Friday, 12 March 2021

Woke media hates traditional black Catholics


The Wrong sort of Black People

Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas 

There is a new kind of white supremacists emerging, although they are not actually white. They are in fact black conservative Catholics. However, as far as the modern secular media (both main stream and social media) is concerned, they are not the right sort of black people. What a terrible dilemma for them, that one of America's Supreme Court judges is actually a black conservative Catholic who actually talks about his faith and up holds traditional Catholic moral values. In addition, the founder of one of the most feisty pro-life internet sites, Life Site News, is black. However, both Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas and Life Site founder John Henry Westen's programmes or documentaries have been victims of what has become known as Cancel Culture.

Life Site founder John Henry Westen

            Amazon Prime recently dropped the documentary on Judge Thomas, called Created Equal and You Tube keep censoring Life Site. Therefore, when it comes to real "diversity" these social media platforms have their prejudices. What they want and expect is that all black and colour people follow the left/liberal social justice "Woke" agenda, therefore being pro-LGBT, abortion, must only talk of the world in terms of black oppression and they must not believe in Christianity; or if they are Catholic must not profess the full Catholic faith (unlike Biden's crowd of post-Catholic gangsters).

             Will the Woke agenda soon be labelling these faithful black Catholics, as white supremacists?

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