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CUT News issue 2 (No 1)

Catholics Unplug your Televisions

Jesus said:
“…a man sowed good seed in his field; but while men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat... Matt 13:24-25

Is the BBC a monopoly funded by a compulsory tax?

The BBC may argue that it is not a monopoly because there are other independent TV channels. However all the other channels must fight for their revenue from advertising or subscription. Only the BBC is allowed funds from the compulsory licence fee. Not only that but if you were to watch one of the independent channels without paying a licence fee you risk a heavy fine or being put in prison. Surely this is exceptionally unjust and puts the BBC in a position of absolute power and it is said that absolute power corrupts, absolutely.
                Time to abolish this draconian fee or distribute it fairly, and let the BBC have the benefit of the market place as well as the other channels. It is not only the ever burgeoning number of BBC TV and Radio channels that the licence fee must carry but it is obvious that they are relying on quantity and not quality, they are going for the sensational story line to paper over the cracks in the quality.  
                They have in fact become the main protagonist of the Culture of Death (as a Sister from Cardinal Winnings pro-Life initiative told CUT). They actually refused the Pro-Life Alliance their election broadcast, so much for their belief in democracy Should the monopolies commission not investigate them?
                They seem to be acting like a communist state of old with Political Correctness being their manifesto.
                You may think that comparing the BBC output against the Catholic Church and the totalitarian regimes anti-Catholic propaganda of the 30’s or of the former ‘Iron Curtain’ countries a little far fetched, there are similarities for historian Dr Michael Burleigh in the excellent book the ‘The Third Reich – A New History writes:
“The central obsession was … political Catholicism, to which Schwarze Korps devoted interminable analyses, together with attacks on senior clergy and a stream of anti-clerical smut severally designed to demolish the moral authority of the Catholic Church. (p189, 2000 Pan).
The parallels are there for everyone to see, for totalitarianism substitute, Liberal Political Correctness of the BBC; even raking over old scandals in exactly the same way. ‘Liberal’ seems to be a misnomer for anyone who has read the views of   Poly Toynbee or heard the Today programme will know.

The BBC requested to stop broadcasting into Ireland
Irish Catholics to petition BBC to stop their unwelcome broadcasts.

From Dublin to Donegal, Irish supporters of CUT have been very active in their campaign to stop BBC broadcasts into Ireland. They have been collecting signatures in churches, hospitals and among the general public. Their objective is to let the BBC know how unwelcome the stray broadcasts into Ireland are.
                Whilst the BBC may argue that these broadcast are not meant for the Irish and they can always turn the TV off, it is still watched and how many innocent Irish children have had their childhood stolen from them by an evening in front British soaps with their adulterous storylines. A sad note: every Soap now has had its own pro-homosexual or Lesbian storyline.
                We wish to let our Irish friends know that your British colleagues in CUT are with you in prayers and wish God speed to all your efforts.
One would expect that of all the countries in these islands, RTE the television company of the Irish Republic would give Catholicism a fair hearing. Not only that but they have had a good reputation as a family channel. Not any longer it would seem for the influence of the BBC has ruined this once wonderful channel. In another sad development TV3 a fairly new independent channel is showing the dissolute ‘Sex in the City’
Our members from Dublin wrote
“Forget about RTE for Christian witness.  It's trying to "out-liberal" the BBC with the foul language in its newest sitcoms and rabid anti-catholic calumnies in its documentaries.  We know longer expect panel-balance on RTE or radio.  Hence we did not renew our TV license…As for TV3 Sex in the City is even disturbing adults let alone children.”

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