Monday, 29 February 2016

Spotlight, homosexuals and the BBC

Spotlight On Child Abuse at the BBC

Despite the news reports regarding an official inquiry by Dame Janet Smith on Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, there still appears to be a cover up regarding how many BBC celebrities were involved in child abuse. For example, just why did Stuart Hall get away with crimes from 1959 to 2006? The report claims there was a culture of fear and that the celebrities were just too powerful! But come on, there's more to it than that. Could it be that because of the extensive paedophile rings that ran throughout the BBC, the Church of England, the House of Commons and the Lords, that there has just been a massive cover-up.

The BBC which is quick to point the finger at the, in comparison very small, abuse problem in the Catholic Church does not make documentaries on its own very serious problems or those in the establishment or the C of E. Why is this? Could it be because the Catholic Church is pro-Life whereas the BBC is pro-abortion; the Catholic Church is pro-Natural Family whereas the BBC is in favour of same sex marriage? The Catholic Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ and the Pharisaic hypocrites of the BBC would probably have done an outside broadcast of the Crucifixion  if they had been around 2000 years ago.
It’s time the BBC was broken up like the energy producers or internet providers; they are too big and too powerful. The truth of the corrupt nature of the British Broadcasting Corporation will not be made known until the BBC no longer exists.

Spotlight the film

It's interesting with so much child abuse in the celebrity entertainment world that the film "Spotlight" has just been released on the Boston child abuse crisis of some priest of 10 years ago. I haven't seen the film but I wonder does it report that a large part of the problem was of a homosexual nature?  This is an interesting report from the Catholic League and shows that 80% of all this abuse was of a homosexual nature.

The above post was written last week before the Oskar for best film was awarded to "Spotlight", perhaps it was predictable that this film would be given the award. The entertainment world, so riddled with paedophiles, homosexuals, pro-abortion feminists and their lap dogs would want to do as much damage to the Church as possible. But remember that although it is shocking that any priest would abuse children, they are in fact much smaller in proportion than in other sections of society, e.g. the entertainment and secular media world are so riddled with paedophile rings, and proportionally homosexuals are the biggest abusers. Yes the root cause of the problems with sex-abuse crisis in Boston, for which the film Spotlight was made, was homosexual priests, and the homosexual friendly bishops who protected them. So we repeat - the homosexual community in general are proportionally the biggest child abusers.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The IRA the BBC and Terrorism

To many Catholics and other Christians exasperated by the pandering to extremists by the BBC (who today seem to be favouring all things Muslim) It will come as no surprise that they have always taken the extremist side. Here is a little observation on the IRA and the BBC, by our member under the patronage of St Jane Frances de Chantal. - Sorry about the horrible logos - all three of them.

Terrorism and the BBC

At the height of the Troubles in Ireland, the BBC aired two dramas which were blatant and explicit propaganda for terrorism. In both of them, those who crossed the IRA were in the end gleefully eliminated - in one case by shooting (but that didn't matter, because the victim was an ex-public school undercover agent), in the other case by a letter bomb (but that didn't matter either, because the victims were songwriters who had been writing songs for terrorists on both sides) Ed - IRA were nationalists and the UDA were Unionists. For one of the dramas the theme music had been written and performed by a top Irish group. The words were in Gaelic, and the tune topped the U.K. pop music chart.

Am I missing something about an appropriate rule for the national TV channel? Or is our problem in C U T that we actually use our brains?

Written on the feast of Ss Cyril and Methodius, by the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Jane Frances de Chantal.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

BBC JPII and romance

BBC's anti-Catholic bias strikes yet again
Photo The Telegraph
Yet more anti-Catholic bias from the BBC and its Panorama programmes. In the programme to be broadcast on 15th of February they make claim of a romantic attachment between Pope john Paul II and Anna Teresa Tymieniecka. Tymieniecha a polish philosopher  who worked on a book with the pontiff in 1970 however, there is absolutely no evidence they became evolved, its just the BBC being malicious again. They cannot believe that there can be any collaboration between a man and a woman without a "romantic" side to it, or any form of human contact come to that. Like the other spiteful documentary the BBC made about John Paul II "Sex and the Holy City" in 2003 to "celebrate" his 25th years as Pope, this is pure lies. It wouldn't even be worth commenting upon except there are so many gullible fools would will believe this nonsense.

Another example of BBC bias was on their Radio 4's Sunday programme for the 14 February in which they listed a number of "Christian" extremists, which included the Ku Klux Klan, and Anders Breivik. If anyone can call them Christian then they really are scraping the barrel. I suppose they are pandering to Islam again, which is hardly a surprise since their head of Religion is Muslim Aaqil Ahmed. It will be a good thing when the BBC axes its religious department. However, Ahmed will continue to oversee the BBC productions of religious programmes!

Monday, 8 February 2016

The BBC and the Culture of Death

Latest disturbing documentary from the BBC on assisted suicide

Once again the BBC are to broadcast a ‘deeply disturbing’ documentary of someone committing suicide. The 90 minute documentary is to be shown on the 10 February.
BBC 2 and its continued promotion
of the Culture of Death

Cheerleading for death

The BBC has been roundly criticised by pro-life groups for being a "cheerleader for suicide". We know that the BBC has blood on its hands from broadcasting the documentary “Choosing to die” during which Peter Smedley was filmed taking a lethal dose of barbiturates and dying. This documentary was made by Terry Pratchett, a long time supporter of assisted dying.

This latest attempt by the BBC to influence the law is called Simon's Choice. It will again show someone dying on screen; not, apparently, the actual moment of death; however they do show the corpse after the death.

New BBC directive to its Journalists "Don't call anti-abortion campaigners Pro-Life"

The latest attempt by the BBC to promote all things pro-abortion is their directive to Journalists not to call Pro-Life activists as Pro-Life but to call them Anti-abortion, and not to call pro-abortion activists as pro-abortion but Pro-Choice.  This evil anti-life corporation is showing its true colours and it's as black as the heart of Satan himself. Any attempts by pro-life campaigners to say that the BBC is fair and even handed should have been abandoned in the late Sixties . There is now no excuse by any Catholic to continue to pay the TV licence fee.

Prayer Crusaders please pray to counter the influence of the BBC
We ask all Prayer Crusades to join in prayer during the showing of this documentary on Wednesday 10th February at 21:00. Let’s counter this evil corporation as it tries to spread its black wings over the country.

Monday, 1 February 2016

MSM ignore Family Day and March for Life

Once again Secular Media ignore the March for Life

And Family Day
Franciscan support for the Traditional Family
During last week there were massive rallies all over the United States against abortion. The annual March for Life drew bigger crowds than ever. Numbers were swelled by people who were so shocked by the recent scandalous discovery that Planned Parenthood has been selling aborted baby parts, and even whole babes, that more people than ever felt they must do something. 

It's not just the BBC that loves the IPPF

However, the Main Stream Media has almost completely ignored it, and when they do cover it they distort their coverage.  The Washington D.C. crowd was numbered by some as being up to 200,000. This was not covered by the main American TV channels ABC NBC etc. 

CBS gives a whopping 15 seconds airtime to the March for Life

Only CBS bothered to broadcast anything - for 15 seconds only! The Washington Post did cover it, on-line but not in print. They showed a clash with pro-abortionists who were, of course, depicted as victims whereas the pro-Life marchers were shown as nasty pointy snarlies. There is more chance of a snowball surviving hell than the BBC reporting on anything positive for pro-life. The BBC's partnership with the IPPF is 100% solid. Only faithful old EWTN gave the March of Life the extensive live coverage it deserves!

BBC did report that a majority of Anglicans are in favour of "Gay" marriage!

There is one thing the BBC did report on though: a recent survey of Anglicans which showed that there is now a majority of C of E pews in favour of same-sex marriage. Of course, if they get their moral lead from the BBC, what can we expect?

But BBC did not notice the 2,000,000 Italians marching for the Traditional Family.

However, judging by all the hate speech on social media, the homosexual lobby did! Italy the last is the last country in the Western world who do not recognise same-sex unions of any kind. How much pressure can it stand from the rest of the "Gay-marriage" supporting countries? Can Italy reverse the trend and not give in to the demands of perverts?
Huge defiant crowds for the traditional family