Monday, 25 February 2013

The Joy of Spiritual Combat and the victory of the Gospel

It is sometimes difficult to be joyful with all the bad news about concerning the Church. However, I am sure that the vast majority of it is false news, the anti-Gospel of the secular world. It is because of the modern media’s penchant for making bad news the main news, and of course if they can spread this anti-Gospel in the direction of the Church, so much the better as far as they are concerned. And don’t people love bad news? But what they fail to realise is that the victory of the Gospel has already been won. For when Jesus arose from the dead he proclaimed the victory of the cross; all we need to do is follow Him. It is not always easy but prayer and the sacraments are the weapons of Spiritual Combat. These are not weapons in the usual sense of the word – they are much more powerful. Didn’t Christ and His followers conquer the Roman Empire without an army? And now the Catholic Church is the largest religious organisation in the world with 1.3 billion members. Our rules are strict and some say difficult and unrealistic to follow. However, this is not true; all you need to do is follow Christ’s example. When Jesus made Peter the leader of the apostles and gave him the authority to ‘bind and to loose’ he set in motion a blue print of the Church that will last for all time.
            It is clear that the Church faces many challenges, not least because of the over sexed world we live in. The media has been at the forefront of this ultra-sexualisation and the Catholic Church has been trying to hold back this polluted tide. This is the main reason why we are so attacked. One of the biggest problems in the modern world is homosexuality – no, I am not a homophobe; I just tell the truth based on Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church. A true homophobe is someone who is so browbeaten by the vicious homosexual lobby and their media cohorts that they will give in to anything 'Gay' activists want; hence the preposterous Gay marriage proposal which has passed its first stage in Parliament by 400-175 votes - absolutely ridiculous.
            On the day that Cardinal O’Brien has resigned over 'inappropriate behaviour' allegations with priests we need to pray harder than ever. However, it all sounds very fishy, - that a Catholic Cardinal who has been the most vocal against Gay marriage and has even condemned homosexuality as harmful saying that it is “harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of those involved.” It would be unlikely that he would be guilty of such behaviour. And we need to remember that he denies these allegations. Why have these only come out now? Why not when he was condemning ‘Gay’ marriage?  It’s all to do with the media, it's hate of the Catholic Church, and the all positive publicity over the next conclave. As someone commented on the last blog on Spiritual Combat I am sure that a little background research will reveal some uncanny links to 'liberal Catholicism.' Will the general public care though as the mass media enjoys its very own 'Dreyfus affair'.” We must pray for them and for Cardinal O’Brien and all involved. But most of all we must pray for Holy Mother Church.

At least as I do not watch the TV I will not have to watch the BBC news tonight as it gloats. Please would all Prayer Crusaders and anyone who wishes to join us in prayer say a Rosary and the Prayer to St Michal the Archangel tonight in Spiritual Combat. There is a real joy in prayer especially when in Spiritual Combat.


  1. We can have no truck with homosexuals, in society or in the Church. Given a chance they will cause as much damage as possible.

  2. A huge problem is the powerful homosexual movement within the Church.

  3. There are too many who act like Judas in the Church especially media Catholics like Peter Stanford please see an excelent post by Dr Shaw the Chairman of the Latin Mass Soceity

  4. In this time of religious freedom I cannot understand why so may within the Church want to change it. If Tony Blair and other 'modernisers' do not agree with the teachings on sexuality they are quite welcome to leave. I do not understand why they have this obsession with infringing on our religious freedom when they have absolutely no constraints placed upon them to remain as Catholics. Perhaps a gentle push towards the door is what is needed?

    1. If only!

      I would hold the door open and give them the courtesy of my boot as they passed. However, they have just enough faith to know that the Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ; therefore to get the nod of approval for their perverse views would let them off the hook and make them feel a whole lot better about themselves. But even in this I suspect they are false for if the Church did change to suit their views how would they earn a living? I know its wrong of me to wish they would leave and as I suspect they will not (it’s just too lucrative being a dissenting Catholic) I will just have to pray for them.

  5. Based on Keith O Brien's recent statement we must conclude that the media was wrong to label him as bigoted and homophobic. Perhaps he struggled for years with same sex attraction and gave in on a few occasions. However, he set a great example by committing to a life of celibacy and service to others instead of diving headfirst into the gay lifestyle as so many others do. We can now be sure that he was speaking from experience about the harmfulness of homosexual relationships and giving in to such urges, and was speaking out of love for others who are afflicted in this way. It would be great if he did an interview with the BBC- I think a lot of good could come out of this.