Saturday, 21 February 2015

Spephen Fry versus God

Happy Zombie Hermaphrodites

Stephen Fry and others demand heaven now – on earth, without understanding free will, man and creation’s fallen nature – or they will stamp their feet and throw a hissy fit.

As you are all most likely aware by now that the internet has been alive with various responses to Stephen Fry’s diatribe against God! – it seems he can’t get the better of the Catholic Church so he now feels the need to attack God Himself.

Fry is really quite typical of modern man, they think they know it all and yet haven’t got a clue. He doesn’t understand the fall of man. Or about free will which must be totally free, we have a choice to follow God or reject Him. God gives us total love and free will, he gave us his only begotten son to die for our sins and our fallen nature.

However, just to listen to what he says makes me shudder:

"How dare you, how dare you create a world that has such misery that is not our fault. It is not right. It is utterly, utterly evil."

So what does he want: a world of Happy Zombie hermaphrodites? It seems that he believes in God but hates Him – this is Satanic. Please, we ask all Prayer Crusaders to Pray for Stephen Fry.


  1. Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St. Teresa of Avila

    No. he does not believe in God, at least, not the God that Christians and probably most Jews and Muslims believe in; he seems to believe that the world has been taken in charge by a powerful evil spirit. Perhaps this makes him a Manichean?

  2. Fry believes in God. So does Dawkins but they hate Him because he does not conform to their demands. He doesn't say 'sin all you want and I'll take you to Heaven afterwards.' He actually expects people to take responsibility for their actions. He also expects us to look after each other. How dare He?! Poor souls. Pray for them, because you know where they're heading if we don't.

  3. Actually one should feel sorry for Fry , he lives in an artificial world devoid of real love. world . He also suffers acute depression and is eventually heading for spiritual destruction . There can be nothing worse than his present fate . So we should all ernestly pray for him

  4. He is becoming an old bore and he thinks he may get some attention from saying outrageous things like a little boy swearing. He is well past his sell by date in terms of being entertaining and like all these celebrities will disappear eventually as all those who are attached to the venal and shallow media . Unfortunately equally stupid people may take notice of him that is why he is probably under Satanic influence .The tragedy is what talent he had was sold very cheaply for his own vainglory.