Monday, 8 February 2016

The BBC and the Culture of Death

Latest disturbing documentary from the BBC on assisted suicide

Once again the BBC are to broadcast a ‘deeply disturbing’ documentary of someone committing suicide. The 90 minute documentary is to be shown on the 10 February.
BBC 2 and its continued promotion
of the Culture of Death

Cheerleading for death

The BBC has been roundly criticised by pro-life groups for being a "cheerleader for suicide". We know that the BBC has blood on its hands from broadcasting the documentary “Choosing to die” during which Peter Smedley was filmed taking a lethal dose of barbiturates and dying. This documentary was made by Terry Pratchett, a long time supporter of assisted dying.

This latest attempt by the BBC to influence the law is called Simon's Choice. It will again show someone dying on screen; not, apparently, the actual moment of death; however they do show the corpse after the death.

New BBC directive to its Journalists "Don't call anti-abortion campaigners Pro-Life"

The latest attempt by the BBC to promote all things pro-abortion is their directive to Journalists not to call Pro-Life activists as Pro-Life but to call them Anti-abortion, and not to call pro-abortion activists as pro-abortion but Pro-Choice.  This evil anti-life corporation is showing its true colours and it's as black as the heart of Satan himself. Any attempts by pro-life campaigners to say that the BBC is fair and even handed should have been abandoned in the late Sixties . There is now no excuse by any Catholic to continue to pay the TV licence fee.

Prayer Crusaders please pray to counter the influence of the BBC
We ask all Prayer Crusades to join in prayer during the showing of this documentary on Wednesday 10th February at 21:00. Let’s counter this evil corporation as it tries to spread its black wings over the country.

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