Thursday 31 October 2013

15th Prayer Crusade for Pope Francis

15th Prayer Crusade will start on the 1st November All Saints day.

As is usual on All Saints Day we call for our year long Prayer Crusade which we ask our members to try and pray every day. There may of course be mini prayer crusades during the year in response to media attacks on Christians and our values.

This year’s Prayer Crusade will be for the Pope and the Media

The Cross is the emblem of the Portuguese
 Military Order the
Knights of Christ.
They were successful in the Reconquista
of Iberia in helping to drive the
Muslims out of Spain
- that the Media will report what Pope Francis is actually saying and not be selective or quote him out of context. And that the Pope will understand that he must be careful and clear when making statements especially on Catholic moral teaching.

A prayer to CUT’s patrons for Pope Francis
Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel, pray for Pope Francis and lead him to your Son.
So that Jesus may open his mouth and bridle his tongue.
And St Michael the Archangel please block the influence of the Satanic Media on the Church.

Pray also this Halloween for all those poor souls sadly led astray by the media's promotion of Halloween which should
Mean the eve of All Saints of course.

But now this pagan festival has gained much popularly in recent decades. But it is ultimately Satanic.

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