland has now been changed to allow abortion where the mother's life is deemed to be at risk, - including from suicide, and doesn't that open wide a door to abortion on demand.

Appearances on Slovak Catholic TV Lux

Whilst I was over in Slovakia recently to help with the post-production of EWTN-Lux’s latest documentary I was also able to give CUT and the Crusade of Prayer a plug on Slovak Catholic TV. People were surprised to hear I do not have a TV, so I was able to explain why and give examples of documentaries that have attacked the Church caused problems for Catholics. Slovakia still has a vibrant Catholic faith with queues for the confessional stretching around the church even on a week day. So I said, as much as I love my country I suggested that they should not look to Western Europe and Britain for cultural leads.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Media Texts

Spotting and Understanding Media Texts

Jaws logo and poster

First of all, what is a Media Text? A Media Text is not specifically a written column in a Newspaper although this can contain Media Texts. The standard way to explain a Media Text is that it is any constructed media product or piece of communication, whether audiovisual, TV film, social media, music or the printed word, which can be studied. Let’s take for example the 70s film Jaws and analyse what it is really about. This film, based on a book by Peter Benchley, was an allegory of post Vietnam and post Watergate America. The film’s director Steven Spielberg brought in a screenwriter to make the characters more acceptable to Hollywood.
As an allegory the film works thus. The fictional holiday resort Island Amity represents America. Its name is a play on friendship and America. It is being menaced by a man-eating Great White shark which represents communism. The town’s authorities, who try and cover up the problem, are weak and inept: they represent the post-Vietnam and post-Watergate American government. There are further deaths and the town is traumatized; the tourist industry, the life blood of the town, is threatened. It is left to the true spirit of American citizens and free enterprise to deal with the problem. These are represented by a lone police officer, a marine biologist and an old seaman turned shark hunter, who set out alone and eventually kill the shark after a dramatic battle with it.
This is a very short analysis of the main themes of Jaws as a media text. Suffice to say that there are elements of Jaws that are incompatible with Christian viewing such as nudity and gory violence.
There are, I believe, other forms of media text; these are flows of information and ideas that are generated by the media in a social engineering context. One is the term and idea of ‘homophobia’ and ‘homophobic bullying’. All forms of bullying are wrong, of course, and are unacceptable. I am using the term homophobia as a false media or media-promoted text as it is much in the news. But what is homophobia? It is of course a nonsense term and the use of homophobia or homophobic against anyone is a media text designed to bully anyone who suggests that homosexual acts are wrong, and intrinsically disordered, into accepting same-sex attraction as normal. The media has worked hard to make people accept the unnatural as normal.
The same cannot be said of the BBC’s treatment of race. Sadly, racism still exists in many sections of society. There is a telling lack of black and ethnic minorities at the BBC, for example, with the black comedian Lenny Henry vowing recently to lead a campaign for greater racial diversity on British television. There are still large areas of society where racism is acceptable, whereas perceived homophobia is unacceptable. It is extraordinary that something as natural as the colour of a man’s skin can be unacceptable while something as unnatural as homosexual acts is deemed acceptable. The problem here is that racism has not had the same amount of media attention as homosexuality; it has not become a media text. I do not think this strange dichotomy is what our service men and women fought for during WWII.