Sunday, 28 February 2021

Defund Amazon

 Amazon's great gift to China


Amazon, the e-shopping giant, has been a great boon to the Chinese; no worries about sweat-shops, child labour and China's human rights issues here. For as President Biden has recently said when questioned about the concentration camps and the crack downs on Christian minorities and others "It's all down to cultural differences". Well that's alright then! The imprisonment and murder of dissidents is just a cultural thing and we shouldn’t really be worried about it. So it’s ok to go on buying everything from China, no matter their human rights issues and extremely bad treatment of animals and the environment. Not surprising that this worldwide pandemic Coronavirus, or Chinese flu as some people call it, started in China.

            Amazon, although it has been a favourite for the Chinese to sell their goods to the rest of the world, are unable to sell in China itself. The Chinese prefer their own e-commerce companies - expect them to start selling in the West soon too?

            Amazon who recently deplatformed Parler (the free speech micro-blogger) because those with conservative moral views etc., were fleeing to it in the wake of so many being deplatformed by twitter, and twitter and the other Big tech companies do not want conservative alternatives, therefore under the guise of stopping hate speech they got rid of Trump and others who then went to Parler and hundreds of thousands followed him.

            Amazon are the sellers of Chinese goods. You can't find much, particularly in the electronic field, that's not been made in China; no wonder President Trump tried so hard to restrict China. Biden and his son Hunter have received billions from China for easing their way into the USA markets over the years. We know in this time of the Corona virus people are staying at home and shopping on the internet more, however perhaps people should give e-bay a go, you can find plenty of British, European and American manufactured goods at very reasonable prices there.

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