Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blessed Christmas

Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Christmas

Dear Prayer Crusaders remember to pray for your adopted celebrities this Christmas.

Pray also for all in the news and media, they often preach a different lifestyle to that of the Gospel, thus they put themselves in peril and lead others astray.

Pray for peace on earth, after a year in which many have been the victims of terror attacks


 Jesus was born to save all from sin.

All anyone needs to do is accept Him and what He shows us.

Have a happy and TV free Christmas

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Binge drinking, civilisation on the brink

How Black Friday became Black Eye Friday

Passed out woman, Photo copyright The Express

Binge drinking is out of control, hospital A & Es are swamped with mostly young people, drunk and suffering from alcohol poisoning, young woman dressed like prostitutes lying passed out drunk in the gutter. A typical last Friday before Christmas; and yet the BBC is quick to tell us that overall drinking is going down. The BBC, that great deceiver and robber of people's faith, have left the young people of Britain with no faith, so what do they do? What do they turn to but drink, sex and drugs? For too long the BBC have preached a secular mantra of abortion (woman's right to choose), contraception (have "fun" with no conscience and no payback) and homosexuality (suicidal victims unless everyone accepts their perversion as normal) until people no longer know right from wrong. The only religion left for the majority of people now is to get smashed, have a good time and hopefully they will not wake up in hospital at 3 o'clock in the morning surrounded by their own vomit.  But it's not just Black Eye Friday, it's almost every Friday and Saturday night throughout the year.

Is the Government’s solution for modern women's drinking to put them in combat situations?

Once women were considered the great civilisers, whom men would look to for inspiration to create great art, or to work long hours for and to raise a family with. With the news this week that the government wants to put young women in front line combat infantry there seems little now for men to protect. Psychologically there's nothing left for men now so watching inane TV, drinking and fighting each other is all there is especially on Black Friday, - sorry, it’s now called Black Eye Friday, due to all the drunken fighting, and the fact that retailers have usurped the name Black Friday to have a pre-Christmas period sales binge, which took place at the end of November. One of the biggest sellers for the Black Friday sales binge were huge 32inch TVs for £100 quid! The downward spiral of Western Civilisation continues.
By Prayer Crusader - St Philomena

Friday, 11 December 2015

A Pilgrimage to Avila


This year – 2015 – is the 500th anniversary of the birth of St. Teresa of Avila. “That’s an awful lot of candles” commented a (non-Catholic) friend, when I explained why I was planning a holiday in a not-much-visited part of Spain. The holiday was actually a pilgrimage. St. Teresa’s feast day is 15th October, and the pilgrimage group was to be in Avila for this date.

The first time I heard of St. Teresa was during a series of talks I went to in my late teens, on “Mysticism of the East and of the West”. At that time I was not a Catholic, or perhaps I would have heard of her sooner, - or perhaps not; I have discovered that non-Catholics have rarely heard of her, and even Catholics often know her only as a name. I learned about St. Teresa along with other mystics, Catholic and Protestant, Buddhist and Hindu, Sufi and Jewish. And for a long time all I knew about her was that she was subject to intense mystical experiences, sometimes lasting for hours at a time and temporarily incapacitating her; and yet she managed to live a very active life and accomplish an extraordinary amount.

By the time I joined CUT, I had been a Catholic for twenty years or so, and had learned rather more about her. I had read about other Carmelites too, - St. John of the Cross (who was contemporary with St. Teresa), the “Little Flower” St. Thérèse of Lisieux and St. Edith Stein who died in a German concentration camp. Sister Wendy Beckett, who has written extensively about artworks, is also a Carmelite. As all members of CUT know, each of us chooses, or is allotted, a saint to be our patron and companion in relation to CUT’s prayer crusades. When I was asked whether I would like to choose a saint, or to be given one, I said “Give me a Carmelite” – and was given St. Teresa.      

She was born in Avila, and made her profession as a nun at the age of about twenty. In retrospect she condemned herself as “lukewarm”, and she underwent more than one conversion experience during her life. Her supernatural visitations began when she was in her early forties. She was distressed about these for some time, being unsure whether she should regard them as divine or satanic in origin; some of the priests whom she consulted initially felt that they were satanic and advised her to disregard them. Others, however (several of whom are now themselves canonised saints) were convinced that they were from God and not from the devil. Teresa reformed the Carmelite order (in the teeth of opposition), founding the Discalced Carmelites. She was in contact with St. John of the Cross, who similarly reformed the men’s Carmelite order – and similarly in the teeth of opposition. She founded a number of new convents, travelling around the area of central Spain in extremely uncomfortable conditions.  She corresponded with dozens, perhaps hundreds of people, lay and religious, and wrote several books at the request – indeed, at the insistence – of her spiritual advisers. She has been declared a Doctor of the Church. There are not too many of those, especially female ones.

Avila is on high ground in the central plateau of Spain. We travelled there by coach from Madrid airport, passing through land which looked increasingly barren, with frequent rocky outcrops and hardly any trees. When Avila comes in sight on the horizon it is breathtaking, because it is a castellated walled city – the oldest walled city in Europe, apparently – and stands like a beacon against the sky. The walls are complete; you can walk almost all the way round the city on top of them (in two places you have to come down for a short distance, not because the walls themselves are interrupted, but because in those two places they are privately owned).  Avila itself has spread beyond its walls, indeed it had done so even in St. Teresa’s day, - the first convent she entered, the Convent of the Incarnation, is outside the walls. One of the pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela goes right through the middle of the city; if you look out for them, you can see the scallop shell markings on walls and stones. Though clearly attractive to Catholic pilgrims, Avila is far from the normal tourist haunts, and very little English is spoken, though restaurants often have menus in English. St. Teresa is quite the most famous daughter of the city, and shops sell St. Teresa sweets, St. Teresa biscuits, St. Teresa dolls, St. Teresa mugs... You name it.

A church has been built which incorporates part of the house where she grew up, - you can see the room where she was born, kept as it was at the time, and the garden where she and her brothers and sisters played as children. In that church is a statue of St. Teresa, on a huge plinth, and this statue, plinth and all, was carried out of the church on 14th October and taken to the cathedral in preparation for the feast day on 15th. The size and the weight of the statue plus plinth must be formidable, - it took at least 16 men to carry it; there may have been more. Raised to shoulder height the statue was too big to go out of the door, and had to be lowered to floor level and then lifted again when it was outside. On 15th it was carried through the city streets, accompanied by all the local organisations and many from further afield, blaring trumpets, drums, flags and banners.     

What would St. Teresa herself have made of that procession? In her writings she condemns herself as one of the most sinful creatures alive, and praises humility as the essential virtue on which all other virtues depend.  She suffered privations in her life which she does not complain of, but which become evident as one looks at the cell where she passed much of her time. Her pillow was a block of wood. She had no proper wherewithal for writing, but had to kneel on the floor with her paper on the sill of a low window which let in the only light available, - which itself was not much, since it did not look directly out into daylight but only into a larger indoor area. And on this windowsill she produced The Interior Castle, The Way of Perfection, all her letters and accounts (“relations”) of her experiences, and other works.

And what would she have made of the present-day ubiquity of television and other screen-based forms of entertainment? It is almost impossible to imagine.

For a start, the concept of “entertainment” barely entered her life, except in the form of self-adornment, chatting with friends, and reading novels of chivalry – all of which she condemned as sins which she herself had been guilty of. With regard to the novels, Cervantes’ fictional Don Quixote was led astray by reading novels of chivalry, and at the end of his life confessed that these were idle and useless, and had been responsible for his madness. Cervantes was near-contemporary with St. Teresa, having been born only thirty years after her. We are social creatures, and are immediately attracted to stories wherein we can picture ourselves in relationship with others. Stories and plays have been seen as entertainment, but also as instructive and even therapeutic, for millennia. But they can readily be “mere” entertainment, which for someone as austere as St. Teresa probably meant “sinful”; misleading (think: Dan Brown); and positively destructive, the opposite of therapeutic.   

Television (and film, and the ubiquity of coloured moving images) would have been almost beyond imagining in Teresa’s day. The nearest approach to it would have been paintings and statues; even these would for the most part have been accessible only to the wealthy; the majority of people would have seen them only in church buildings. Stained glass windows in churches (the “poor man’s Bible”) must have been a breathtaking revelation to people who spent most of their lives working in fields, with animals, in kitchens and workshops.  It was only the wealthy who would have had access even to brightly-coloured clothing. The human brain is very sensitive to visual input; light, colour and visually-perceived movement make a huge impact on us, and this impact is exploited to the full by present-day media.

Combine the two, - stories which capture our uncritical interest, and images which burn their way into our brains - and we can potentially be manipulated into thinking nothing or anything, a potential which is often exploited by people who make documentaries, plays and so-called soap operas.

St. Teresa, pray for us.  

By the Prayer Crusader - St Teresa of Avila

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Anglican and Methodist clergy 'bless' abortion clinic

The Church of the BBC

After seeing the pictures of an Anglican priestess and a female Methodist minister "blessing" an abortion clinic upon its opening in the USA, I thought: now that's a news story to warm the hearts of those at BBC with its fanatically pro-choice tribe of Politically Correct special forces of mind infiltration and control.

See this Life site news item. Methodist, Episcopal clergy 'bless' Cleveland abortion clinic in Prayer service.

Also present at the "blessing" was homosexual and partaker in same-sex marriage, the Rev Harry Knox, who said:

" ... standing alongside my fellow clergymen and clergywomen to say, thank God for abortion providers".

I thought, well, what can one expect from heretics. Just to remind anyone who may be shocked by the word heretic; - that it was first used by St Paul in his epistle to Titus 3:10 "A man that is a heretic, after the first and second admonition, avoid." Douay-Rheims version. Also in 1 Corinthians 11:18-19.
Heretical clergy 'bless' abortion facility
Surely, you say, this is nothing to do with the BBC?

However, just today (7th December 2015) BBC radio 5 came live from the Birmingham sperm bank, with lots of "wholesome" interviews with users of this facility. To be fair, and the BBC always is, there was also an interview with non-users who prefer the DIY approach and self-insemination. This included a Lesbian couple who explained how it's done (Lunch time radio BBC style).

So what would the Church of the BBC look like? Well I suppose it would be very close to the C of E. No wonder it’s often very hard to get Anglican ministers involved in pro-life, pro-natural family causes. Is this the reason that despite at least two Anglican bishops being linked to sex abuse scandals, the BBC hardly ever report it? We who study the BBC know how successful they have been in down-playing their own child abuse scandals, so are they also helping the Anglican cover up? Just asking.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The culture of death and the mask of hate

·       New Bond movie - same old culture of hate, masked to look good.


With the release this weekend of the new Bond movie I thought it's time to revisit this article from our CUT Newsletter of the Autumn of 2007. For it the main areas of research were two books Romano Guardini's End of The End of the Modern World and David Holbrook, The Masks of Hate. Holbrook's work is of particular interest as it involved a study of the Bond movie Goldfinger. Holbrook shows us in this study just how evil the Bond films are and although I have not seen the new 007 film, indications are it is more of the same. Cynical treatment of human life the usage and objectification of women, even by other women even if they now try and tell you that women give as good as they get in Bond films, it's still full of hatred for humanity, and particularly women.
copyright Bond movies MGM et al.

Visions of Modernity


How modernist broadcasts created a Culture of Hate



Modernity is all around us it is the modern world. Some elements of modernity have beneficial effects on our lives for example electricity, motorcars, aeroplanes, modern medicine, and mass-communication. But used to excess and without care the modernist, some believe could destroy the natural order and indeed undermine western culture itself. The modernist in this article refers to someone particularly in the media who has been totally and psychologically affected by modernity in all its excesses and champions it. He hates any group or individual who contradicts him and tries to deflect this hatred on them particularly through the push media the television and radio. However, the basic concept of modernity and the modernist, is being challenged or undermined from within by nuclear weapons, terrorism, euthanasia, the holocaust and today’s extermination camps - the abortion mills. The materialistic crudity that becomes ever more prevalent in society objectifies humanity, that if it can’t use you, you are discarded. This objectifying of the human person adds up to a world that’s being changed and controlled a culture that has turned its back on its foundations, and even despises it. Western man is replacing the culture based on love, Christianity, with the culture of hate.

                The once stable paradigms of Western culture, the family, morality and religion, are all up in the air and being juggled by the media and the secular liberal intelligentsia, who control the media. The Holy Father is aware of this and of the countless messages that arrive through the mass media and of their dangers. When addressing a gathering of 500,000 young people at Loreto, Italy, on September 2 last, he said, “Go against the current: Don’t listen to the persuasive and self-seeking voices that today promote lifestyles marked by arrogance and violence, by appearances and possessions to the detriment of being.” The Pope instead held out an alternative path marked purity, sharing, study and work for the common good. He said, “Be vigilant! Be critical! Don’t be dragged along by the wave produced by this powerful movement of persuasion.”1

                The above advice from the Holy Father is similar to that used by CUT from the beginning of our campaign. We always question the broadcaster’s motives and ask why they have produced programmes that push the boundaries of ethics and truth, have they personal issues at stake? For it has often come to light that those in the media who push ‘alternative’ life-styles or champion a ‘pro-choice’ stance, have a vested interest in the acceptance of these corrosive modernist doctrines. These are often the same people who will produce TV programmes that attack the Church and try to undermine her teachings. Either by producing anti-Church dramas or documentaries that attempt to attribute the world’s problems on Catholic moral teaching, problems that are really brought about by a misuse of modernity. In doing this they create a culture of hate, especially against those who have a traditional moral standpoint based on discipline and the teachings of Christ. They would rather objectify humanity especially human sexuality and use this object as a commodity.

                One of the Holy Father’s early mentors, Romano Guardini, who was professor of philosophy and theology at the University of Munich, wrote a remarkable work of social analysis The End of the Modern World in 1956. This work examines the era of “Mass Man” of mass communication, mass marketing and mass materialism that threaten to crush the individual human spirit, objectify him and drive him into anonymity. Of these forces that steadily erode man’s sense of his own uniqueness and replaces it with man as object he writes, ‘Man confronts this attitude in the range of authority exercised over him; he may merely meet it in countless statistics and tables or he may experience its culmination in an unspeakable rape of the individual, of the group, even of the whole nation.’2

From the new Bond film - the Mask of Hate masquerading
as good family entertainment?

‘Only the strong love, it is the weak who Hate’3

                One of the icons of the modern western culture, James Bond, with all the glamour of the materialistic world laced with sex, violence, and a shallow callous sense of humour, are typical traits that have become all too common in the media today. Academic and poet David Holbrook in his book The Masks of Hate used Ian Flemings Goldfinger to explain the hatred manifested and projected into society by such works. Holbrook’s analysis of the book and its simplistic messages leads him to state that ‘...its symbolism is manifestly that of primitive schizoid hate’3 He goes on to voice his concern to the point that humanness is at stake by such works of projected hatred, he says ‘ uncomfortable sense that something even more primitive lurks beneath its coarseness, stupidity, and cruelty.’4 Bond’s contempt for women and for human life is all part of the glamour and excitement of the books and subsequent films. Their premiers are often attended by the highest dignitaries in the land these films are regularly shown on primetime television today, they are considered family entertainment. Yet these films have been surpassed in their simplistic crudity by even more explicit sex and violence of today’s films and television dramas. Our national public service broadcaster has shown itself to be one of the leaders in its decent into this simplistic crudity and hate with programmes such as Rome and Fanny Hill. The television is not a force for love and kindness and betrays its weakness for hate and evil. It makes one wonder what will be the next ‘classic’ that the BBC will adapt for television, the memoirs of the Marquise de Sade perhaps? I wouldn’t put it past them given their track record. However, that Ian Brady the ‘Moors’ child murderer had read de Sade is a warning to all.


Evil be thou my Good

                There appears to be a schizoid tendency prevalent in modern secular society and it is easy to see the footprint of the television leading culture down the path to hatred. There has seen a complete reversal in what is acceptable, particularly relating to abortion and family values. Activities once illegal are now even encouraged with the gagging of the individual’s conscience, by browbeating as him bigoted or even possessing a phobia. There has been a complete change in the love-hate relationship, ‘It becomes a case, not only of “evil be thou my good” but also “Good be thou my evil.”6

                The broadcaster’s vision of modernity, both materialistic and ethical, results not only in street violence and record numbers of people in prison, but also the AIDS crisis and other manifestations of hatred. The television presents us with a sea of fantasies that threatens to draw us in. Some believe the television exudes mediocrity but by its effects on society it betrays its brilliance. The fiendish brilliance of materialism and the doctrines of the politically correct that threaten to engulf us all.



1. Sartini, Serena, Inside the Vatican. October 2007 p.21

2. Guardini, Romano, The End of the Modern world, 1956. ISI books, Wilmington. 1998, p.61.

3. Holbrook, David, The Masks of Hate, Pergamon Press 1972, p.30, quoting Guntrip.

4-5. Ibid p.75

6. Ibid p.53

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

St Michal the Archangel protect us in our day of battle

Veritable bloodletting by the Irish media on

all things Catholic

I must admit when I come to write these letters I’m at a loss as to how to proceed. To write up on the media is not a pleasant task. To write upon the media after their ‘homosexual marriage’ legislation referendum victory is something else. Its now a free for all. Its a veritable bloodletting the media along with the vast majority of politicians can’t contain themselves. As regards balance in treatment of the church well that's all but gone out the window. Need  I point out all the instances where the catholic church and its teachings have been undermined. If  there is not an outright attack on the church then it is an insidious one and this can be even worse because its hard to hold it to account as regards balance etc. Their attitude now it seems, as regards Catholicism is, lets mop the floor with them.

                  The coverage of the pope’s visit in America was abhorrent or better still not at all. The one time I did hear any reporting on it was focused on the Pope’s failure to mention and sympathise with victims of sex abuse. Of course they are always able to find the one priest who will  get stuck into the pope as they did with an American based priest Fr Tom Doyle. Who said he was furious with the pope for not sympathizing with sex abuse victims and on he went for about ten minutes with his tirade, RTE only too happy to let him rant, without any  perspective. When the pope spoke to the American senate  RTE television reported that the pope spoke about immigration and poverty. But the pope also spoke about pro life and family values this was omitted from the RTE report. I heard this in a sermon. The priest went on to accuse RTE of censorship, not giving the full picture but only what suited their agenda.

                  Meanwhile you may be interested to know that one of the news presenters on RTE Jonathan Clinch or should I say Jonathan Rachel Clinch has announced that he is trans fluid gender (what's that) as announced by RTE. Jonathan doesn’t know if he is a man or a woman or maybe he thinks he is a man and woman. It was announced he (sorry she)??? Jonathan Rachel will be seen working around the newsroom office wearing women’s clothes. This poses some ethical questions such as does he use the men's loo or the women’s. Will RTE give him a women's clothes allowance or a man’s. Will it be Mr or Mrs or Miss. So we may have been wondering why RTE was so in favour of one view in the ‘marriage equality referendum’. I think we should pray for people like this who are mixed up and most likely have not had proper contact with the faith, that they will find God’s peace.

                   Basically there has been no let up. With RTE giving prominent air time about thirty minutes to Roisin Ingle an Irish times journalist and Tara ? who have had abortions. Roisin Ingle who had an abortion about 15 years ago said she had no regrets about her abortion and that she did  the right thing. It was getting in the way of her career, to paraphrase her. This is so sad to have done this but to have no misgivings about it and to campaign that other women should be enabled and encouraged to go down such a disastrous road, well it's just the type of thing that RTE would serve up. No prizes for guessing RTE never under any circumstance give airtime to women who regret their abortions, who are in the vast majority.

Skellig Michael - from Wikipedia

St Michal the Archangel protect us in our day of battle.
                   Skellig Michael has been hosting none other than the sequel to Star Wars that was made there a year or so ago. They have come back again the return of the Jedi. Of all the Islands in all the whole world they had to come to, Skellig Michael! This is the Island that was home to the Irish monks who lived there from the 8th century it is a Holy place and shouldn’t be utilised for such trivial events. There was one politician who spoke out against it, Michael Healy Ray which of course is a good thing but he was coming at it mostly from the perspective that it was a bird sanctuary and their natural habitat  was being destroyed. Though a govt environmental agency said this was not the case. There was one priest who spoke out against it, publically anyway, he stated that it was a Holy site for centuries and shouldn’t be given over to such filming. It amounted to desecration. Amen. The govt of course had no problems with it. It was bringing in jobs to the area they said. Everything with them is weighed in pounds shillings and pence.

                    Just last week a 91 year  old woman was fined  1500 euros by Dublin county council for having a satellite dish on the front of her house. She had just gotten it from her children as a birthday present. A bit harsh one would think given that Dublin county council is so remiss in carrying out its own responsibilities to go after a vulnerable 91 year old and drag her through the courts. As for this 91 year old, cable TV has brought unnecessary woes upon her, at this stage of her life she could have done without in fact at any stage of our life we can do without.

               The BBC has for many years had religious programmes. Sunday worship I think it is called. RTE has been imitating them in this area as they like to do. Though I have noticed that  it is a convenient cloak for attacking the church and  passing off all sorts of spurious notions that they seek to pass as religious. As RTE demotes its airing of the Catholic Mass,  its new dish that it is serving up is the programme ‘the leap of faith’.  On it were; Patsy McGarry, the Irish times religious affair correspondent, no friend of the Catholic Church. Talking about pope Francis then the next half of the programme to give its listeners more ‘religious’ helping was a former RTE presenter Bibi Baskin who has just come back from India to talk about her experience of Ayuverdic Indian head massage, (just exactly what every Irish Catholic needs at the moment especially if you're sick and housebound and can't get to mass, the next best thing an Ayuverdic Indian head massage RTE would have us believe anyway).I could go on and on with similar instances.

                     If there is anyone here reading this who pays the TV licence especially if your Catholic or other Christian how can you in all honesty in all good conscience pay a TV licence. How can you reconcile it with your faith with the teachings of the Gospel to hand over your hard earned money to those who are going to attack the faith. The very faith you profess. In the book of 2 Macchabees 10,14-24 we read that Maccabeus sent Jews, soldiers of his army under his brother Simon to besiege the Idumeans who were harassing the Jews.  9000 of them (The Idumeans) barricaded  themselves into two towers. When they were besieging them some of the  men  under Simon were were hungry took bribes from the Idumeans and let them escape. When Maccabeus found out he was angry and he accused these men of freeing  the enemy to fight against them and he slew them. In a sense when we pay the TV licence we are aiding the enemy to fight against us. We may have to admit we are addicted to it. Well at least that's a start. Acknowledging the problem. It's the first step. Then take the next step or jump to the final step and just chucking the tv out. No more under the obligation to aid the enemies of the faith.

                             Anyway I shall finish here just a final word , to say that the media (according to the sermon ive heard)will be twisting the synod statements this way and that. Don’t depend on them for information go to good independent catholic sources for the outcomes.
Prayer Crusader, St Rita - Dublin

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Crusade of Prayer

18th Prayer Crusade


For the Pope and the Synod Fathers


With the synod on the family looming, many orthodox and traditional Catholics are concerned about the outcome. There are reports that many liberal bishops and cardinals have been handpicked by the pope himself; these include the heads of the bishops’ conferences of France, Germany and Switzerland: Archbishop Pontier, Cardinal Marx and Bishop Bürchal, who are all very liberal and have made some dissident statements regarding the family.

                So we are asking all members of the Crusades of  Prayer and anyone who visits this blog to take part in our 18th Prayer Crusade for the Pope and the Synod Fathers, that the Church will strongly affirm the traditional Catholic teachings on the family.


Dedicate a Rosary to the cause and please pray the Crusader Prayer, invoking your saint to intercede before the Holy Trinity.


Concluding prayer


Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel

Pray for Pope Francis and the Synod Fathers

And lead them to your Son,

So that Jesus will open their mouths and bridle their tongues,

And that St Michael the Archangel will block the influence of the secular media on the Church.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

BBC Charter Review 6

BBC Charter Review - Get involved


At the moment there is the on-going BBC Charter Review consultation from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Our position is, of course, that because the BBC has been and is such a bad, Christianity-destroying organisation it should not have a renewed Royal Charter, and should receive no public funds at all, either from the Government or via a licence fee. The corporation should be broken up and sold off, so instead of being a burden on the tax payer it will help the tax payer; perhaps suggest the money from any sale goes towards a fairer and better state pension.  Consultation  closes 8-10-2015.


There have been many scare-mongering petitions in favour of the BBC; don't sign any of these. Remember what the BBC actually stands for and what are its real core values:  pro-abortion, pro-homosexual acts, pro-contraception, pro-euthanasia, pro-same-sex marriage;  anti-Catholic and anti- traditional family values. And it has been and is riddled with paedophiles.  This is a thoroughly evil organisation; we need to crush its head by breaking it up, just as Our Lady crushes the head of Satan. The BBC world service still has a partnership with the abortion provider The International Planned Parenthood Federation whose employees sell whole aborted babies to the highest bidder. Promoting death worldwide! Closes 8-10-2015


Government consultation website:

"The Royal Charter forms the constitutional basis of the BBC and its current Charter is due to expire at the end of 2016. In this consultation, we want to hear from you about how you want your BBC and its services to evolve over the next decade.

This consultation is broken down into ​4 key areas:

  1. T​he BBC’s mission, purpose and values​
  2. W​hat the BBC does in terms of its scale and scope​​
  3. BBC funding​
  4. BBC governance and regulation​."

Write to:
BBC Charter Review Consultation
100 Parliament Street

Saturday, 12 September 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 5

Satan and the BBC

Most people who work at the BBC are not intentionally evil; they are genuine in their belief that they provide a fair and unbiased service to Britain and the world. There are of course some at the BBC who have used their position to further their own personal agendas and have produced some of the most biased programmes ever produced outside of totalitarian states. Most, however, are merely following the standards of the Corporation; that they are now so far from the values of Christianity is the big problem for anyone who is an orthodox Christian especially an orthodox Catholic.

I have been having an email conversation with a long and trusted member of CUT, The Prayer Crusader under the Patronage of Jane Frances De Chantal, on orthodoxy and natural law and whether these can change. Of course these cannot change; orthodoxy is not a fashion, although perhaps orthodoxy itself may be out of fashion at the moment. For example, murder is evil whether it happens to a baby in the womb or to the most vulnerable and sick; it's a sin that cries out to heaven. Sodomy is a grave sin crying out to heaven for vengeance. However, those at the BBC without exception continue to support and promote these evils. It is part of their orthodoxy, their core values: the values of the anti-Christ.

This morning on the Radio I heard an example of the BBC promoting their core values. On BBC Radio 5 there was a report on what makes people attracted to each other and sometimes it can be very different to what one would expect; at first it was quite interesting. Unfortunately it didn't take long before the subject of same-sex attraction became the main focus of the programme, and lo and behold the owner of a 'Gay' and Lesbian dating agency was live on air. Anything that would promote natural marriage and God's law has been long banished from the Beeb’s airways; Catholics and natural law wouldn't even get a look in. So I switched over to Radio 4, only to be confronted by an interview with Lord Falkener and the assisted dying issue. The BBC reporter seemed to be putting forward the arguments against assisted dying; to me, though, they seemed hollow; the reporter didn't really believe in the anti-assisted dying standpoint, but was merely giving Lord Falkener an opportunity to 'debunk' the arguments against assisted dying.

The BBC has long championed assisted dying; it's a long term goal for them. They will keep up the fight until they get it passed into law, even though this time they have failed; changing how people think and what they believe is their game. Like their other campaigns of the last 50 years, legalising abortion, sodomy, same-sex marriage and now euthanasia they intend to have yet another anti-life anti-natural law cultural change, passed. Satan of course is the champion of lies, deceit and murder; he is of course behind it all, and we believe behind the BBC. Ever wondered why it's no longer called mercy killing? The BBC doesn't like the word killing, as many of its listeners still consider it wrong.

Friday, 21 August 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 4

Book Review:


Can we trust the BBC?


By Robin Aitken, Continuum, 2007


‘So strong is the BBC’s support for abortion that it can now be considered one of the Corporation’s ‘core values’


The BBC has a reputation for fairness and impartiality, and because of this it is quite simply the most famous and trusted media brand in the world. It’s has a reputation for honest and accurate journalism. However, this book paints a very different picture of the BBC. Its author Robin Aitken is a former journalist and reporter and spent 25 years working at all levels in the BBC.

                What emerges in this book is a BBC that is very biased indeed especially in areas of sexual morality, politics and religion. In fact Mr Aitkens argues that the Corporation has an all pervasive anti-religious culture and that this fact impedes its ability to be impartial. In reading this book one gets the impression that the BBC is especially pro-left politically, pro-libertine, pro-abortion and is above all anti-Catholic. But why should the BBC be so anti-Catholic for surely the BBC has no particular reason to bias against any religion? Yet the reason that emerges in this book is that its views on sexual ethics are diametrically opposite to that of Catholicism. In particular, because the Catholic Church speaks out strongly on the world stage against abortion, homosexuality and contraception she will always be singled out for attack. Aitkens highlights programmes like Woman’s Hour because its presenters and programming have been fervently in favour of ‘abortion rights’. He also states that ‘So strong is the BBC’s support for abortion that it can now be considered one of the Corporation’s ‘core values’1.

                To work at the BBC, the ‘tribe’ as Aitkens terms its employees must sign up to a range of attitudes and opinions. These would be left-liberal but this does not mean being tolerant; they must be the opposite to ‘conservative’. With regards to BBC presenters making controversial statements, he states ‘It just not true to say that people who publicly espouse ‘highly controversial views’ cannot be BBC presenters. It is only certain controversial views which matter’2.

                The number of BBC high-profile journalists who are left wing, out numbers the others by about ten to one. Impartiality regarding the BBC and politics? Hardly. In fact there seems to be a happy merry go round of left wing jobs for the boys between the BBC, New Labour and the Guardian newspaper.

                Perhaps what should be of most concern to the Catholic Church is the BBC’s global reach with all its secular, pro-abortion, and anti-Catholic propaganda. It has the  BBC World News 24 TV on various international satellite systems, the World Service Radio, broadcast in 43 languages. The BBC website which also streams BBC’s British Radio and some of its TV to the world. All this is achieved with the help of the guaranteed licence fee, although there are some adverts on its international 24 hour news TV channels.

                Can we trust the BBC? ultimately reads as one man quest to try and restore the dignity, respect, and impartiality to an institution the has become so biased, and yet remains  so powerful that it poses a danger to the truthful reporting of current affairs and world news, not only to Britain but on a global scale. We recommend this book to anyone who is concerned by the power and influence of the BBC. Can we trust the BBC to be fair, balanced and impartial? This book says no we certainly cannot.
References from Can we trust the BBC? 2007, 1, 2, p63

This article first appeared in CUT's Newsletter,  the Summer 2009

Saturday, 8 August 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 3

The BBC and its IPPF Partnership

The reason there has been no news of the IPPF's aborted baby selling in the mainstream media
Is this the new BBC logo,
or is it the IPPF?
Pro-Lifers and therefore every true Catholic have been even more shocked than usual at the antics of Planned Parenthood. Life Planned Parenthood selling off aborted babies has recently posted this video of Melissa Farrell selling "fully intact" aborted bodies of babies. There have also been various videos demonstrating that parts of aborted babies are being used as "spare parts", with Ms Farrell negotiating prices with the biotech company officials, for babies' liver, head and heart.  
But why has this extremely sick scandal been ignored by the main stream media? Could it be because the BBC is in partnership with the IPPF? This is why we asked in our 3 January 2013 blog "Is paying the TV Licence fee a sin?"

If you don't believe that the BBC has a partnership with the IPPF just click this link.

Please see our 3 January 3013 blog post below:

"Is paying the TV Licence fee a sin?"
The TV Licence fee promoting abortion worldwide

Thursday, 30 July 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 2

Is the BBC fighting for its life or is this just a ruse?

There have been many articles and news items, not least by the BBC themselves, saying that the BBC is fighting for its life. Before members of CUT start to gather at Dublin Castle, Media City or Trafalgar Square to celebrate, I'm afraid to say I doubt anything will happen to this horrid IPPF supporting corporation. These reports are just a trick to raise the hopes of ordinary decent people and spur the BBC’s own supporters on to action.

There have even been petitions to stop the break up, or government control, of our 'wonderful broadcasting institution'. Some blame some right wingers in the government, some the EU, some blame 'killer Jesuits', others the Illuminati, some think it's a pincer movement between the Illuminati and the Jesuits to kill off dear old Aunty. Some even say the Illuminati have already taken over Match of the Day! Some say the BBC are the Illuminati. (I can almost believe that one, except do the illuminati actually exist outside of Hollywood films)?

However, because of the way the BBC has been funded it has been able to make programmes that commercial channels do not, or at least do not make to the same degree, e.g. supporting abortion, euthanasia, homosexual acts.

The BBC charter makes it independent of government control; if this changed there would be a public outcry - led by the BBC.

I believe that it's the BBC that controls the government, not in an explicit way but by its enormous power to influence and brow-beat. Heard the new leader of the Liberals being completely taken apart over his non vote for same-sex marriage the other morning on BBC radio 5.

So I say let the BBC stand on its own two feet, let it be run by donations, or pay-per-view - if it wants to be free from commercial interests or government 'control'.

Say No to the compulsory funding of the BBC

Saturday, 25 July 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 1

Why Christians should not support the BBC

Homosexuality and the Television

It is an act of Christian charity to point out when someone is going astray, this is not being judgemental for not to do so would be negligent. On the bases of Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church homosexual acts are a grave sin. Therefore there is a need to point out the link between the acceptance homosexuality by society, and the television. For Within ten years of the television coming into widespread use in Britain homosexuality was legalised. Since then there has been the constant lowering of the age of homosexual consent until parity with heterosexual consent was achieved. Now legalised homosexual partnerships have the right to adopt children. Just when ordinary Christians thought things couldn’t get any worse the government brings fourth draconian legislation that will forced Catholic adoption agencies to close down or let homosexuals adopt from them.

                It is not surprising that this has happened with the sheer number of pro-homosexual television programmes broadcast down the years. Today we have openly homosexual television presenters, commentators, and actors. Makeover programmes show homosexual couples choosing the décor for their pads. There are also the constant pro-homosexual story lines in the soaps and other dramas. This trait has even spilled over onto BBC Radio with the ‘Gay-marriage’ in the Archers. Also prevalent in these programmes are storylines that demonise anyone who are portrayed as ‘anti-gay,’ these people are usually shown as nasty, brutish and violent. Words like ‘bigoted’, ‘gay-bashing’, or ‘homophobic’ are used to put down anyone who dares speak up against these acts when you are only trying to help.

                It is also very clear that the BBC is especially ‘pro-Gay’ with a disproportionate number of homosexuals on its staff. They are particularly over represented among those in influential positions. There are many who believe that this is the main reason why Catholicism is attack so often by the BBC. Why you may ask have so many homosexuals risen so high in the world of television? There are many reasons; in order to keep peoples attention new and inventive storylines for showing sexual relationships are constantly found. The homosexual lifestyle is not a stay-at-home family orientated one; therefore the hedonistic showbiz one suits them. Perhaps also in this contraceptive ‘Culture of Death’ society, there is the false perception that humans have over populated the world. There is also the false theory that humans have no control over their sexual desires therefore homosexuality is a useful form of sterility. It is true that the television is no friend of chastity and has sexualised society beyond what is natural. Some like to cite the television series Sex in the City as authentically portraying modern female sexuality, yet you would be wrong, for although originally created by a woman it was produced by homosexual men. The creator and producer of Desperate Housewives is also homosexual. An unnaturally over sexualised society plays into the hands of homosexual lobby whose raison d’être is unnatural sex. Yet despite all the all their efforts, homosexuality has not been found to be a natural condition.
                There is also the homosexual phenomenon of “Boy Love” as they like to call it. There are a disproportionately high number of paedophiles amongst the male ‘Gay’ population. Researcher Dr Judith Reisman has stated that fewer than 2% of the male population are homosexual, yet they account for roughly half of all paedophiles cases.  for a fuller explanation). Yet the BBC will scour the earth for paedophile priests but will not do a documentary on “Boy Love” or the high proportion of ‘Gay’ paedophiles. Is this a case of the pro-homosexual media taking the speck out of other peoples eyes yet forgetting the plank in their own?

From the Spring-Summer 2007 CUT Newsletter.