Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Media’s preaching of hedonism has led to the
de-Christianisation of Britain

·         We are in part to blame for not challenging the hedonists

·         Are most people brain washed by the media particularly by the television?

·         It’s time  to stand up to the jeers when we talk about Christian beliefs

·         A call to fight for Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church

When one looks at the de-Christianisation of Britain the affects have been devastating in financial terms, mental health issues, emotional problems and the destruction of major parts of our society.

Children being brainwashed by the secularists

In two generations we have seen a totally changed society where very few people have a proper concept of personal morality, where valued institutions have fallen to corruption and decline and last but not least the whole media has been a chorus preaching hedonism to all it’s audience.

We now have record numbers of broken families, abandoned children and an army of dysfunctional people. Every form of sexual perversion is promoted and there is a vast billion pound industry producing pornography. Drug and alcohol abuse have reached epidemic levels. One could go on ad infenetum .

Part of the cause for this is you and I including many of the readers of this blog.

How much have we actually done to promote Christianity, in all honesty most of us will admit very little?

How many of us at our work place or during our leisure announce we are Christians and Roman Catholics?

How many of us tell people what a wonderful treasure our faith is and how it can transform people’s lives?

How many people stand up to the jeers when we talk about Christian belief to others?

We all better start doing something. It is all very well attending Mass every Sunday and days of Obligation with the occasional confession. Then we slink off into anonymity, keeping quiet about our religion to other people who don’t belong to our parish.

It is time to have courage and announce to the world what we believe, with the intention of getting recruits to the Faith. It is time to show people how happy our Faith makes us and how their lives would be enhanced if they joined us.

It is time to tell people how Christianity can heal broken lives.

It is time to challenge those who attack Christian values and show them up for the destructiveness of their evil views.

If we do nothing we are letting everyone down including our nation, but what is worse at the end of the day we are letting Jesus down.

Of course it is tough standing up for your faith, but being a Christian a proper Christian has never been an easy ride.



  1. To me one of the biggest failures is the lack of love that Christians show each other. All too often people's experience of family and Church life is negative. People really need to start going out of their way for each other and sharing like the early Church did. We need to support one another more, particularly in times of persecution (which all too often goes unrecognised).
    Also our clergy need to take the lead- you do not see many Catholic priests preaching on street corners. Lay people cannot be told to speak out and risk prison unless the clergy are doing this. After all there is a support system in place for the clergy in case they are arrested and imprisoned, but nothing for lay people. If I was a priest I would quite happily do a year in HM hotel if it meant I could be a hero for the Church.
    We really need to unite at this crucial time and start singing from the same hymn sheet. Dissenters such as Tony Blair need to be told they can go back to the CofE if they don't like the teaching on homosexuality.

    1. From prayer crusader with St. Teresa of Avila:

      I don't know about expecting priests to preach on street corners.
      Personally I admire the ones who continued to identify themselves as priests (even out-and-about, away from their churches and parishioners) by wearing clerical black and visible clerical collars, even at the height of the child abuse crisis, risking being spat at, sworn at and generally vilified.

    2. It makes me wonder why people like Tony Blare became Catholics if they don’t like the Church’s teachings on faith and morality. Perhaps more to the point why they were allowed to join in the first place, could it be their political/celebrity status? Perhaps they joined to undermine the Church? Mind you we have enough dissidents our own already doing the talk circuit usually in church halls. As Rigby said its time we all pulled together to support the Church and her teachings no matter how difficult they may seem, they are actually there to help us.

  2. Yes Stefano we need to pull together. This also involves a crackdown on these people who seem to think because they are public figures they can defy the Pope, and of course on anybody else who is not toeing the line. I think there is a fear that this may alienate even more people, but I think it would be a good thing and lead to a revival. One thing people hate more than anything is hypocrisy- this is partly what led to the child abuse crisis because people were not named,shamed and dealt with when the opportunity was there.
    A few public excommunications would do the world of good and these 'catholic' labour Mps may think twice before they vote for gay marriage next month.

    1. Agreed Anonymous. To defy the Pope is to defy Jesus for didn’t Jesus say to St Peter ‘... Whatever you bind on earth will also be bound in heaven ...’. Matt. 16:19. Child abusers everywhere should be turned over to the police. The fact that there are as many in the C of E and even more in the secular world especially among homosexuals which are being ignored by the media today should tell us something (I have the stats on this in case anyone accuses me of ... whatever). I also agree with the first Anonymous on this blog post priests should preach on the streets as well and their congregations should be there to support them. But like Our Prayer Crusader whose intercessor saint is St Teresa of Avila said we have so many good and faithful priests who wear their clerical collars in the face of verbal abuse we should be also grateful for this witness. The media are in fact using the victims of child abuse to gage the Church which is in its self a form of hypocrisy. We should pray for any Catholic MP who votes for Gay Marriage for they put their souls at risk – if they are not pulled up on this then our hierarchy are not looking after their flocks and they will also answer for this before God. Perhaps you are right an excommunication or two would save their and others souls in the long run, provided they did reparation. Who was that early king of England who did public reparation for the death of St Thomas O’Becket?

  3. Stefano I would be interested to know the stats on child abuse across the board for future reference. I do know that around 37 catholic priests in Britain have been convicted, but am not sure how many priests in total we have had serving over the last 50 years (would be interested to know). I was surprised actually how low the figure was given all of the media hype.
    For comparison 669 doctors were struck off in the last 5 years according to GMC data. A lot of women might not know where to go next time they need an abortion.
    I do not understand why excommunication has not been used against public figures and I think that the whole Tony Blair show has upset a lot of Catholics. I cannot see what good the softly softly approach does: it is no wonder that people do not view sodomy as a sin any more if our priests are too afraid to say it.

  4. There are some very interesting statistics when it comes to child abuse outside the Catholic Church most of which gets ignored. The reason why the media and particularly the BBC concentrate on cases in the Catholic Church I believe is to gage us and stop us speaking out on issues like abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality etc. Therefore it is particularly sad that we have been let down by a small few bad priests, and we should pray for their poor victims. The BBC has shamelessly used these victims in documentary after documentary on the Catholic Church, whilst ignoring the cases in the C of E, to my knowledge they have done very little investigative journalism here. There is in fact an epidemic of child abuse in secular society closely linked to the sexualisation of society by the media. Here are a few states: there are about 60 new cases of child abuse reported every day in Britain – NSPCC figures for 2010/11. In 2009 there were 19 vicars in prison for this that number has been added to since then, and there are about the same number as Catholic priests - major C of E incidents were at Carlisle, Chichester (including a Bishop and his aid) there have been several in Wales and also in C of E children’s homes. In the last decade there has been much media news in the USA on child abuse in the Catholic Church in Boston with 78 clerics convicted but what is not reported is that half the these clerics where not Catholic but Protestants. In the USA it was found that proportionately virtually the same number of Anglicans commit these offences, celibacy is not the issue. It is devious paedophiles putting themselves into positions to have access to children – it could be any institution including the BBC and the NHS has we now know through an ITV documentary. The American Family Research Council along with The journal of Child Psychiatry and a report ‘Medical Aspect of Human Sexuality’ found that ‘Male homosexuals commit a disproportionate number of child sex abuse cases. Therefore it is not surprising that the Catholic Church forbids homosexuals to become priests. In the past those who have got through the Church’s screening process have committed about 80% of the child abuse cases in the Catholic Church.

  5. We must all prepare ourselves for real persecution. Our religious freedom is soon to be curtailed , gradually we are moving to a secular totalitarian state . That is why we have to make a stand now ,and not let the two greatest allies of Satan that of apathy and complacency, destroy Christian belief in Britain.
    We are living on the edge of an abyss and too few of us realise it.

    1. You are right, the Gay marriage bill with go through because the Liberals and Labour support it. we must write to our MPs to get a Catholic an opt out in the law, like the C of E or we will get some laity and priests break ranks leaving those of us who follow the Church’s teachings to be persecuted.