Thursday, 30 July 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 2

Is the BBC fighting for its life or is this just a ruse?

There have been many articles and news items, not least by the BBC themselves, saying that the BBC is fighting for its life. Before members of CUT start to gather at Dublin Castle, Media City or Trafalgar Square to celebrate, I'm afraid to say I doubt anything will happen to this horrid IPPF supporting corporation. These reports are just a trick to raise the hopes of ordinary decent people and spur the BBC’s own supporters on to action.

There have even been petitions to stop the break up, or government control, of our 'wonderful broadcasting institution'. Some blame some right wingers in the government, some the EU, some blame 'killer Jesuits', others the Illuminati, some think it's a pincer movement between the Illuminati and the Jesuits to kill off dear old Aunty. Some even say the Illuminati have already taken over Match of the Day! Some say the BBC are the Illuminati. (I can almost believe that one, except do the illuminati actually exist outside of Hollywood films)?

However, because of the way the BBC has been funded it has been able to make programmes that commercial channels do not, or at least do not make to the same degree, e.g. supporting abortion, euthanasia, homosexual acts.

The BBC charter makes it independent of government control; if this changed there would be a public outcry - led by the BBC.

I believe that it's the BBC that controls the government, not in an explicit way but by its enormous power to influence and brow-beat. Heard the new leader of the Liberals being completely taken apart over his non vote for same-sex marriage the other morning on BBC radio 5.

So I say let the BBC stand on its own two feet, let it be run by donations, or pay-per-view - if it wants to be free from commercial interests or government 'control'.

Say No to the compulsory funding of the BBC


  1. The BBC exudes evil like a infected wound oozes out foul yellow pus. Expect anything of that morally corrupting organisation! RIGBY

  2. Yes the BBC inflicts its infection into the minds of those who watch or listen to it.