Friday, 21 October 2016

The Main Stream Media as Satan's mouthpiece

New "Black Legends"

The traditional family as a new Black Legend

Over 200,000 French people marched in Paris last weekend for the family and against same sex marriage. There appears to be a very large and genuine family movement that is fast growing in France with "Manif pour tous" organisation leading the way. However, there is very little or no media coverage of these events; the police even down play the numbers, - and even sometimes resort to violence against the peaceful families that take part. There is of course no publicity for these groups in the UK, just the continued drip drip of the daily media support for anything homosexual or gender change related.
image from Regina Magazine

As Sr. Lucia of Fatima said - The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about Marriage and the Family.
image from Regina Magazine

The Inquisition Black Legend

EWTN "The Inquisition" mini-series will now be broadcast in Britain on the 27th and 28th of October at 9:30 by St Clare Media – EWTN,  and in the USA by EWTN on the 26th and 29th at 9:30 eastern time. There are sequences on how the media of all ages work to create "Black Legends" and especially in episode 4, "The Myth of the Inquisition". The whole of episode 4 is dedicated to how the media at various times and ages create various forms of "Black Legend".  The Inquisition is just one of the biggest Black Legends, and one that achieves perhaps the greatest degree of misrepresentation. There are new Black Legends created all the time.  There is also an interview on my work in the on line Regina Magazine; it is called "Militant Catholic Film-Maker" where CUT and the Prayer Crusade are discussed. See Regina Magazine

The Trump Black Legend

Donald Trump appears to be the best of a bad lot; however, he will defund Planned Parenthood (who have a partnership with the BBC World Service). It is very unlikely he will become president with all the media lined up against him.

The Russia Black Legend

 Also at the moment the Western Media is creating a new Black Legend directed at Russia. Russia and the Syrian Government are trying to liberate Aleppo; there are civilian causalities, and the media are crying atrocities. On the other hand, Iraqi Government forces with British, American and other Western support are trying to liberate Mosul and we are being told that ISIS are using human shields. The situation is just the same in both these cities, it is tragic for the civilians in both. But the western media is treating these attacks differently, calling the Russian attack one of war crimes, but in Mosul they explain civilian casualties by saying ISIS are using the population to hide behind.

So why is Russia being targeted this way by the western press and their governments? I believe there are several factors here. Firstly, what's upsetting the liberal Western Press as regards Russia is her banning of Gay Marches, her refusal to be a part of gender ideology. Secondly, the Western Governments want easier access to Saudi oil (via new pipelines) and Syria stands in the way. Note the hypocrisy of the West in regard to Saudi Arabia with its anti-woman, anti-"Gay", anti-Christian stance, and with its funding of many terror groups.

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