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Football child abuse and Assisted Suicide



It is becoming ever more difficult to keep up with the sheer number of media events that defy natural law and the teachings of the Church. As soon as I set down to write a post something else happens that's even more horrible.

For example the misreporting, or should I say non-reporting on the latest paedophile crisis in modern society, this time in Football,  no one in the media, including the BBC that "paragon of media fairness", are stating the obvious that this is a homosexual problem. The people committing the crimes of child abuse in junior football are homosexuals.
It has always been thus, a very large proportion of practising homosexuals target young boys, they are a delicacy for them, homosexuals themselves call it "Boy Love".  I need to make a scientific reference here, this is a summary from the Family Research Institute on Child molestation and homosexuality:

About a third of the reports of molestation by the populace have involved homosexuality. Likewise, between a fifth and a third of those who have been caught and/or convicted practiced homosexuality. Finally, a fifth to a third of surveyed gays admitted to child molestation. All-in-all, a rather consistent story. To read the full report click here: Child molestation and homosexuality

Yes we know that heterosexuals commit child abuse too but because there are only between 1- 3% active homosexual in society and they are committing about one third of all reported child abuse the media should and need to report this, but they do not.  

Rather than being commended for relating this truth I'll probably be attacked for spreading a hate crime or something but they won't shut me up - not when there are so many damaged young people about.
By prayer Crusader St Philomena.

Here are a few media links for Newscuttings on this and other media events:

BBC one line 25-11-2016

Football sex abuse claims: Police widen their inquiries

Four police forces say they are now investigating allegations of historical child sex abuse within football. Hampshire Police said it was looking into claims of "non-recent child abuse within the football community". Read more BBC On- Line

CUT try and find a reference to homosexuality

New BBC paedophile scandal as 'hero' ex-chauffeur is unmasked as convicted child rapist

Niven James Sinclair was so influential he sat in on BBC meetings - but Dame Janet Smith’s abuse probe in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal failed to identify him. Another BBC Paedophile The Daily Mirror

CUT - More "Boy Love" at the BBC

Belfast Telegraph

BBC's Nolan sued by Jim Wells over gay 'child abuse' story

Former Health Minister takes action over claims that 'destroyed career'  BBC's Nolan sued

CUT - The pro-"Gay" fanatics at the BBC will punish anyone who tells the truth however there are a few who will fight back.

From the Independent 22 November 2016

Assisted Suicide, The musical: We must consider how the debate around euthanasia is framed in the arts

Documentaries and fictional entertainment such as novels and films contribute towards the public understanding of euthanasia but they are generally in favour of assisted suicide. This new musical hopes to redress the balance Read More Death by music

CUT - Music is very powerful the Culture of Death media have tried for so long to promote euthanasia and failed up to now to change the law however they are now resorting to music.

Francis praises major Humanae Vitae dissenter in rebuke of ‘white or black’ morality

ROME, November 24, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Pope Francis has praised the 1960s German moral theologian Bernard Häring, one of the most prominent dissenters from Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae, for his new morality which the pope said helped “moral theology to flourish.” It all started with Black and White TV

CUT - Where does all this media pressure lead, surly the Church is safe it has secure doctrines that have come done to us from the apostolic age? No we are not safe and secure, the media will support anyone who dissents from the teachings of the Church.

Pope Francis in the news

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