Monday, 29 February 2016

Spotlight, homosexuals and the BBC

Spotlight On Child Abuse at the BBC

Despite the news reports regarding an official inquiry by Dame Janet Smith on Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, there still appears to be a cover up regarding how many BBC celebrities were involved in child abuse. For example, just why did Stuart Hall get away with crimes from 1959 to 2006? The report claims there was a culture of fear and that the celebrities were just too powerful! But come on, there's more to it than that. Could it be that because of the extensive paedophile rings that ran throughout the BBC, the Church of England, the House of Commons and the Lords, that there has just been a massive cover-up.

The BBC which is quick to point the finger at the, in comparison very small, abuse problem in the Catholic Church does not make documentaries on its own very serious problems or those in the establishment or the C of E. Why is this? Could it be because the Catholic Church is pro-Life whereas the BBC is pro-abortion; the Catholic Church is pro-Natural Family whereas the BBC is in favour of same sex marriage? The Catholic Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ and the Pharisaic hypocrites of the BBC would probably have done an outside broadcast of the Crucifixion  if they had been around 2000 years ago.
It’s time the BBC was broken up like the energy producers or internet providers; they are too big and too powerful. The truth of the corrupt nature of the British Broadcasting Corporation will not be made known until the BBC no longer exists.

Spotlight the film

It's interesting with so much child abuse in the celebrity entertainment world that the film "Spotlight" has just been released on the Boston child abuse crisis of some priest of 10 years ago. I haven't seen the film but I wonder does it report that a large part of the problem was of a homosexual nature?  This is an interesting report from the Catholic League and shows that 80% of all this abuse was of a homosexual nature.

The above post was written last week before the Oskar for best film was awarded to "Spotlight", perhaps it was predictable that this film would be given the award. The entertainment world, so riddled with paedophiles, homosexuals, pro-abortion feminists and their lap dogs would want to do as much damage to the Church as possible. But remember that although it is shocking that any priest would abuse children, they are in fact much smaller in proportion than in other sections of society, e.g. the entertainment and secular media world are so riddled with paedophile rings, and proportionally homosexuals are the biggest abusers. Yes the root cause of the problems with sex-abuse crisis in Boston, for which the film Spotlight was made, was homosexual priests, and the homosexual friendly bishops who protected them. So we repeat - the homosexual community in general are proportionally the biggest child abusers.


  1. I have an acquaintance who is homosexual and whose partner works in radio for the BBC. Apparently his partner told him that they are trying to recruit more homosexuals to the Corporation. My friend, who is definitely "pro-homosexual", could barely contain his disbelief. He told me that any BBC social event he attended with his boyfriend had more homosexuals than the local gay bar!

  2. Yes, Homosexuals, Feminists, Muslims and paedophiles! And various mixtures of these categories - there's going to be civil war at the BBC very soon. Or perhaps there will be one big luv in?

    Oh well give them enough rope.