Saturday, 12 September 2015

BBC Charter Renewal 5

Satan and the BBC

Most people who work at the BBC are not intentionally evil; they are genuine in their belief that they provide a fair and unbiased service to Britain and the world. There are of course some at the BBC who have used their position to further their own personal agendas and have produced some of the most biased programmes ever produced outside of totalitarian states. Most, however, are merely following the standards of the Corporation; that they are now so far from the values of Christianity is the big problem for anyone who is an orthodox Christian especially an orthodox Catholic.

I have been having an email conversation with a long and trusted member of CUT, The Prayer Crusader under the Patronage of Jane Frances De Chantal, on orthodoxy and natural law and whether these can change. Of course these cannot change; orthodoxy is not a fashion, although perhaps orthodoxy itself may be out of fashion at the moment. For example, murder is evil whether it happens to a baby in the womb or to the most vulnerable and sick; it's a sin that cries out to heaven. Sodomy is a grave sin crying out to heaven for vengeance. However, those at the BBC without exception continue to support and promote these evils. It is part of their orthodoxy, their core values: the values of the anti-Christ.

This morning on the Radio I heard an example of the BBC promoting their core values. On BBC Radio 5 there was a report on what makes people attracted to each other and sometimes it can be very different to what one would expect; at first it was quite interesting. Unfortunately it didn't take long before the subject of same-sex attraction became the main focus of the programme, and lo and behold the owner of a 'Gay' and Lesbian dating agency was live on air. Anything that would promote natural marriage and God's law has been long banished from the Beeb’s airways; Catholics and natural law wouldn't even get a look in. So I switched over to Radio 4, only to be confronted by an interview with Lord Falkener and the assisted dying issue. The BBC reporter seemed to be putting forward the arguments against assisted dying; to me, though, they seemed hollow; the reporter didn't really believe in the anti-assisted dying standpoint, but was merely giving Lord Falkener an opportunity to 'debunk' the arguments against assisted dying.

The BBC has long championed assisted dying; it's a long term goal for them. They will keep up the fight until they get it passed into law, even though this time they have failed; changing how people think and what they believe is their game. Like their other campaigns of the last 50 years, legalising abortion, sodomy, same-sex marriage and now euthanasia they intend to have yet another anti-life anti-natural law cultural change, passed. Satan of course is the champion of lies, deceit and murder; he is of course behind it all, and we believe behind the BBC. Ever wondered why it's no longer called mercy killing? The BBC doesn't like the word killing, as many of its listeners still consider it wrong.


  1. Some may tempted into singing a petition in favour of the BBC, as the petition organiser many even say the alternative is even worse. However, don't do it, remember Satan and his cohort have many tricks up their sleeves.

  2. I do hope the BBC is wound up as soon as possible . I will miss Radio 3 but that is a small price to pay to remove their filth from the airwaves for ever,