Thursday 18 June 2015

The sex-change environment

Pollution the Environment and the Sex-change Epidemic

Pollution and the environment are in the mind of the Church today with the pope's new encyclical, so I thought I'd add my 300 words-worth.

However, mine is more to do with the type of pollution that causes sex-change particularly in males. For example there are alarming reports that because of pollution around Britain's coast, clams are changing sex, in fact male clams are becoming female not the other way around. This is causing an environmental catastrophe and is damaging the food chain. Ever wonder why seagulls are getting so aggressive - they're starving. The problem is being caused by industrial hormone-mimicking chemicals, agricultural chemicals, pesticides and oestrogen that are being brought down our rivers and are now polluting our seas!
Call me Bruce

There is another form of environmental pollution, that of the mind, caused by the secular media that promotes anything gender-bending. Perhaps closely linked to chemical pollutants by satanic synergy  we have a 'sex-change' epidemic in humans as well. Take for example Bruce Jenner who now wishes to be called Caitlyn Jenner after very expensive sex-change treatment, after all he is a millionaire ex-Olympic champion athlete, but with so many people unable to pay for life-saving treatment in the States and elsewhere this whole thing is disgusting in more ways than one. However, when all is said and done he is still a man who has fathered 6 children by 3 women. Jenner is also a Christian and a conservative Republican. You can't make this stuff up!

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