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BBC Charter Renewal 1

Why Christians should not support the BBC

Homosexuality and the Television

It is an act of Christian charity to point out when someone is going astray, this is not being judgemental for not to do so would be negligent. On the bases of Sacred Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church homosexual acts are a grave sin. Therefore there is a need to point out the link between the acceptance homosexuality by society, and the television. For Within ten years of the television coming into widespread use in Britain homosexuality was legalised. Since then there has been the constant lowering of the age of homosexual consent until parity with heterosexual consent was achieved. Now legalised homosexual partnerships have the right to adopt children. Just when ordinary Christians thought things couldn’t get any worse the government brings fourth draconian legislation that will forced Catholic adoption agencies to close down or let homosexuals adopt from them.

                It is not surprising that this has happened with the sheer number of pro-homosexual television programmes broadcast down the years. Today we have openly homosexual television presenters, commentators, and actors. Makeover programmes show homosexual couples choosing the décor for their pads. There are also the constant pro-homosexual story lines in the soaps and other dramas. This trait has even spilled over onto BBC Radio with the ‘Gay-marriage’ in the Archers. Also prevalent in these programmes are storylines that demonise anyone who are portrayed as ‘anti-gay,’ these people are usually shown as nasty, brutish and violent. Words like ‘bigoted’, ‘gay-bashing’, or ‘homophobic’ are used to put down anyone who dares speak up against these acts when you are only trying to help.

                It is also very clear that the BBC is especially ‘pro-Gay’ with a disproportionate number of homosexuals on its staff. They are particularly over represented among those in influential positions. There are many who believe that this is the main reason why Catholicism is attack so often by the BBC. Why you may ask have so many homosexuals risen so high in the world of television? There are many reasons; in order to keep peoples attention new and inventive storylines for showing sexual relationships are constantly found. The homosexual lifestyle is not a stay-at-home family orientated one; therefore the hedonistic showbiz one suits them. Perhaps also in this contraceptive ‘Culture of Death’ society, there is the false perception that humans have over populated the world. There is also the false theory that humans have no control over their sexual desires therefore homosexuality is a useful form of sterility. It is true that the television is no friend of chastity and has sexualised society beyond what is natural. Some like to cite the television series Sex in the City as authentically portraying modern female sexuality, yet you would be wrong, for although originally created by a woman it was produced by homosexual men. The creator and producer of Desperate Housewives is also homosexual. An unnaturally over sexualised society plays into the hands of homosexual lobby whose raison d’être is unnatural sex. Yet despite all the all their efforts, homosexuality has not been found to be a natural condition.
                There is also the homosexual phenomenon of “Boy Love” as they like to call it. There are a disproportionately high number of paedophiles amongst the male ‘Gay’ population. Researcher Dr Judith Reisman has stated that fewer than 2% of the male population are homosexual, yet they account for roughly half of all paedophiles cases.  for a fuller explanation). Yet the BBC will scour the earth for paedophile priests but will not do a documentary on “Boy Love” or the high proportion of ‘Gay’ paedophiles. Is this a case of the pro-homosexual media taking the speck out of other peoples eyes yet forgetting the plank in their own?

From the Spring-Summer 2007 CUT Newsletter.

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