Friday, 26 April 2013


The lack of humour among those who attack Christianity

If one observes the people who attack Christianity and all its values, they all seem to have many things in common; - they are sour, serious and show a profound lack of humour.

One of the reasons for these behaviour patterns is not only are they generally miserable people but they have an enormous egos to feed. Of course the paradox is also true they may be very insecure with very small egos that need continual bolstering. These often-shallow self-opinionated people dominate the media. They appear to speak with great authority, yet if one looks at the substance of what they are saying it is pretty unintelligent and badly thought out material, much of which relies entirely on half-truths and vague suppositions. They love to bring about an air of great drama over some historic document that has been unearthed basing whole suppositions of something that has had only limited examination and could be as phoney as they are. Then we also come across the quasi scientist who is usually a "has" been" in terms of science dwelling in the past before the development of quantum physics and DNA research.  Many of the most advanced scientists often have respect for religion and the concept of a creator. Whilst your anti Christian  "has been" is attached to “old science”

One thing they all absolutely hate, which is their Achilles’ heel, is humour and to be made fun of. Even the most gentle of leg pulling is totally unacceptable to them, whilst a fully developed person can not only accept humour directed against them, but more importantly can laugh at their own failings. To laugh at oneself is almost a divine gift.

So if you are fed up with the entire silly attacks on you as a Christian, go on the offensive and challenge these people. Laugh at them, their absurdity, their pomposity and their enormous conceitedness.  We need someone of Swiftian greatness to deflate these silly people. Unfortunately it is difficult to derive humour from such shallow people, because it requires people of some substance to be humorous. You can only laugh so much about crashing bores.

Remember these people are generally fearful of those with a solid faith; they show enormous discomfort in the presence of such people. So next time you have the misfortune to be in the presence of these “intellectual” media type people don’t be a shrinking violet but go in with guns blazing promoting your faith. But for holy sake do it in a cheerful happy manner. Crack a few jokes and make sure you have a large benign smile. They will get very nasty and even insulting; - we hope they do, because it means you are having an impact. But don’t give up; keep it up.  You may need to train in advance to get your stamina up to a good level and you may need to purchase some earplugs if they get too offensive. On the other hand you can derive a lot of fun from it all. Promoting our faith is what we are here to do and unlike some of the Protestant sects you don’t need to rely on “Joy through Gloom”.



  1. Really sensible observations. If only Chesterton were still alive.

  2. Perhaps we could have a competition here of which media celebrities of the anti-Christian ilk are the greatest crashing bores with a 1 to 10 score.

  3. Yes good idea : - )

    What often passes for humour in the entertainment industry is really very rude and aggressive and yet will often make people snigger even against their better judgment or self. I think Chesterton would be shocked at the rude and yet infantile humour of today.

    Perhaps CUT could run its own version of the Oscars we could have nominations in various categories like the TV Programme most Damaging to Society, or which celebrity or presenter could take the vote for being the Anti-Catholic Bigot of the Year. However, knowing the inverted sense of right and wrong these people have they would want to get such an award from CUT.