Wednesday 10 June 2015

Ireland is now the flagship, the standard bearer for homosexuality

A Catastrophe For Ireland
The referendum to legalise homosexual marriage has passed.  What a catastrophe. Ireland is now the flagship, the standard bearer for homosexuality throughout the whole world, the homosexual capital of the whole world. How did it come to this? People fell for the web of lies and deceit spun from all quarters, the media, politicians, celebrities, international homosexual rights groups, many funded by philanthropic American billionaires.

             As the results were coming in the homosexuals and their followers were already celebrating and dancing on the corpse of the Catholic Church. The Church’s sway and hold over the people was finally over. One government minister got one thing right when he was being interviewed when he stated that the citizens hadn’t turned into homosexual supporters on referendum day but that the referendum was just reflecting a change that had taken place a long time ago. The liberal lobby had been working on the people over a long time through the media and other means. The people, like the frog, were put into warm water and the heat slowly and very calculatedly gradually turned up and the people happily boiled to death. It was a long relentless indoctrination of the people.  

              Where were the shepherds, is the implied question of some Catholic commentators. One points to three key points where the church embarked on the point of death (Rev 3:1-2). The findings of the Apostolic visitation that was sent to Ireland by Pope Benedict XVI, after the abuse scandals, were not put into action. He states that they were even resisted by Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin. The Apostolic visitation report stated that there was wide spread dissent from the magisterium of the Church among the clergy and added ‘dissent from the fundamental teachings of the Church is not the authentic path to renewal’. It made recommendations regarding the formation of seminarians. It’s now happening that seminarians are being asked to leave the seminary because their views are too conservative. Pope Benedict himself in a letter to the Irish people asked for Eucharistic adoration to be carried out. This didn’t appear to happen in any meaningful way.

              The Enda Kenny abortion legislation was highlighted as a second key point, when Catholic politicians were allowed to receive communion even though they voted in favour of abortion legislation, in contravention of code of canon law , clause 915, which states ‘anyone who supports abortion legislation is automatically excommunicated’.  The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has received communion in the presence of three bishops in 2013 and nothing was done. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin refers to him as our Catholic prime minister and he continues to receive communion.  The commentator, Deacon Nick Donnelly, goes on to state that if politicians, hospitals (referring to the Mater Catholic hospital  with Catholic religious on the board complying with government abortion laws) and bishops can break Church teaching on abortion then it mistakenly appears that any of the Church’s moral laws on marriage and sexuality can be ignored without consequence.

           There are other reasons too, I think Ireland’s citizens’ being coerced into voting for the acceptance of the Lisbon treaty which was rejected the first time by the people. Then the government’s running the referendum again saying Ireland would lose business and jobs if we were not part of Europe, drove them into voting for the acceptance of the Lisbon treaty, thereby weakening Ireland’s resistance to Europe interfering with our laws. The Court of Human Rights took primacy over Irish laws.

                 There were Catholic priests cheering in the crowd when the official results were announced in Dublin. I’ve heard this from yes voters but it’s quite possible. There have been high profile Catholic religious and priests who have called for a yes vote. The Vatican has called the referendum vote a defeat for humanity. And so it is. When this statement was put to the Bishop of Killaloe Willie Walsh by RTE’s Joe Duffy, Bishop Willie Walsh stated that when he saw all those happy faces celebrating in Dublin Castle he thought it was a joyful day for Ireland.

             Another little and underestimated factor in the outcome is the wording of the referendum. Studies by psychologists etc. have shown how the wording of a referendum makes a difference. They have seen that people like to say yes. People want to be positive. People don’t want to be ‘no people’, to be negative. This has a not insignificant effect on how people vote. For instance if the wording of the referendum had been ‘do you wish marriage to remain as it is stated in the constitution, between one man and one woman?’ the outcome would have been very different. But the cunning politicians, aware of this effect on the voter, had it worded: ‘Do you wish that persons regardless of their gender be able to marry each other’, to get maximum advantage.  Another reason possibly for the passing of the referendum; me, what did I do to defend marriage. Little, to be honest; I assumed that others would do it. And many did, heroically, but maybe not enough.

              Yes, Ireland has changed, it’s a different ball game now. Ireland is no longer the Catholic country it once was. Yes, there are still Catholics in Ireland.  737,300 people voted against the amendment. But Catholicism as a driving force that influences economic and legal and social structures is questioned and by many just not accepted. In many instances, it is opposed simply because it is Catholic. In many ways it is now like England where it’s a secular state and you can’t assume that the person next to you in the work place or bus or wherever is Catholic.  When you think about it, 1,229,000 have voted to have mortal sin sanctioned by the constitution.  I was at a talk just before the referendum vote by a Catholic Dutch Professor in psychology, Dr Aardweg, who has 50 years experience in counselling homosexuals. He stated that if the referendum were to pass, watch the mask slip. They won’t be the nice people coming across with platitudes. They would take a militant aggressive form. And indeed they have. As the results were being counted, news came in that a printing company in Drogheda was being taken to court. Two people have sought to take legal action to challenge the referendum results but they have been refused a legal challenge. On the first day back in the Dail there was a push by the liberals to remove the 8th Amendment, which offers protection to the unborn. The liberals were gloating over the results, making comments like: The gay economy amounts to 230 billion dollars annually and Ireland will get a great whack of that as gays will feel welcome here. We are back it seems to the days similar to those of the deluge when God told Noah to build the Ark; or the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, when God destroyed these cities for their abominations.  

             But all is not lost, the teachings of the Catholic Church have not changed. The Lord can draw good out of evil. The Church may be leaner but it can be more virile; the Lord is doing some pruning. Painful it may be, but best for the Church. The Church will grow again with the help of God’s grace. It may never be the dominant force it once was, or not for a long time anyway. But that shouldn’t be the objective just now but just to be faithful to the Lord here and now and let the Lord do the building. As the Lord says to the church in Sardis that was at the point of death; ‘yet you still have a few names in Sardis, people who have not soiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy. He who conquers shall be clad in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life; I will confess his name before my father and before his angels. He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches’. (Rev3 :4-6).

                And he who sat upon the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ (Rev 21;5)
                                        God bless
Prayer Crusader - St Rita


  1. Dear Prayer Crusader with St Rita
    We can feel your pain, but Ireland will become truly Catholic again once people find out what this really means. I'm sure that Our Lady has a special place in her heart for Ireland, for Ireland is the emerald jewel in the Catholic and Our Lady's Crown.
    Prayer Crusader with St Philomena

    1. Thanks for your kind remarks. I'm sure there is alot of pain in our ladys heart as well at the result laws that reject the laws of God. I've just learned tonight that a case of bse has been detected in a cow in Co louth. Agriculture is Irelands biggest industry. Ireland had just opened up its markets to USA china and japan last week after getting the all clear on its cattle which were restricted on the world market because of a previous caseof BSE a couple of years ago. If Ireland is put back on the restriction list it could have negative implications for the economy. Not to mention the psychological blow to farmers and the economy generally. We reap what we sow. God bless.