Thursday 4 March 2021

Homosexual eggs


Cadbury's Creme Eggs

And the scum of the Earth

Every Lent (or rather I should say spring) Cadbury's launch a Creme Egg campaign and up the production of these sickly sweet confectionery eggs. And children expect to be allowed extra treats as these early Easter eggs are everywhere.  Every Cadbury Creme Egg campaign includes TV commercials and this year is no exception ... except that Cadbury's and their advertisers have chosen to go down the homosexual route during this advert which goes out of its way to be inclusive which of course means that if you say anything about the homosexual element in the advert you are also a racist!

            The advert goes through various scenes of people of all races eating these eggs in an obsessive way and ends with two men swinging each other around in a garden only to finish with a creme egg between the mouths of the two men. If it isn’t bad enough that these eggs are mainly eaten by children, who will be one of the main demographics for this advert, this is a blatant example of homosexual grooming. However there have been over 70,000 complaints about the two men eating the Cadbury's Creme Egg. Of course the so called LGBT community love it.


Haters: that word again, used to shut anyone up who tries to protect children from the influence of the homosexual lobby.  MSM news has this to say about people who have protested - "despite the advert attracting a slew of haters, most were delighted to see Cadbury cast two men in the commercial."

            Yes, I do hate this sin; I do not mind who reads this blog, but I love the sinner so in order to love and save the sinner no matter what they hurl at you, you must hold firm.

            The so call "star" of the Apprentice, Ryan-Mark Parsons, says of those who complained that we are the "Scum of the earth" - scum of the earth! If this is not hate speech then I don't know what is - oh I see, it’s ok when you say it Ryan!

Let's boycott Cadbury's this Easter, also because of their support of halal slaughter of animals.

To sign the petition against this advert click here (the petition is now at 70,000).


  1. I think Cadbury's changed hands some years ago, didn't it, and is now owned by an American firm.

    The original Mr. Cadbury must be turning in his grave, poor man. 19th century Quaker, wasn't he? - Can't imagine he would have had much time for homosexual cavortings with chocolate eggs.
    Prayer Crusader St Theresa of Avila

  2. Yes you're are right he was a 19th Quaker when Quakerism stood for something and this his Bornville plant in Birmingham was very advanced both in terms of employment and in technology. Today Quakers would be quite please with this advert I think as they have so called "Gay" marriages in their meeting halls.