Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Double standards in social media


Social Media double standards

At CUT we have known for a long time that the Main Stream Media is bad and biased, at best a distraction and a waste of time, at worst an occasion of sin, as it can serve up on the screen sometimes pure evil. This of course is the great misfortune of the modern world; the secular media is simply not honest. It is run by a liberal elite with a set of values that oppose the norms of society and natural law. It goes without saying that it opposes Christianity, especially Catholic Christianity, for it is the truest religion to the teaching of Jesus Christ.

                Those who work in the media have to pass an unwritten test, and follow core values that are diametrically the opposite to Christianity, namely believing that the natural family headed by husband and wife is just one of a number of options. They must support all things LGBT including same-sex marriage and having biological men who identify as women to take part as "women" in woman's sport is perfectly fine. However, as women are physically not as strong as men, women will not be able to compete in their own sports.

                Anything or anyone that seems to stand in the way of abortion and the LGBT world can no longer take part in the mainstream media's social discourse and the criminalization of traditional Christian values is underway. It is therefore impossible to make a film or a programme that does not at least gives a nod to the new "ethics".

                Now even social media is getting in on the act of excluding people with traditional values. For if you do have traditional values, you are a hater! So, many who post in the social media in support of the Life movements and the Traditional Family, they thought they had found a platform from which to promote age old Christian values. However, they either have been suspended or banned altogether.  Even the former president of the United States Donald Trump was banned, not for his prolife and pro-family support (although this was the real reason) it was on a ruse that he incited the riot on Capitol Hill. However, having seen Trump's tweets and his video it is clear the opposite was the case; he said to the 900,000 supporters that day to "peacefully demonstrate". On the other hand the now Vice President Kamala Harries did say last Summer their protest should not stop, these protests were little more than anti-Trump riots - it’s all on video. Such double standards are dangerous and reminds us how civilizations can collapse.

by Prayer Crusader St Philomena

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