Thursday, 12 September 2013

Big Payoffs and ‘Killer Jesuits’ at the BBC

Big Payoffs at the BBC

It’s funny how the media works, at the moment some media outlets think that all the problems of the world can be laid at the feet of the Jesuits even the problems at the BBC. I have been tempted to leave the BBC stew in its own juices over the big payoffs row. Why bother to blog about something that every British newspaper is stating, that the huge payoffs BBC bosses are getting are a disgrace and it’s the poor license fee payer who is footing the bill. However, as we have always said if you pay the license fee to this corrupt Corporation what do you expect? Ex-Director general Mark Thompson we understand was given a severance payment of £1 million, it took 6,500 licence fees to pay this amount of money; according to the BBC friendly Guardian newspaper, Thompson claims that Lord Patten was ‘"fundamentally misleading" parliament over the extent of his knowledge of controversial six-figure payoffs to senior staff at the broadcaster.’ In fact according to the National Audit Office the BBC has paid out £25 million to 150 departing bosses between 2009 and 2012. Lord Patten is the chairman of the BBC Trust which replaced the BBC Board of Governors. The Trust was put in place to regulate BBC management and act as the representative of the Licence fee payer. This of course has never worked as some members of CUT have found out. The BBC Trust appears to act as a firewall for the BBC and treats complaints and appeals for balance and fair play as a virus that must be blocked. And it appears that the BBC Trust’s main aim regarding the Corporation’s bosses was to regulate how many millions they were to be paid when leaving.
            The fact that both Mark Thompson and Lord Patten are both Catholics should have been a great time of pride for us. That after centuries of oppression Catholics can now take their place among the opinion formers of the nation. This is of course a sad delusion, Thompson tenure as DG coincided with the longest period of Catholic bashing in the media since the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy. For as our Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Gerard pointed out in his Scapegoating of Catholicism, 45% of BBC reports on child abuse were directed at the Catholic clergy and yet only 0.1% were actually committed by Catholic clergy.
            Sadly Patten and Thompson at the BBC have done nothing for Catholics despite one media outlet referring to them as Killer Jesuits. Killer Jesuits! That these two free-lunch-aholics should be linked with the once great Jesuit order is funniest thing I’ve heard in ages, when they are more like Fatman and Bobbin the un-caped crusaders. But conspiracy theories abound and as we now have a Jesuit pope the civilized world had better watch out. Since Francis became Pope the level of silly Jesuit conspiracy theories have escalated beyond belief. Here are just a few that would make ‘great’ novels – perhaps they are novels! Here goes, the Jesuits were behind the assignation of President Kennedy, the Jesuits were behind the two world wars, the Jesuits were behind the holocaust, the Jesuits are in-league with the Jews to promote a socialist world, the Jesuits were part of a KGB plot to kill the Pope, the Jesuits were ordered by the Pope to undermine communism, the Jesuits run the Illuminati, the Jesuits are the Illuminati, Pope Frances and his Jesuit Order are behind the New World Order, and the Jesuits sunk the Titanic! Phew and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
There are even those who are intimating that the payoffs and pedophiles scandals at the BBC are the result a Jesuit plot to undermine the BBC. Usually to merit such attacks and conspiracy theories against any Catholic and in particularly the Jesuits would mean that they are being successful in converting this neo-Protestant/secular world. The sad thing is as far as their reputation for converting the world to Catholicism is concerned, they are living off the collective memory of the great Jesuit martyrs of the Reformation. The truth is that apart from a few notable exceptions the Jesuits of today are more like ageing toothless tigers; too ready to appease the secular fundamentalist and atheists of today than engage in any form of combat (spiritual or actual) for the sake of Jesus and His One true Church.


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