Thursday, 16 July 2015

luvvies and "A-list" celebrities lining up to support the BBC

Radicalisation by the BBC

With all the luvvies and "A-list" celebrities lining up to support the BBC in its quest for a renewed Charter and an even tighter licence fee, perhaps we should stand back and ask: what has the BBC actually done? - Especially in these days when we frequently hear about the radicalisation of Islamic youth. (Some may say they don't need radicalising, this is what they are; but perhaps the BBC is helping this radicalisation?).

So what has the BBC done in the last fifty years? It has made numerous programmes supporting abortion, euthanasia, homosexual acts, contraception, any faith except Catholicism. It has led the attack on Catholic moral teachings, particularly crafting new Black Legends against us. So from the stand point of a Christian the BBC has been engaged in the radicalisation of the British public, and has turned the natural moral order on its head.
One of our members has recently sent in a link to Care not Killing who have carried out a survey of all the TV programmes that support euthanasia and assisted dying. Have a look. It’s quite shocking, and the BBC is once again leading the way. BBC balanced output? Not on your Aunt Nelly! See Care not Killing

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