Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Media as a Paper Tiger 2

Fighting back against the Media

In my second article regarding the media I want to give expression to ways of fighting back it’s pernicious activities.

One of the better aspects of the old communist regimes is that most of the population were totally cynical towards their media. They were well aware most of it was totally dishonest. Unfortunately at least up to recently in the UK there has been this veil of respectability created by the BBC and the broadsheet newspapers. They had built up the reputation like respected members of the family. People like the Dimblebys and other employees of the BBC provided a sort of synthetic gravitas. Of course the BBC did have principles under such luminaries as Reith and Haley, but by the 1960s the “rats” those detritus of the left who had newly come from universities started their subversion and infiltration of the BBC and journalism at large.  Their egos knew no bounds in their task of attacking Christianity and traditional values. Some of them almost had rat like grins as they went about their mission. Their promotion of the culture of death and sexual perversion was the work of genius, a genius sourced directly from Satan.

Of course most of us are no longer hoodwinked, after the recent revelations of how the BBC turned a blind eye to all the sexual abuse within its organisation. This has finally given us proof enough of its rottenness to any doubters. The broadsheets sympathy for the BBC views, apart from a few exceptional journalists, is again proof of their venality. So how can we obtain sufficient information about the news without being the target of foulness emanating from such organs as the BBC?

Some of that information can be sourced from Catholic or some other Christian news agencies.  For instance although one cannot agree with the theology of the Evangelicals they are pro-life and against sexual perversions. They can be a back up for the Catholic news agencies.  Also one must always try to cross reference the news to foreign stations, which are available on the Internet. They too cannot be guaranteed for their integrity, but they are  useful for analytical purposes. It is important that we take on the same attitude of those people I mentioned earlier that lived in the former Communist countries, total disbelief of the media. What is also very important is we discuss with our neighbours, our working colleagues and friends, the bankrupt nature of the British media, bankrupt in honesty and moral values. A great deal of the undermining of the old Communist regimes was done by word of mouth, especially in the old East Germany, that is why a terrified regime recruited so many spies. We must do everything we can to undermine the credibility of the mainstream UK media.

We also need to have the tools to judge what is sound and not sound, the only way to achieve that is to relate to our moral and religious believes. Be very thorough in examining all we hear, read and see. It is no use sloppily accepting anything because everyone else does.  Sheep end up in the abattoir!

The Television has adopted the techniques of your average drug dealer. They cleverly put on programming that causes children and infants to become addicted to Television. The bright primary coloured cartoons with a certain childish subversive attitudes that is now the staple of young children’s viewing creating a lifetime of addiction.  For many people the media via the Television has in part become an addiction stemming from their childhood. This is why it has the power to inflict its values on so many of the population. What everyone needs to do is to wean people off this addiction and make them realise the evilness of the messages sent out. It will not be easy with Television and the Internet taking up such a large part of people’s lives, but our nation will not be free until it is done. People have got to understand that with media controlling them they are not free people, they have become slaves to those purveyors of poison whom we see on our screens and in our newspapers. The chains of mental subjugation created by the media must be broken and truth liberated, then we can once more restore hope and joy to many. Once people realise that for a lifetime they have been mislead into accepting values that are destroying any vestige of happiness in their lives, there will be a fury abroad.



  1. Good article and some interesting ideas. The problem with the British media is that once upon a time it was fair and good. And many people have good childhood memories of it, on the other hand when they see the likes of Jimmy Savile a childhood icon being exposed this will make them think. The association we can create by pointing this out as you have done is very necessary – well done.

  2. Agreed Rigby we really do need to point out the dangers of the media especially the TV. I do believe that people are beginning to mistrust the media now especially the BBC