Tuesday 21 November 2023

Saltburn film review



Brideshead Revisited on steroids

Note this is a spoiler review, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to see it anyway!

I went to see the film Saltburn more for research, as I'm writing a book about a Traditional Catholic at Oxford; I'm looking at pretty well everything related. I even recently bought second-hand a DVD of a film called The Riot Club, another poorly made sensationalist exploitative film about wealthy students. It is based on the real-life Bullingdon Club, where the men-only young toffs Club members smash up Oxford restaurants and then pay eminently for its renovation. You can't make this stuff up, but it's true..

                It is, of course, impossible to compare the two stories Saltburn and Brideshead. In contrast, Brideshead Revisited (the book) was about final redemption and finding God, but Saltburn is the complete opposite. It's an evil, nasty little film with no redeeming qualities about a manipulative bisexual poor Oxford student who wheedles his way into an already quite decadent wealthy nobility. He manages to get into the circle of friends of a rich student and is invited to the family's stately home 'Saltburn' we are then taken through scenes of drug abuse, extreme swearing (I've never heard the F-bomb used so much), the film is sexually charged throughout. It has a strange approach to this type of decadence, some quite original and disgusting; this is one for those who say women are worse than men in this regard; the writer and director is a woman, Emerald Fennell. This film is all about finding evil; even one of the leads, Felix Catton, dies at the centre of a maze beneath the statue of a horned god.

                The other leading man, Oliver Quick, is a manipulative bisexual and murders the entire family one by one and makes them look like accidents, getting left the stately home 'Saltburn.' I'm afraid I didn't stay until the end. The sight of this Oliver Quick, played by Barry Keoghan (shame on him), dancing through his now Stately Home rooms was more than I could stand, especially as his manhood was often on show and the actor seemed partially aroused. Disgusting, So I can't tell you what the actual ending was.

                This film was too eager to shock but was very predictable. It is a  film to avoid, and happily, there was only one other person in the cinema when I saw it!

Prayer Crusader St Philomena.

Friday 3 November 2023

Marks and Spenser Christmas advert

 Marks and Spenser Christmas advert

Doing its best to provoke a boycott?

Have the ad agencies who work for the big retail corporations learnt nothing? With Bud Light using a Trans "woman" to advertise its beer and Target in the USA trying to saturate its stores with rainbow Alphabet People clothes, then having to contend with an almost apocalyptic loss of customers, we now have the big stores with huge budget Christmas advert mini films that appear to try and trash Christmas.

            Perhaps the worst of these is the Marks and Spenser Christmas ad for 2023; it has nothing to do with Christianity, nothing to do with the birth of Christ, all to do with trashing Christmas as a Christian religious feast and, what is more surprising, trashing secular Christmas as well. The 'inclusive, diverse' actors got the message across spectacularly that this is a horrible time of the year, and they are bored with it. They look like they hate it, throwing Christmas games away, setting gift tabs on fire, taking a Christmas toy, Father Christmas, and whacking it with a stick. We see women drinking and getting drunk while white heterosexual men are absent, as are children.

            However, Marks and Spenser did apologize, but not for what you think. Was it for making such a miserable advent? No. Was it for completely ignoring Christianity? No. Was it for violently attacking Christmas toys, showing unhappy women getting drunk? No. It was (and this is entirely ridiculous) for showing Christmas cracker hats in the fire just because they were red, green, and white in colour. The hats you see are the colour of the Palestinian flag, and some idiots thought that it was anti-Palestinian! The fact that the Italian and Mexican flags are also the same colours and they are also colours associated with Christmas was missed by these idiots. So Marks issued the most obsequious apology one could imagine and deleted the clip. The Waitrose Christmas ad is no better; no children, no Christianity, no old people, just a bunch of diverse fat morons stuffing themselves. Only Lidil dares show a happy white family (with children) enjoying a traditional Christmas. Well, I know where I will be shopping this Christmas, and it will not be at Marks and Spenser!

Wednesday 4 October 2023

23rd Crusade of Prayer

 23rd Prayer Crusade

On the 20th anniversary of the formation of CUT

For the

Synod on Synodality

That they will affirm the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church, and not diminish or change them to suit the modern world as secular medial and enemies of the Church would wish.  

The daily prayer of a Prayer Crusader

O glorious St ...(insert your saint here)... pray for us
And for those in the public sphere
Especially those influenced by Satan's lies
May the Lord touch their hearts and bring them to repent.
And walk upon the path of truth and temperance.
O Subjects of the heavenly realm pray also for all led astray.
Pray especially that the Synod Fathers may affirm the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church

And pray for me, a sinner

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be
St. Michael, the archangel, defend us in the day of battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the Devil,
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host.
By the power of God
Thrust down to hell Satan and all wicked Spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Friday 15 September 2023

Kermode and Mayo's rant - Sound of Freedom 'review'


Kermode and Mayo's rant 'review' of the

Sound of Freedom

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo are two ex-BBC film reviewers now on social media; they used to have a large following when on the BBC 5 Live film review slot on Friday afternoon, but now, after having left the BBC, they languish as one of the least popular of the 'known' YouTube movie reviewers. And you can see why they tend to be quite mean-spirited, especially when it comes to films that portray Christian and moral values - their Sound of Freedom review is a case in point. Below is my reaction to it.

Wow, a film review is somewhere in the middle of this 'rant'! This mini-review was done during the top ten films countdown for the week's box office. However, it's 99% rant and 1% review. Kermode's hatred for this film and Jim Caviezsel is palpable. He gets in a QAnon dig within the first 30 seconds, trying to discredit the film and Caviezsel immediately; however, Mr. Kermode, QAnon, and the right are not illegal, just as your brand of loony leftism isn't. When this film was made, QAnon did not even exist. It was acquired by Disney (another form of child abuse, according to many) when it bought Fox and then tried to bury it.

He also seems upset that the film has been endorsed 'by the likes of Donald Trump,' he rants and he raves on that it wouldn't have been successful 'if a bunch of nutball right-wingers hadn't come out and said that this is such an important film,' and rather than actually talk about the film Kermode blusters on:

 'Trump has spent a lot of his time dog whistling to the nut-ball right wing lunatic fringe who "believe" in inverted comers that he is involved in a fight against a cabal of Satanic Paedophiles ...' stutters as he has run out of rant words and says ... 'blaugh'...

Then, he mentions QAnon again. Kermonde then admits that the film has nothing to do with QAnon, but he keeps mentioning it and continues to do his best to discredit the film. Then again, he mentions Trump doing a screening and repeats himself, 'he's dog whistling to the QAnon lot.'

Kermode then again knocks the film without actually saying why, just a blatant assertion that the film is 'completely unremarkable and not very good exploitation thriller.' He says the only reason it's shown is that 'Trump did a screening, and when your leading man is Jim Cavisel ... Jim Cavisel played Jesus in the Passion of the Christ, it seems he's become convinced that he really is the Messiah.'

           Talk about hyperbole! Kermode is throwing everything at this film except the proverbial kitchen sink! Mayo then twerps in with 'he's an idiot' then after those words of wisdom from the every present but seldom heard sidekick. Kermode continues his tirade with another assertion: 'he's also a very bad actor.' Kermode's hatred of Cavisel is so unprofessional, so personal it would seem, that he has no qualms about calling him an idiot again and rants on to say 'when someone's personal behavior is so rampagingly  stupid!'... -  just because he addressed a so-called right-wing gathering who are concerned about child sex traffic (pity the left/liberals don't do more).

Perhaps the real reason the left/liberal legacy media are so appalled at the success of this film is because it's taking up media space with a Christian values narrative, intruding on their world, and they know it's actually exposing the corruption and abuse that is inherent in the mainstream media? God is actually mentioned as inspiring people in the film against child sex trafficking. Why are the left/liberal types in the mainstream media so scared of this film? Is it because their MSM world is implicated? I suggest that Kermode and Mayo calm down and go to the nearest cocktail bar and have a nice glass each of bitter and twisted,

Friday 8 September 2023

BBC to Verify the news


BBC Verify

Can it be trusted?

 First of all, BBC Verify is supposed to be a group of 60 BBC journalists who form a highly specialised operation and have the investigative skill to verify if any piece of news, whether on social media or the mainstream media, is true. With clever manipulation of images and computer graphics and AI, any image can be manipulated to say what every image provider wants. People are constantly bombarded with news, and it's difficult to tell what is happening. The Ukraine-Russia war is a case in point. If you watch one set of You Tubers, Russia has lost all her tanks and then some, and if you watch another set, Ukraine hasn't any troops left. So, this could (in the right hands) be a good thing?

            The big problem is the mainstream media also seem to be guilty of loading the news to suit the liberal Western viewpoint. And as the BBC is part of the Main Stream Media, it is difficult to see them in a verifying role. The BBC has a set of secularist left/liberal values, and it has been evident in the past that they have loaded the news and current affairs programmes to suit this left/liberal viewpoint. Therefore, while it would be fantastic if there was an organisation to get to the bottom of the truth in an objective way, the BBC are not the organisation to do this. They often market themselves as honest and objective, but on many issues, they are not; re abortion, Alfabet people, feminism, national interests first, and anything Woke, they simply cannot be trusted.

Monday 28 August 2023

Blasphemous Amazon

Tradition Family and Property are campaigning against Amazon's Blasphemy Page!

You might like to sign their petition.

Amazon Features 91 Blasphemous Products on “Blasphemy” Page

Amazon has become infamous for promoting products offensive to Jesus Christ and Catholics around the world.

But things have gotten worse. Now, Amazon has featured a “blasphemy” page on its website. This page makes no mention of Mohammed or Buddha. Instead, it exclusively attacks Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.

Sign Now Against This Unthinkable Attack on Jesus Christ and His Church

This page is not accidental. On Amazon, the page’s title reads, “Blasphemy! The Best Religious Novelty Items.”

On her own blog, the page’s organizer Laura Sweet dubbed the collection “More Jesus Novelty Gifts Sure To Send Me To Hell.”

And this is not just a single blasphemy. On this single Amazon page, there are ninety-one highly irreverent products for sale.

NO to Blasphemy! Sign here and make a difference!

The products available on this page make me sick to my stomach.

Here are a few of them:

  • “Inappropriate Coloring Books Sarcastic Jesus: Cuss Word Jesus Lets You Know What He Really Thinks,”
  • Santa VS Jesus The Epic Party Adult Card Game,
  • A “Teazus” Tea Infuser,
  • “The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press,”
  • “Nun Bowling,” where the user knocks over 10 small nun figurines for fun,
  • and many, many more!

These are appalling!

Yes, I Will Sign Against These Horrendous Blasphemies!

As Christians, it is our duty to rise up and oppose these insults to all that is sacred!

Please, I urge you:

SIGN NOW Against This Outrageous Blasphemy!

Friday 11 August 2023

Which is the Wokest Classical Music station?


Which is the Wokest Classical Music station?

Classic FM or BBC Radio Three

If there is one place in the media world where modern themes of the Alphabet people and the pro-abortionist would have the most negligible presence, it would be here among the great composers and religious music of the past millennium. Classical music is all I listen to on the radio these days. Even cricket is interrupted by anti-carbon protesters, so it's just BBC Radio Three or Classic FM these days.


However, I often turn off Classic FM more often than BBC Radio Three. This last time I turned off Classic FM was after the presenter announced a local Gay Pride event in the same vain as she would a village fair. In the last year, I also had to send an email of complaint that they were not balanced regarding reporting on abortion. They only had the pro-choice interviewee present to interview on a pro-life issue. Radio Three, on the other hand, do have the occasional woke play, but this one can always avoid. I also remember Classic FM having Peter Tatchell on air and given free rein to attack Pope Benedict when he came to England with no one to speak for the Church present. All so typical of the Main Stream Media, sometimes called the legacy media, but perhaps we thought we could expect better from stations that owe their existence to music that either came directly from the Church or was developed from it.

By Prayer Crusader, St Philomena