Saturday, 8 August 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 3

The BBC and its IPPF Partnership

The reason there has been no news of the IPPF's aborted baby selling in the mainstream media
Is this the new BBC logo,
or is it the IPPF?
Pro-Lifers and therefore every true Catholic have been even more shocked than usual at the antics of Planned Parenthood. Life Planned Parenthood selling off aborted babies has recently posted this video of Melissa Farrell selling "fully intact" aborted bodies of babies. There have also been various videos demonstrating that parts of aborted babies are being used as "spare parts", with Ms Farrell negotiating prices with the biotech company officials, for babies' liver, head and heart.  
But why has this extremely sick scandal been ignored by the main stream media? Could it be because the BBC is in partnership with the IPPF? This is why we asked in our 3 January 2013 blog "Is paying the TV Licence fee a sin?"

If you don't believe that the BBC has a partnership with the IPPF just click this link.

Please see our 3 January 3013 blog post below:

"Is paying the TV Licence fee a sin?"
The TV Licence fee promoting abortion worldwide

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