Sunday, 14 February 2016

BBC JPII and romance

BBC's anti-Catholic bias strikes yet again
Photo The Telegraph
Yet more anti-Catholic bias from the BBC and its Panorama programmes. In the programme to be broadcast on 15th of February they make claim of a romantic attachment between Pope john Paul II and Anna Teresa Tymieniecka. Tymieniecha a polish philosopher  who worked on a book with the pontiff in 1970 however, there is absolutely no evidence they became evolved, its just the BBC being malicious again. They cannot believe that there can be any collaboration between a man and a woman without a "romantic" side to it, or any form of human contact come to that. Like the other spiteful documentary the BBC made about John Paul II "Sex and the Holy City" in 2003 to "celebrate" his 25th years as Pope, this is pure lies. It wouldn't even be worth commenting upon except there are so many gullible fools would will believe this nonsense.

Another example of BBC bias was on their Radio 4's Sunday programme for the 14 February in which they listed a number of "Christian" extremists, which included the Ku Klux Klan, and Anders Breivik. If anyone can call them Christian then they really are scraping the barrel. I suppose they are pandering to Islam again, which is hardly a surprise since their head of Religion is Muslim Aaqil Ahmed. It will be a good thing when the BBC axes its religious department. However, Ahmed will continue to oversee the BBC productions of religious programmes!


  1. The Catholic Church has declared John-Paul II a saint, by a process known as canonisation. The process leading to canonisation always includes a thorough investigation of the person's life; an investigator is appointed (known as the Devil's Advocate) whose job it is to search for and expose any facts, incidents, or even just suspicions of incidents, which might count as evidence against the person's sanctity. It seems unlikely that the BBC will have succeeded in digging up any dirt which the Devil's Advocate may have missed.

    By the Prayer Crusader under the Patronage of St Teresa of Avila

    1. Thank you for you comment. Like the communist states of old the BBC is a totalitarian regime. It does not believe in the saints let alone the Christian God, the true God. It has a Muslim as head of religious broadcasting and regularly attacks traditional Christian values. It will continue to push secular/relativist views until it has marginalised Christianity, to the point that the persecution of Christians becomes acceptable to the majority.

  2. What's even worse - but not at all surprising - is that the programme is being being presented by a supposed Catholic, Ed Stourton. The Tablet mafia again. As Pope Benedict rightly said, it's the enemy within that is the biggest problem.

  3. Yes the Tablet and those who work there should give up journalism for lent. Except they did that long ago. However, is the Tablet still (or ever was) Catholic, as is read mainly by Anglicans?

  4. Yes, once again the BBC totally fails to get it, not only about Catholicism, but about Christianity in general. there was a close man-woman thing between Francis of Assisi and St. Clare, and even more unlikely, between Teresa of Avila and St. John of the cross (St. John was very small, and Teresa called him "my little John"). and yes, there was a deep understanding between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and at the last supper john had his head on the breast of Jesus. and if that isn't enough, Mary and joseph were obviously deeply in love, in the way that a man and woman can be. These aren't the hidden secrets of Christianity, they are explicitly stated as part of the orthodoxy, and nobody has ever been disturbed by them. the prurient BBC needs to learn a new phrase - "chaste relationships". they have the mentality of adolescent schoolboys.

    By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of Jane Frances de Chantal