Friday, 21 October 2016

The Main Stream Media as Satan's mouthpiece

New "Black Legends"

The traditional family as a new Black Legend

Over 200,000 French people marched in Paris last weekend for the family and against same sex marriage. There appears to be a very large and genuine family movement that is fast growing in France with "Manif pour tous" organisation leading the way. However, there is very little or no media coverage of these events; the police even down play the numbers, - and even sometimes resort to violence against the peaceful families that take part. There is of course no publicity for these groups in the UK, just the continued drip drip of the daily media support for anything homosexual or gender change related.
image from Regina Magazine

As Sr. Lucia of Fatima said - The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about Marriage and the Family.
image from Regina Magazine

The Inquisition Black Legend

EWTN "The Inquisition" mini-series will now be broadcast in Britain on the 27th and 28th of October at 9:30 by St Clare Media – EWTN,  and in the USA by EWTN on the 26th and 29th at 9:30 eastern time. There are sequences on how the media of all ages work to create "Black Legends" and especially in episode 4, "The Myth of the Inquisition". The whole of episode 4 is dedicated to how the media at various times and ages create various forms of "Black Legend".  The Inquisition is just one of the biggest Black Legends, and one that achieves perhaps the greatest degree of misrepresentation. There are new Black Legends created all the time.  There is also an interview on my work in the on line Regina Magazine; it is called "Militant Catholic Film-Maker" where CUT and the Prayer Crusade are discussed. See Regina Magazine

The Trump Black Legend

Donald Trump appears to be the best of a bad lot; however, he will defund Planned Parenthood (who have a partnership with the BBC World Service). It is very unlikely he will become president with all the media lined up against him.

The Russia Black Legend

 Also at the moment the Western Media is creating a new Black Legend directed at Russia. Russia and the Syrian Government are trying to liberate Aleppo; there are civilian causalities, and the media are crying atrocities. On the other hand, Iraqi Government forces with British, American and other Western support are trying to liberate Mosul and we are being told that ISIS are using human shields. The situation is just the same in both these cities, it is tragic for the civilians in both. But the western media is treating these attacks differently, calling the Russian attack one of war crimes, but in Mosul they explain civilian casualties by saying ISIS are using the population to hide behind.

So why is Russia being targeted this way by the western press and their governments? I believe there are several factors here. Firstly, what's upsetting the liberal Western Press as regards Russia is her banning of Gay Marches, her refusal to be a part of gender ideology. Secondly, the Western Governments want easier access to Saudi oil (via new pipelines) and Syria stands in the way. Note the hypocrisy of the West in regard to Saudi Arabia with its anti-woman, anti-"Gay", anti-Christian stance, and with its funding of many terror groups.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

The feast of St Michael the Archangel 2016



I was abroad recently and in my hotel I tuned in the TV to BBC News. Partly to see what none news and bias reporting I could find. I wasn't let down within a few minutes a BBC "journalist" was attacking the German politician who said that Europe should guard its Christian heritage. The expert browbeating and harassing of anything or anyone Christian by the BBC was all to evident. They not only have a Muslim as head of religious broadcasting calling for an end to Christian dominance in their religious output, but will not condemn ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East.

Islam is not peaceful.

Islam is not tolerant.


And so is the BBC.

So please on the feast of St Michal the Archangel call upon him to protect Christians in the media.

Tonight and for the next year please say the Prayer Crusader's prayer and a Rosary to stop the Islamification of the BBC.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Gnostics and "Gays" now rule the UK

Britain the New "Gay" Gulag

and there is no way out.

Gnostics now rule
with their pro-Gay
culture of death
Once, there was only homosexual men. Now there are four more categories, and each had to fight their way out, the stage was set via the media. And yet everything we think we know about gender politics in the theatre is a lie. My daughter tunnelled her way out of the concentration camp which is philosophy at Sussex to become stage manager at a nationally known theatre. Most people are straight (couldn't find that word in the dictionary I just got from smith's) full of new "family values". But they all fight, for their modern gender ideologies.

I should not mention family love songs on Radio Two on a Sunday morning and that anyone who thinks the revolting revolution is not here, needs a reality check. Don't listen too early, you might land in the middle of Balding. Clare Balding's show is radio's 2 attempt at religion. Lesbian Clare Belding's "Good Morning Sunday" is the BBC's version of a "spiritually and religiously inclined" programme.

A message this morning said Boris the Great wants the rainbow flag flying from every British embassy. it flies over Blackpool town hall, and over the whole of Backpool, but there is as not yet a triumphal arch (yoke), but the new Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes a little time to build a totalitarian state.

By Prayer Crusader - St Jane Frances De Chantal

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Evolution theory and the media - 1

The Emu's egg makes more sense

Why does anybody believe in the evolution myth? Yes, I do mean myth, and a rather implausible myth it is too. There are two reasons: a little intellectual sleight-of-hand – too quick to spot, just like all the best conjuring tricks – and a media environment in which the evolution story goes unchallenged, its flaws go unreported, and its opponents are given (to use the phrase of the moment) no platform.

The trick to which I refer is the use of the word 'evolution' to mean two precisely opposite processes, one of which really does happen and one which does not and cannot. Scientists use the separate terms micro-evolution and macro-evolution. The former is the evolution that really does happen in observable ways when the gene pool is narrowed deliberately, by chance or in response to environmental factors, to select certain characteristics; this results in the development of different species of the same basic kind of animal, and of breeds or sub-species. The latter, on the other hand, is what people generally mean when they say “evolution”; i.e. the emergence of one kind of animal from another when the gene pool magically increases itself, creating the substance from which the new life-form emerges not in the way wild canines or felines evolve into domestic dogs and cats, but in the way all creatures are alleged to have evolved from something very like pond slime.  All the scientific evidence discovered over the last eleven decades, beginning with the discovery of chromosomes, has indicated that macro-evolution is impossible – the chromosome means that if it were to happen, it would happen in a numerical fashion with creatures with one pair evolving into others with two and so on in accordance with some regular pattern (adding one, doubling and the Fibonacci sequence are common natural patterns)  rather than between creatures that have no similarities at the chromosomal level, however similar they might appear as babies. Species identity derives solely from the number of chromosomes, which cannot be imagined to jump up and down at random as creatures evolve from one thing into something else. As for appearances, if we went by looks we would have to say that the duck evolved into the otter or, perhaps, vice versa, because the platypus is very clearly halfway between the two.

The media environment is well known to us all. While it tolerates some aspects of religious practice, it does not tolerate serious, all-pervading faith as the basis on which we build and organise our lives.  The intellectual dishonesty I have described originates with atheistic scientists, but it is propagated outside the scientific establishment by unremitting disinformation in media that mock creationists and lionise evolutionists. In countries where creationists can broadcast and publish freely public opinion favours the truly logical and scientific option in preference to a myth that contradicts that simplest of Shakespearean dicta: Nothing will come of nothing. Even the myths of supposedly primitive peoples make more sense – Maoris have seen emus laying eggs, so to say that a great emu laid a cosmic egg is more reasonable than to imagine a cosmos popping into existence of its own accord. From such delusions, Good Lord, deliver us all. Amen. updated 5th October 2016 

By Prayer Crusader, St Phillip Howard

Thursday, 1 September 2016

BBC iPlayer and the new British flag

BBC iPlayer loophole Closed

All BBC iPlayer users are now required by law to have a TV licence, even if they don’t watch any live broadcasts. See

But remember: you do not need a TV licence to watch other TV channels as long as they're not live and just "On Demand" . In some ways this is good news for it protects the homes of many families from the BBC's culture of death, and pro-everything-homosexual ambience. There are many forms of child abuse at the BBC, not just homosexual DJs as we have recently found out; many forms child abuse are quite subtle and are broadcast daily. However, it will stop CUT from monitoring the BBC to a certain extent.

One of the BBC's great "success" stories is its pro-"Gay" policy, for it's resulted in the almost total acceptance of the homosexual perversion. We can see how far it's gone with British Embassies now able to fly the LGBT's flag around the world. This is the first foreign policy order of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, one of the leading "Brexiteers" and fanatical London Gay Pride supporter. Exporting to everyone? Perhaps we can now see what the new "free" Britain is all about! 

Is this our new flag?
Well it is to be flown at all British Embassies 
Here is a petition against this from Citizen Go

Friday, 12 August 2016

CUT press release on dismantling the BBC


Press release

A Clear Vision for the future of British Broadcasting

The Secretary of State says 'nobody's talking about dismantling the BBC' – in our news report CUT asks why-ever not? His Green Paper assumes business as usual, perhaps with a bit of tinkering at the edges; CUT calls for radical reform.

The BBC achieved incorporation by making essentially fraudulent claims and has retained its status by deceit, scaremongering and self-serving propaganda campaigns. It has fought to retain its own privileges and to destroy any competition whenever it has had an opportunity, making it a barrier to development down the decades. Abolition might seem unthinkable, but the alternative – in this, the age of the internet – is chaotic collapse.

We propose:
·         Transition in under twelve years
·         Privatisation of BBC News
·         Dissolution of the drama, light entertainment and factual programming sections
·         A new public sector broadcasting service letting people see and hear just where their taxes are spent with extensive coverage of the Arts Council subsidised arts
·         Transfer of support for popular musical genres to a new section of the Arts Council

If this option is not taken at this stage, we propose licence fee reform:
·         Redefinition as a fee for BBC services to decriminalise non-payment
·         Relate the fee to the amount of TV content viewed via television sets and phase it out when 80% is viewed via internet-enabled devices
Let the BBC charge pro rata or variable packages for TV via the internet.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Islamic Terrorism

Some media groups want to cover up the fact of
Islamic Terrorism

Given the fact that the vast majority of today's terrorism is by Muslims it seems shocking that some media groups want to cover this fact up. The reason given is that most Muslims are peaceful and that publicising Muslim terrorism could cause hate crimes; also that it's necessary to deprive them of the oxygen of publicity.

Let's deal with each of these arguments:

First most Muslims are peaceful, OK this may be true but most terrorism is done in the name of Islam, they are Muslims and it is  happening all over the world. People do not murder in the name of Christianity. Islam is not a peaceful religion and it never has been. There is something fundamentally wrong at the heart of this religion that so many of its followers will kill in its name.

On hate crimes, we should never subject any Muslim person to abuse or any other form of hate crime. But the biggest hate crime is being perpetrated by Muslims when they kill innocent victims, ordinary men, women and children who just go about their daily business. Now with the French priest being killed it seems they are turning their hate on European Christians which has been their main focus through the centuries. Given that the genocide of Christians in the Islamic countries is almost complete, their anti-Christian hatred is undeniable.

On not giving them the oxygen of publicity. If terrorists attack people we need to know what's going on; anything less is a cover-up. Or if the media do not say it is Islamist, is this really hiding the fact of a flaw at the heart of Islam? And in any case if the BBC do not say who is behind a certain atrocity, social media will. We can't stop porn in all its hideous varieties on the internet, let alone news of Islamic violence. If the main stream media will not report who is behind a certain attack people will just go to the Islamic propaganda sites to find out what's going on: the worst of all scenarios.