Thursday, 3 November 2016

BBC's children's sex change show

BBC targets very young children in

New Transgender Programme.

 If we needed any more proof that the BBC is dangerous for children this latest programme only goes to further prove the point. Not that the BBC is new to abusing its power over children, it's been doing this satanic work for many decades now. With many of its DJs and celebrities now exposed as child abusers, we ask not only is it safe for children to visit BBC premises but is it safe to let your children watch BBC output? The answer of course is a resounding NO!

This evil corporation's latest corrupting programme involves a storyline where a young schoolboy takes sex-change hormone drugs. The show available on its children-dedicated CBBC channel website is specifically aimed at children as young as 6. The little "star" of the programme is a child who calls herself Amy, who dresses as a girl, who is really a boy. (In fact to further the deception the actor is a girl!). From CUT to the producer “you need to be as deceptive and lying as possible, don't you, to get away with this"!  The video, called "Just A Girl", has extremely nasty gender bending dialogue, such as Amy saying: ‘When I was born, Mum said Dad was so pleased that he had a boy to take to the football. But Mum knew I was different. She realised early on that I was born in the wrong body.’

This BBC children's programme push gender change drugs on six year olds.

In order to change gender (which of course is impossible) the poor children who have been so brain washed by the modern media to do this need surgery and drugs. Therefore, only after the mutilation of the child's body and dosing them with chemicals will they pass as the opposite sex. However, genetically and biologically they will remain their original sex. They will more often than not regret the change in later life, for gender changers are plagued with depression and many commit suicide.1 The below citation is also from the Witherspoon Institute:

"What about the suicides?

Let’s connect the dots. Transgender people report attempting suicide at a staggering rate—above 40%. According to, 90% of all suicides are the result of untreated mental disorders. Over 60% (and possibly up to 90% as shown at Case Western) of transgender people have comorbid psychiatric disorders, which often go wholly untreated."

Therefore, what is being said is that some people who may have a specific mental disorder are being preyed upon by irresponsible TV programmers.  This of course is made all the more horrible when they target children.

 Should the BBC be charged with crimes against humanity?

This is a cruel and nasty programme from an evil but extremely powerful media corporation.  All we can do as faithful Christians is pray for those who make this sinful programme, that they will change their ways, turn to God and ask forgiveness. We must also pray for the children and parents who are influenced by this foul programme. We must redouble our efforts to persuade Catholics and all people of good faith to give up the TV and therefore not fund the promotion of gender change programming.


1. 50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides - Walt Heyer, of the Witherspoon Institute -who are quoting Dr Harry Benjamin from the Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health.

CUT comment on reference - Dr Benjamin is a gender change surgeon therefore this info is right from the horse's mouth so to speak!

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