Friday, 3 May 2013

Scapegoating of Catholicism

·        This week after the BBC admits to an internal bullying problem.  Catholics know all about BBC bullying!
·        As yet another BBC employee found guilty of child abuse
·        BBC orders employees not to talk to the media!
·        The result of all the western media's anti-Catholicism can be seen in actions taken by militant Feminist and ‘Gay’ activist on Catholics, like the attack on Archbishop Lenard of Bruxelles during his talk at a conference.

The Scapegoating of Catholicism

I am sure that many people will be surprised to find that this article is not another head bowed apology for the 
Archbishop Lenard of Bruxelles prays as
he is drenched with water by militant
Feminists and Gay activists.

 Is modern society going down the pan?

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revolting sexual abuse committed by priests. In fact I feel that the Catholic Church has apologised and suffered enough for the crimes of a small minority, and of course the failure of our hierarchy to buck the societal trends of the era in question by publicising these crimes.
There are always reasons why organizations cover things up and prefer to deal with matters internally. Firstly is the fear of bringing the entire organization into disrepute and undermining public trust. Secondly is the fear of being singled out for vitriol in a culture where coverup is the norm. Thirdly is the need to avoid distractions which could hinder them from getting on with the job in hand. And fourthly is of course the tremendous financial cost of admitting ‘vicarious liability’, which requires superiors to take responsibility for the actions of those under them- even if they were in no reasonable position to prevent the behaviour in question.
We can see by the millions of pounds of what is effectively ‘plate money’, along with the generous legacies of the deceased and philanthropic donations over many years, being swallowed up by abuse claims, that it is not the paedophiles who are compensating their victims from their own funds. This money, which was donated to further the necessary and wide range of good work to be done by the Church, is being extracted from us at an alarming rate.
Research done by the author into abuse which has taken place in state run British care homes, such as St Leonard’s in Tower Hamlets, reveals that local authorities have been far less generous in compensating victims of abuse. They have also been equally if not more reluctant to expose their own employees who have been accused of abuse (and indeed far more capable of protecting them due to their closeness to the Police and Judiciary). More will be said about this later.
The notion that we Catholics must ‘pay’ (financially and through a loss of our personal dignity) for this spate of child abuse is widespread. But is child abuse in the Church really the huge, widespread problem that it has been made out to be by media organizations such as the BBC?
We will answer the above question in relation to the United Kingdom, as every country has its own differences in
Shameless feminists attack the
archbishop - all recorded for TV

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terms of Catholic population, law enforcement etc. We will also bear in mind that it is the BBC, which broadcasts worldwide at this point in history, which has given what can only be described as a totally disproportionate amount of attention to historic abuse in the Catholic Church.
The first statistic that I will refer to is the result of a search that I made on the BBC News website in March 2013 for the term ‘sex abuse’. I examined the first 100 results of the search. Of these no fewer than 45 related to the Catholic Church. One might assume this would indicate that a similar percentage of abuse cases involve the Catholic Church, or alternatively that some new scandal had broken out recently and therefore the issue was receiving a high level of media coverage. Sadly neither of these possibilities is applicable as the main story in the Church at this time was the papal election.
The next statistic I will draw your attention to is the actual number of Clergy in the UK who have actually been convicted of sexual abuse. According to the Channel 4 news website there are just 37. Channel 4 are well known among those of us who study the media as being hostile to Catholicism, but even they could not disguise this fact, although they claimed it was probably ‘the tip of the iceberg’. As a percentage of the total number of priests in the UK, which I believe is around 6000 at this moment in time (although it is difficult to calculate as the abuse cases happened over a very long period of time during which many priests will have retired and been replaced) this is less than half of one percent.
Now we will move on to some data about the number of registered paedophiles in the UK, which I obtained from the NSPCC website. The NSPCC obtained figures under the Freedom of Information Act which showed there are 29,837 registered sex offenders who have committed crimes against children. As a percentage of these, Catholic priests make up just over 0.1%.
So, from what we have seen so far, the data seems to point to a conclusion which flies in the face of the amount of media coverage that the abuse in the Catholic Church has received. To sum up: the BBC devotes almost half of its coverage of sexual abuse to the Catholic Church, yet Catholic clergy make up just 0.1% of cases!
Now that we have established the facts (which you can research for yourself if you doubt my integrity) we will move on to ask the burning question: why is the Catholic Church being victimised and vilified by the media? I will offer some thoughts on this.

Secular society has a massive child abuse problem
Firstly, the UK has a massive problem with child abuse and child pornography. As we can see in the news currently there is the case of up to 80 staff and former staff at state run children’s homes in North Wales being named as possible abusers. We also have the case of Mark Bridger, the man responsible for the death of April Jones, who had been looking at child pornography prior to her disappearance.
Good people are quite rightly living in terror of this epidemic of filth which has afflicted society through the internet, and the total failure of the authorities to prevent the dissemination of all kinds of vile pornography into millions of UK households. Everybody is now a potential paedophile, children are sexually assaulting one another after viewing explicit online material, and even decent, respectable people are giving in to the lure of online perversion.
Society has such a big problem, but this is counterbalanced by the sheer economic dependence that we have on the internet and our love of the freedom to do what we like in our own homes. The reality is that children are at risk like never before, but this risk is largely preventable. In other words the people who have failed to act (whether politicians, police or parents) to protect children from the internet are corporately responsible for a form of child abuse.

BBC, Savile and Scapegoating – pointing the finger at someone else
What do people do when they cannot face up to their own failings? They tend to point out the failures of others. This is commonly known as ‘scapegoating’. Even Mark Bridger is serving a purpose in this regard, because all of those other men and women who look at online filth can point the finger at somebody else who is far more evil than they. The parents who allow their children to have computers and mobile phones may sleep a little better at night knowing that this dangerous man is in police custody, but do they ever consider that their own child may be viewing similar images?
British society has been hostile to Catholicism for hundreds of years. Our establishment is still in collective denial of the utter theft of huge amounts of church property, and murder of Catholic faithful under orders from the crown. Our way of life (as it ought to be) is almost totally at odds with the culture of modern Britain: abortion, gay marriage, contraception, sex before marriage, militant atheism, the ‘multi faith’ approach, agressive feminism, unfettered capitalism. It is no wonder that our opponents seek to discredit us at every opportunity (a well rehearsed tactic in the world of politics), because they feel threatened at having their wickedness exposed. Indeed, even the very existence of Catholicism in Britain is a stubborn reminder of the bloody history of the Reformation and its ultimate failure. Make no mistake: if they could have wiped us out they would have.
Of course, the difficulty with discrediting people by bringing up their misdemeanours is that you must be squeaky clean yourself. If you happen to be guilty of the faults you expose in your opponent then you are treading on thin ice. One could only laugh at the embarrassment caused to the BBC by the Jimmy Savile scandal and their attempt to sweep it under the carpet. It was not surprising, however, that they should seek to divert attention elsewhere which they promptly did by intensifying their coverage of the Catholic abuse scandal in a manner that was so blatant as to lead to a shocking 45% of their sex abuse news coverage being devoted to the stories.

BBC neo-Nazi tactics against Catholics
At this point we must draw a parallel with the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. They were scapegoated by the political establishment as a means of hiding its own failings. Jewish bankers were blamed for what was ultimately the failure of the government to control inflation after the First World War. In the same way now the British establishment, using its propaganda machine (the BBC) is seeking to convince the public that the Catholic Church is responsible for the epidemic of child abuse.
            We cannot take this lying down. When a single scandal involving up to 80 abusers in North Wales is now being exposed (double the total number of Catholic priests ever convicted in the whole of the UK over the same period) we should begin to sit up and wonder why Social Workers are still allowed to go around lecturing parents on how to bring up their children.
Further up the pyramid, why have government ministers never been held to account for the shocking level of abuse in Council run care homes in the same way as the BBC have tried to hold the Vatican responsible for abuse by priests? There are many, many cases of abuse committed by public servants under the watch of successive Prime Ministers which will never see the light of day due to the totally hypocritical ‘tight ship’ mentality which seeks to protect the legitimacy of governments.
We Catholics must stop being ashamed and start realizing that we are the victims of a massive propaganda machine which is simply attempting to discredit us because we are getting in the way of them imposing a form of totalitarianism upon society, and because as a minority they think we can be scapegoated to cover up their own failings. The biggest danger is that we Catholics actually fall for all of this and give up our faith, leaving an ever smaller number of committed faithful to be whittled down and finally openly persecuted. There is strength in numbers and we must be proud of who we are instead of running around trying to please people who will always want to belittle and abuse us however hard we try to compromise.

By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Gerard


  1. This is an excellent article pulling together thoughts which have been in my mind throughout these troubling times. Thank you very much. I will see that it is circulated to all my family.

  2. Really important point well made. I wonder what Geoffrey Robertson QC makes of it ?

  3. An excellent article which should stimulate us to action. First we must demand of our MPs a comprehensive enquiry in to the running of the BBC . With affected groups such as Roman Catholics being part of the consultative team. Then new safeguards must be implemented in the BBC to bring back impartiality and respect for faith groups. Also a far deeper criminal investigation of the BBC running for at least 2 years with teams of detectives insuring that all those guilty of sexual crimes are apprehended.It is up to all of us to start political action by contacting our MPs.


    1. Agreed Rigby, perhaps we can ask everyone to write to their MPs and also ofcom - I think an apology from the BBC to Catholics in general for the BBC have been exaggerating and overstating problems in the Catholic Church and underplaying the problems in other areas of society. Where they should be directing their investigative journalism is at the amount of child abuse in the homosexual community – but this IS being covered up particularly by the BBC.

  4. What are some young women coming to? I bet Archbishop Lenard is glad he is celibate.