Monday, 14 October 2013

Paper Tiger

The Media has gained enormous power but in actual fact as the Chinese say, is a paper tiger

Over the last 100 years the media has gradually gained enormous power. Even in the early days of the 20th. Century and especially during the 1st world war the potency of the media to influence the masses was considerable. Now it has become an all-embracing force feared by everyone from the great to the lowly. Every part of human activity in the UK is influenced by it, be it government, the judiciary, the medical profession, the church and of course the majority of the population. It has become the tool of the so-called liberal elite who have in their beliefs an almost god like certainty of the rightness of their cause. They believe, like all fanatics, that there can be no opposition or valid arguments against their philosophy and “faith”. Never since the days of the Soviet Union has there been such dictatorial behaviour against any heretic to the core philosophy of this elite. Any opposition to it turns one into a non-person rather like Stalin’s Russia and means public death metaphorically speaking. Although they hate and fear religious faith their adherence to their beliefs has taken on all the trappings of religious faith minus God. They deny the existence of God because they believe they are the supreme power on this earth and of course there is no room for a God. They hate any organised religion because religion believes in something greater than mankind (them) and also helps to answer the imponderables that in their neat box like world they have no answers for. Religion also believes in mystery and that absolutely terrifies them, in their world that concept can never exist. Although these individuals wield enormous power, in reality they crouch in insecurity, aware of life’s transience and the ephemeral existence of their own position within the media. For all the glory and accolades they may receive, they are only baubles given to them by equally shallow power seeking people and intrinsically worthless.  They daily hide from the inevitable thoughts of mortality and their consequent demise. But they know full well they live in emptiness, which is as empty as that synthetic world of the screen. They are the dead souls bereft of light, which need our constant prayers. It is difficult to judge them because in some ways they are the greater victims of Satan’s seduction. It is sad that they have sold their souls for so little! Their craving for adulation is almost a child’s cry for help, and the price of that adulation is high.

They have been at the end of the day bought quite cheaply. It often shows in that they have an almost satanic fear of anyone who exhibits a strong Christian faith, the discomfort they show is almost painful to watch.
So we examine how this enemy of Christianity, the media can be defeated. In actual fact the media, as the Chinese say, is a paper tiger. It only has strength as long as it has an audience. This audience must also absorb its material without any depth of questioning its veracity or whether it is actually beneficial to society at large. Once the media has lost its credibility it becomes the emperor with no clothes. It becomes as relevant as yesterday’s newspaper in the fish and chip shop.

How do we end audience participation in all forms of the media?  Should that not be our eventual goal? In my next article I will describe ways we can bring this about.



  1. Why should ending audience participation in “all” forms of the media be our eventual goal? After all didn’t Jesus bring us the “Good” news?

  2. That is an interesting observation, surly we need to participate in some form or other of the media or else we will become ignorant. Please explain.

  3. Very simple what to participate in and what not to. Does the message coming from the media improve your life does it make you happier, is it constructive to a better way of life does it bring across a Christian message, is it ethical. Those are the questions you should ask before you engage with the media.

  4. Therefore, we should in no way participate in any form of the media that challenges Christ and His Church. This certainly rules out the BBC and funding by paying the licence fee should be out of the question.

  5. Good article, To the second commentator. How do you mean 'engage'. If it's to sit in front of a tv screen it's not healthy and hardly engaging. If it means becoming a journalist and working in secular media and using that as a platform to proclaim Jesus and his truths that would be courageous. It Would need alot of prayer and supports. but if that is not your calling it's more sensible and prudent to steer clear of it. I'm reminded of something archbishop Fulton Sheen says in one of his talks,'News, news on the hour every hour in fact by listening to it we create an incapacity to deal with it'. Switch off it's the best option.

    1. Ah ... Fulton Sheen, now his would have been a really interesting blog.