Friday, 26 June 2015

An Investment opportunity for "Assisted Dying" enterprise


The Investor’s Prospectus
There is an enormous opportunity now for investors and entrepreneurs if the “Assisted Dying” Bill is successful.

When one considers how small the basic investment is and the eventual return on the investment it makes the dot com boom of the 1990s seem small beer. For a few pounds worth of barbiturates and basic premises in an out of town venue one can charge thousands .The Swiss pioneers knew what they were doing. The only real costs will be promotion and PR but even accounting for a basic cost of a few hundred per patient that is still making a handsome profit. Even though there may be a need to have “High St.” premises for promotional purposes the actual operational facilities can be in locations that are far more cost effective, like industrial estates. Much of the promotion and arrangements can be done on line which will make inherent savings in costs. One will also use a great deal of the Social media. There also will be government grant facilities in places like Wales, Scotland and the North of England, allowing for rent free facilities. One can also not only look at the franchising opportunities but co-ordinate profitable connections to Undertaking chains and Crematoria. In so many words a complete package deal for clients and families. Any investor would see a very early return on capital invested with good long term prospects.

What also establishes high charges and fights off any cut price competition is the fact that it is basically a medical procedure.  We have the whole force of the medical profession to ensure high costs for the clients and to safeguard everyone’s interests. We can introduce the legal profession into our operation to maximise profits.   Being an emotionally sensitive procedure, pricing can reflect this with both the clients and their relations willingly paying premium fees.

We need to push this Bill through Parliament. It will be relatively easy to combat the religious objectors once we get some Anglican bishops on our side.  With good PR and strong media participation any other objecting groups can be isolated and made to look like oddballs. But we will need investment in lobbying all the relevant MPs and government ministers, together with getting Brussels on our side. We already have a good array of celebrities which is a tremendous help. But we need the laws on advertising altered so that we can get our message across. It will probably take about 12 months and then it is profits all the way. Many of the MPs and Ministers can be given sinecure directorships in this company.  That is always a great incentive to get a bill through, plus gifts of cut price share options. We will also gain government support via the Treasury who will see it as a means to cut costs not only in the NHS, but in the Welfare sectors and pensions too. The present “Black Hole “ in the future pensions deficit weighs heavily on treasury officials and the solution we offer will be  greeted with approval .

We have a large and expanding client base with our present ageing society that can benefit from our services. Initially it will be limited to the chronically ill, but as time goes on many more conditions will allow these procedures to take place. This in turn will lead to greater profits as our operations increase. We cannot allow those with unprogressive dinosaur ideologies and “religious miscreants” to affect any of the proposed legislation which can make this wonderful potential investment  rewarding for all those with the courage to invest in it. We must do all we can to push the “Assisted Dying” Bill and its investment potential. Remember the size of the operation can become a first for the UK, with potential to franchise worldwide.

It is envisaged that within 12 months there will be a need to float on the Stock exchange and a large consortium will need to be formed. Planning permission will have to be sorted out early and building companies involved with converting existing industrial premises to “End  of Life” facilities. Then it’s profits all the way.  DON’T MISS THIS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY.
By Rigby

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