Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Crusade of Prayer

18th Prayer Crusade


For the Pope and the Synod Fathers


With the synod on the family looming, many orthodox and traditional Catholics are concerned about the outcome. There are reports that many liberal bishops and cardinals have been handpicked by the pope himself; these include the heads of the bishops’ conferences of France, Germany and Switzerland: Archbishop Pontier, Cardinal Marx and Bishop Bürchal, who are all very liberal and have made some dissident statements regarding the family.

                So we are asking all members of the Crusades of  Prayer and anyone who visits this blog to take part in our 18th Prayer Crusade for the Pope and the Synod Fathers, that the Church will strongly affirm the traditional Catholic teachings on the family.


Dedicate a Rosary to the cause and please pray the Crusader Prayer, invoking your saint to intercede before the Holy Trinity.


Concluding prayer


Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel

Pray for Pope Francis and the Synod Fathers

And lead them to your Son,

So that Jesus will open their mouths and bridle their tongues,

And that St Michael the Archangel will block the influence of the secular media on the Church.


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