Thursday, 24 March 2016

Have a peaceful Easter Nicky Campbell

A Happy Peaceful and Prayerful Easter To all members of CUT the Prayer Crusade and people of good will

First some very good news for this Easter for everyone who has switched off the TV and no longer pays the licence fee. More and more people are throwing out the TV and they are not even bothering to catch up on-line. See Telegraph no TV report

I guess they, like the rest of us are sick and tired of the bigotry, the bias the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual/gender ideology everything nonsense which  the Corporation spews out on a daily basis.
The BBC licence fee of course also pays for BBC Radio and the more I listen to it the more  sickening it becomes. Today Radio 5s agenda of ultra-liberal bias was sadly evident again.

Cornwall County Council bullied by BBC Radio and a pop Star

Über-"Liberal" and arch bully of

Radio 5 (in our opinion)
Nicky Campbell
photo wikipedia
A noisy pop group has been ordered by Cornwall County Council to keep the noise down below 40 decibels when practicing in their father's garage. A neighbour had complained to the council and under an Environmental and Health act, and the group were asked to keep the noise down. Fair enough you may say?  Not when the BBC is involved. Anyone who has had the misfortune to suffer because of noisy selfish neighbours would applaud Cornwall County Council, but not the father of a member of the group who wrote to a pop star Dave Grohl of the Rock group The Foo Fighters. Whose lyrics encourage youngsters to play this loud music in their garages. Grohl wrote to Cornwall County Council on the group's behalf (no thought of course about the poor neighbour who's been driven to despair by the noise). The BBC got hold of the story and naturally took the side of the noisy group. 

This morning 24/03/2016 I heard the awful Nicky Campbell interview the band and their father on BBC Radio 5's breakfast show. There was no thought for those who suffer from this type of selfish and arrogant behaviour, just pressure on Cornwall to provide facilities for Rock groups to practice. The father of a group member said that they don't have anything to do on the Lizard peninsula - nothing to do! They live in one of the most beautiful parts of the Country, surrounded by wonderful countryside and sea.

So the band need a place to practice? Ok let the Foo Fighters fund a sound proof practice room, this should not be a case where Cornwall Council fund on the council tax places where noisy bands should play.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

News from Ireland

The post below was written before the Irish election, when there was a Fine Gael-Labour coalition. Its interesting to note that despite the successful recovery of the Irish economy (not for all granted) the coalition which oversaw it is struggling to form a government could it be that despite all the crowing by the liberals over same-sex marriage and abortion there are still nearly half of the Irish people who reject it. As for the Labour party who pushed the hardest for these liberal reforms, their vote has collapsed from 30 seats to 7. There's still a lot of fight left in faithful Irish Catholics. Be interesting to hear what our Prayer Crusader with St Rita thinks about this?

No more Newstalk!
          Sometime ago I decided I wasn’t going to listen to Newstalk ever again unless there is a complete overhaul in the place and that seems unlikely. The reason for this is its promotion of abortion among other things. The first instance was on the Pat Kenny show; he was interviewing some woman who worked or had worked in the abortion mills doing late term abortions. No challenging of her but rather treating her like a saint, someone who was providing a useful necessary service to society. The last straw came when on the George Hook programme ‘the right hook’ (he can be sometimes sympathetic to the Catholic church e.g. he wanted the Angelus to be kept broadcast, but this time he was way off the mark) he was interviewing the minister for health Leo Varadkar. He was asking him questions about ‘fatal fetal abnormality’  (a spurious term put out by pro abortionists as there is no concrete proof that they are fatal and many babies do live). He said to Varadkar: ‘I know that you are pro life’, - this after Varadkar had voted to legalise abortion up until birth in cases where the woman is suicidal. It’s one thing to be pro abortion but to pat him on the back and call him pro-life is a double insult. So ended my listernership to Newstalk, until, Christmas morning while I was driving along, I turned on the radio and hit the wrong button by mistake and turned on Newstalk. Sure enough there was a programme talking about the festival of Christmas and seeking to undermine it by saying that the festivity existed long before Christ was born, when they celebrated the gatherings of the harvest and the church took over this festival with Christmas. I turned off and haven’t listened since and haven’t looked back. So no more reporting of them unless I hear it from another source.
          RTE continues its programme of de-Christianisation: an incremental type of ethnic cleansing, a purging of the airwaves of Catholicity. This time it’s the removal from its classical music station, RTE Lyric FM, of the programme, ‘Gloria’. It was on Sunday mornings, 7am to 10am; it featured music such as Gregorian chant, the Palestrina choir and other great classical religious music for three hours. It’s not that the programme wasn’t popular or the music not beautiful, it’s just that it was Catholic so therefore had to go. These actions are the fare of brutal communist states.
Enda Kenny
Irish Taoiseach (PM)
their poll says 73%
are not happy for him to
continue as the country's leader. 
            You may have heard that here in Ireland we are nearing the end of an election campaign. Fri 26th is polling day. The polls are suggesting a hung Dail. The situation is that even if the two top parties join together they may not have enough to form a government. It would be the equivalent of Labour and Tories joining together and being barely able to govern. None of the political pundits are able to forecast what type of government will take power. People are so disenchanted with politicians. So it’s going to be interesting to see what is going to happen.
             From the debacle of abortion legislation in 2013: some td’s were kicked out of the Government for opposing the introduction of abortion, one of whom was Junior minister Lucinda Creighton. She has set up a new party called Renua. Besides being against abortion she also wants to abolish the TV licence. She follows the privatisation path and (this is my guess) most likely it’s because she thinks RTE should raise its own revenue. However, one of her downsides is she supported the ‘homosexual marriage’ referendum. She at one time supported abortion and changed her views on it; maybe on reflection she will come to see the errors of sodomy and its ill consequences for society.
              The UK too will have a referendum soon. It’s interesting to note the split in the tory party over the issue. Ireland this year will celebrate 100 years of the war of independence from the English. It’s ironic that 100 years later England now is deciding on its independence from Europe. There is a prophecy by some saint, possibly saint Malachy, which states that ‘A week of centuries after Ireland has been under English rule England will enter is own civil war.’ (It’s about 700 years thereabouts since England conquered Ireland.)  Whatever the troubles in England at the moment, in the end Our Lady’s immaculate heart will triumph.
                    So for the moment God bless

By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Rita, Dublin.