Sunday, 18 January 2015

Young women reject western values and become Muslims

Why are conversions to Islam increasing in the West – especially after Muslim atrocities?

It is generally well known that conversions to Islam in the West are increasing; this is alarming the West’s ultra liberal media. There is an enormous growth of conversions to Islam especially among women. There are now about 100,000 Britons who have now become Muslim and the average convert is, according to the Daily Mail, a 27 year old white woman.

I was very surprised to hear on the BBC Radio 5 three Muslims being interviewed their reasons why so many westerners are converting to Islam. Again the BBC journalist was very charitable towards them, typical BBC I thought , - if they were Catholics the interview would be in a completely different tone. The conversation got on to the recent attacks and the depictions of Muhammad. At this point one of the three British Muslims being interviewed smugly pointed out that since the Charlie Hebdo attacks inquires to Mosques have increased. He claimed they were from intelligent well educated English people. In fact he went on to say that there have always been enormous increases in conversions to Islam in the West after each terrorist attack. He went on to list 9/11, the other bombings and attacks in Western Europe over the last few years.

So what’s going on? Catholics and the Christian ecclesial communities in Britain do their best to accommodate media-influenced secular values, and people leave their Churches in droves. Catholics had the Soho ‘Gay’ Mass and other nods to secularism, and people leave. Anglicans accept birth control, abortion, women vicars, and now women bishops, and people - especially the young - leave, but they still search for something to give a meaning to their lives. Many are turning to Islam because it rejects the decadence of the West. Is Catholicism missing the boat here? Surly it is to us these desperate refugees from decadence should be turning?

 Could it be that despite the atrocities, Islam is attracting Westerners especially the young because they are faithful to the teachings of their religion?

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  1. People want a religion that does not dilute its teaching on popular demand as so many Christian churches do . The so -called liberal wing of the catholic church has done immense damage to those trying to evangelise . People need certainty not wishy washy platitudes that so often emanate from clergy today.