Sunday 20 September 2015

BBC Charter Review 6

BBC Charter Review - Get involved


At the moment there is the on-going BBC Charter Review consultation from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Our position is, of course, that because the BBC has been and is such a bad, Christianity-destroying organisation it should not have a renewed Royal Charter, and should receive no public funds at all, either from the Government or via a licence fee. The corporation should be broken up and sold off, so instead of being a burden on the tax payer it will help the tax payer; perhaps suggest the money from any sale goes towards a fairer and better state pension.  Consultation  closes 8-10-2015.


There have been many scare-mongering petitions in favour of the BBC; don't sign any of these. Remember what the BBC actually stands for and what are its real core values:  pro-abortion, pro-homosexual acts, pro-contraception, pro-euthanasia, pro-same-sex marriage;  anti-Catholic and anti- traditional family values. And it has been and is riddled with paedophiles.  This is a thoroughly evil organisation; we need to crush its head by breaking it up, just as Our Lady crushes the head of Satan. The BBC world service still has a partnership with the abortion provider The International Planned Parenthood Federation whose employees sell whole aborted babies to the highest bidder. Promoting death worldwide! Closes 8-10-2015


Government consultation website:

"The Royal Charter forms the constitutional basis of the BBC and its current Charter is due to expire at the end of 2016. In this consultation, we want to hear from you about how you want your BBC and its services to evolve over the next decade.

This consultation is broken down into ​4 key areas:

  1. T​he BBC’s mission, purpose and values​
  2. W​hat the BBC does in terms of its scale and scope​​
  3. BBC funding​
  4. BBC governance and regulation​."

Write to:
BBC Charter Review Consultation
100 Parliament Street

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  1. Forgot to say in the post, remember to contact you M.P. as well.