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RTE’s support for Abortion

A report from Dublin regarding

RTE’s support for Abortion

Well, there’s been a lot that has happened since I last sent CUT a report. The ink had hardly dried on the last letter when news broke of the death of Savita Halapannavar, an Indian woman who died in hospital while pregnant. The media were ablaze against Irish pro-baby laws. This followed on the heels of an EU court ruling that Ireland must change its laws on abortion. So while the minister for health James Reilly has set up an ‘expert group’, made up mostly of pro-aborts, to review the situation, the tragic death of Savita Halpannavar occurred. This led to a stream of blood letting from the media giving over much air time to the pro-aborts calling for the minister to legislate for abortion. The ‘expert group’ has come back with its recommendations. Basically the upshot of it is that the minister will bring in regulations to permit abortion. (Notice the use of the word regulation. If it was legislation it would have constitutional implications). Prompted by a constant barrage from the media, this is what he must do to keep them happy. They are going to find overwhelming opposition from the Irish people
Pro-Life candle lit vigil outside Dail Ereann
- ignored by RTE
           The Pro-life people have not been silent. Soon after the death of Savita H the pro-abortionists held a candle lit vigil outside Dail Eireann (Irish Parliament). There were about 2000 people attending, with extensive media coverage. Possibly there were not even 2000 people there. About a week later the pro-life side held a candle lit vigil outside Dail Eireann with no aid from the media in advertising it. According to the Gardai about 10,000 attended the vigil.

Demonstrators urge Irish government to keep its
pro-life election promise

About a month ago the prolife people had another pro-life vigil, putting it to the government that the Irish people do not want abortion. This time over 30,000 people attended according to Gardai though people were still arriving, they turned up outside Dail Eireann holding candles; the media stated 25,000, of which I was one. A pro life group put the turnout at over 35,000 holding a peaceful yet defiant protest. I would say the latter figure was more accurateI . The pro-aborts held a counter demonstration and numbered about 200. Needless to say they got plenty of coverage from the media. Through all this campaign the media have shown their true colours and been unashamedly biased in their desire to have innocent Irish children in the womb executed. In one RTE programme there were four pro-aborts calling for a change in the pro-life laws that protect the unborn baby, with no pro-life to counter balance. There have been programmes where there have been three pro-aborts and the presenter who would side with the pro-aborts against one pro-life person, who though courageous has suffered a mauling at their hands .
       To top this off Pat Rabbitte has said that he will be introducing a household broadcasting charge to each home. He hasn’t stated when, but it looks like sometime this summer. Talk about a government and media being out of touch. One bright side: there was a by-election here last week, Pat Rabbitte’s party Labour (a rabidly pro-abortion and a rabidly pro-homosexual party) had a complete collapse in their vote. As a result they are turning in on themselves with members deserting their parliamentary party. Let’s hope and pray that this government collapses.

RTE ignore Irish Doctors' Pro-Life vote
 This morning on RTE Radio 1 there was saturation coverage of the IMO (Irish Medical Organization) annual conference, with special emphasis on the topics/motions that were coming up for discussion /debate such as abortion. There were three motions to be voted on: should the IMO support abortion in cases of

(b)Foetal abnormality
(c)Mother threatening suicide.

On RTE Radio on Friday April 5th  gave free rein to a pro abortion doctor. On the same morning a headline in the Irish Independent stated ‘master of rotunda performed four abortions’, taking the whole thing out of context. He had intervened to save the life of the mother.
      Intervention to save life of the mother; everything medically practical is done to save the life of the baby.
       Abortion; everything is done medically to kill the baby.
       The paper is trying to drum up support and give some credibility for its favoured abortion position in the vote. With so much of the media and the European Court of ‘human rights’ stacked against the right to life, the Irish doctors defeated each motion and didn’t accept the need for or ‘right’ to abortion. Praise the Lord.
After the IMO’s vote, maybe you’ve guessed it; not a breeze from RTE saying the motions had failed. Talk about cover up. Is this serving the truth, or the Irish people, or the unborn? Is this what the Irish citizen is being forced to pay for? Cover up and deceit!

RTE interview people coming out of prison for not paying the TV licence
         On RTE Radio 1 they were interviewing people coming out of prison. One man they interviewed had been sentenced to one week in prison for not paying his TV licence. The ‘ex con’ told the interviewer that they had taken him into the prison, processed him, taken his jewellery and noted his tattoos, then given him back his jewellery and he was free. He spent one hour in the prison. I was thinking about this interview. Now they don’t normally interview people coming out of prison. The chances of getting someone coming out of prison for not paying their TV license would be quite rare. RTE had quite obviously followed the case. They would have been well aware of it. They must have been; - it was RTE who had pressed charges. This is the same RTE who has an agony uncle on every day at 1.45pm, the Joe Duffy show, where he gives airtime to people to air their grievances on all sorts of issues. People who have no money and are being let down by  government and all sorts of institutions, having to pay colossal taxes and charges etc. He acts as if he’s taking up their case. The programme before this they were interviewing the man who had been banged up by RTE. The man was unemployed, he had been made redundant and said he couldn’t afford the TV license. Why is RTE interviewing him? It’s not good publicity. Then it struck me this is not coincidental; they obviously knew he’d be out soon. The reason being, RTE, desperate for cash, wanted to send a message to its listeners: this is what happens to you if you don’t pay your TV license. They want to get the message across now that a compulsory household broadcasting charge is on its way. People were texting in saying things like, this is the way to go, one hour and it’s over, or words to that effect. The presenter said he was getting lots of texts like this. I texted in saying, ‘Now there’s a sensible man, not paying his TV licence, RTE liberal bias.’ Although he wasn’t that sensible, - he did watch TV. It makes one think of all the humorous and poignant texts I could have sent. Also worth noting: this presenter until recently was on 950,000 euros annually with also one weekly TV show. Joe Duffy was on a mere 660,000 euros per annum with maybe some cut backs since the recession. This is where the forced household broadcasting charge will be going.

Savita Halapannavar inquest update
     The update on the Savita H case is, an inquest has started into the cause of her death. This is getting saturation coverage not only here in Ireland but globally. The world’s media are camped at the inquest in Galway. It is also being viewed with interest by not only Irish pro life groups but by other pro life groups around the world because of its significance. This tragic death happened just as the EU was pressurizing Ireland to clarify its pro life laws (‘clarify’ is a euphemism, for they want Ireland to introduce abortion, with the Irish government only too ready to accommodate). Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world to have a baby, usually within the top three countries. As Ireland is in a bailout programme with the EU giving Ireland money, they want something in return, to the point of pressuring Ireland to introduce abortion. Hence the intense media focus on the case, because of its high stakes significance. The media zoning in on – did this woman die because she was refused an abortion because it’s a Catholic country. Apparently a midwife said to Mrs H when she asked for an abortion as it looked like the baby would not survive, we can’t do that this is a Catholic country. This is according to Savita’s husband. An inquest which just started was suspended today to find out who this midwife was. This is the rod the pro-aborts are using to beat the pro life people across the back. If you type in ‘Life institute Savita Halapannavar or ‘Pro life Campaign Savita Halapannavar’ you should get good updates.
             God bless,
Our Lady of Knock Pray for us

Crusader with St Rita - Dublin

 Editor’s Note:

Kermit Gosnell case ignored by the media
In contrast to the tragic case of Savita Halapannavar, there has been a complete lack of interest on the BBC and RTE in the trial of murderous abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. He is being tried for an endless number of crimes including murder, abuse of corpse, infanticide abortion on a child of 24 weeks and more, and drug delivery resulting in death. We have to face it supporting the BBC and RTE by paying the licence fee is supporting abortion.                         


  1. Let's hope that everything Mick Collins did for Irish independence was not in vain. The EU is a dictatorship. The IRA must not allow them to subvert Irish self rule.

  2. I thought Sinn Fein was pro abortion. If they have there way the will rapidly reduce the future number of Irish men and women just the sort of thing a nationalist party should be doing! When the population of Ireland falls sufficiently the rich from the EU can by the place up on the cheap.

    1. Yes I think you are right a recent article by SPUC actually said that Sinn Fein voted against pro-Life motion in Northern Ireland. (Sinn Fein are/was I believe the political wing of the IRA?) This socialistic form of nationalism is the enemy of the Catholic Church especially as it is not pro-Life. The Irish people have done so much for the Catholic Church in the English speaking world this is why in most English speaking countries the Catholic Church is the biggest denomination. We owe the Irish so much and this is why the English speaking media are so prejudiced against the Catholic Church they ignor all the good the Church does throughout the world. RTE and the BBC are basically post-modernist neo-Protestant materialist organisations whose basis is really left-liberal atheist/Protestant in nature.

      We do however, have EWTN the biggest religious broadcasting network in the world we should support them.

  3. Re: In contrast to the tragic case of Savita Halapannavar, there has been a complete lack of interest on the BBC and RTE in the trial of
    murderous abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

    Not only BBC and RTE - more about this here:

    Prayer Crusader with St Theresa of Avila

  4. Police kick and brutalise French priest in anti-gay marriage protest. see: